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  1. 'twas the song, Rolo. If it was the singer, I'd've posted it in 'the singer thread'..or whatever..
  2. Thanks, Pat. It's nice to be back. I've missed you lot too. As for the song...I heard it for the first time last night whilst surfing youtube and it made me greet, so, I couldnae resist posting it in here...
  3. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. How else will the world learn what's going on? Photo journalists risk their lives to bring such visions to our attention. Most stop to give aid and cimfort wherever they can...don't judge till you've walked a mile in their shoes.
  4. Gob smacked doesn't even come close!
  5. Kilmarnock is one of them, shirley
  6. I agree. It's a harmless swinging pendulum joke ...and well overdue... that isn't nice.
  7. If I had my druthers I druther have a dog but my life style at the moment forbids it. I had dogs in the past. Two. One after the other. Both died from age related ailments. Sad times. Cats help to fill the void. They're independent, can be left alone all day, don't need to be walked, are happy to see you when you come home and know how to entertain themselves...
  8. I'll bet the weans think it is!...more photos, please?
  9. Cheer up, hen..Maybe he'll come back. He's a clever man with a lot to say. And, if he is looking in, he knows he's missed.
  10. I was completely surprised that he spat the dummy...but there you go...
  11. He's probably looking in as we type, smiling to himself and thinking, "My work here is done"
  12. Ach, but it sounds like she raised him right, so we'll let her aff wae it this time....
  13. HH, looks like your daughter-in-law and mine have the same taste in baby frocks... Samantha 6 months old...(click to enlarge) She's now 7 years old...
  14. Can't believe I missed this... Loved it!!
  15. Oooooh! Where is that house, Ozzy? I'd love to visit it one of these days....
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