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  1. No wonder so many people just "lurk" on this forum, while many others have left, Personally I'm sick of your utterly ridiculous interpretations of what you consider my views to be. No wonder I have difficulty in believing anything that you post, whether it's your version of events in the Botanics or anything else. I've experienced how you twist my own words so why I should I regard anything you write as being truthful? Pat - could you please delete my membership. I'd thought all the "nasties" had left, which is why I returned after a long absence , but seems I was wrong.
  2. I think the use of that kind of language says far more about your attitude than about the parkie in question Sam You seem to have a bit of a chip on your shoulder that causes you to bristle at the very idea of anyone in "authority" asking anyone to abide by the park rules that exist for the benefit of ALL users. The Botanics is first and foremost a Botanical Institution - try going to the equivalent institution in Edinburgh where dogs are barred completely from even entering the premises, as are cyclists, and see what happens when "weans" kick a football. As a long-time regular user of the Botanics I have never, ever, ever seen any parkie "snarling" at anyone. So, based on my own experience and your obvious attitude problem I think I'll take your interpretation of events with a pinch of salt
  3. I was in the Botanics the previous evening with my dog (on the lead as per Botanic Gardens rules Sam - across the river they can run free ) and it was still reasonably busy about 7.00pm. I saw a parkie (don't know whether it was the same one) approach two yobs, in their 20s/30s on the front lawn that were consuming alcohol and speaking to them. Said yobs were not very happy and saw them waving their glass bottles in the air, but a few minutes later they did get up and pull on their tops (thankfully) which covered their peely-wally skinny bodies and moved off. Parkies are NOT police officers and nobody should expect them to tackle aggressive drunks. Your interpretation of his behaviour as "peeking round the van" could no doubt also be interpreted as "keeping an eye on what was happening and wondering whether to phone the police". As regards the parkie exercising "discretion towards the time of day etc", unfortunately too many of the people who break the rules are unable/unwilling to exercise that kind of discretion. No Harper, parkies do not have whistles these days - we;re living in different times and it's mobile phones with the number of the local police office programmed in that are now standard issue.
  4. They were discussing it this morning on the radio and someone made the point that because Germany is in central Europe it's able to to import various kinds of energy from its neighbours, and they are already importing some nuclear - can't remember which country its coming from. It's a laudable aim to get all of our energy from renewable sources, but various questions are being raised as to whether it will be possible within the kind of time frame that both Germany & Scotland are talking about e.g. there is still no way to store electricity despite all the research that has gone in to it for many, many years. Both solar and wind power are unreliable and solar especially at the times of peak demand during the winter. Meanwhile more and more power-hungry gadgets are being developed and billions of people across the world are continuing to waste electricity on a daily basis as if there will be a limitless supply for ever and ever ......
  5. Agree - and various articles are suggesting compensation at sums much higher than a notional amount of one penny
  6. I saw this article last night on the BBC website - not sure about it being too stupid for words - seems more like a form of psychological abuse to me, with a pair of idiots using their child as an experiment for their idiotic ideas
  7. SNP to take action Have to say while I can understabnd people getting upset at the independence of the Scottish legal system being threatened by London, I still "don't get" why these same people appear happy to allow judges in Europe to undermine it Am I missing something, or is this little more than anti-English posturing?
  8. He already had an appeal against his conviction in Scotland tho' (Court of Session?) and they threw it out, so that is what is ruffling Salmond's feathers and also a few feathers in the legal profession - this is from the Evening Times Alecko - can't answer your question but this what the BBC website says
  9. Didn't follow the case at the time and have not been following the appeal process, but the involvement of the UK Supreme Court raises a number of interesting issues considering that Scotland has always had a totally separate legal system, and that was part of the Union agreement in 1707. Salmond is obviously very unhappy about this "interference" by a London court, which I can fully understand, but presumably if they had NOT overturned the conviction then Fraser could have gone to Europe as it seems that his appeal was lodged under the ECHR? Scotsman article
  10. And that's the entire nub of the matter Lynnski imo - if the Scottish Parliament is going to allow the use of internships, then students should be allocated places purely and simply upon merit.
  11. Personally, I have no interest whatsover in the private lives of our "celebrities" and have never understood why there is such a public appetite to read such tripe. If there was not so much demand from the public then the use of super injunctions or any other of injunction in these situations would never arise. However, I do understand why the courts are taking this seriously i.e. injunctions are put in place for far more serious matters, and if the details can be broadcast online then that is a matter of serious concern. The issue that needs to considered by the powers that be, is why these injunctions can be bought so readily by those who have the money to do so.
  12. It appears to be working for nothing Pat, the advantage being to those taking part that it will be a very useful addition to their CV when they apply for a job. The furore in Westminster is that it has always depended upon "who you know" which means it's only the children of wealthy parents with a lot of clout who get them. From what the Herald has discovered, it's just as elitist at Holyrood due to the money required to buy a place. Sam, I wasn't suggesting that the MSP's are getting any money from it - it does appear to be solely Edinburgh University that is benefiting financially. I do think however that it's an absolute disgrace that ANY institution or business can use access to the Scottish Parliament (which is funded totally by public money) to give an advantage to those of their young people who already have the advantage of having wealthy parents. From the article it appears that these internships are mainly going to overseas students, as they can afford to pay the high fee. I think that is an absolute disgrace that people from overseas can use our Parliament to their advantage, simply because they have wealthy families. Whatever happened to the old Scottish tradition of the "lad o' pairts" who was able to become a high achiever based solely on ability? ETA - just found this article
  13. So, do you believe that everything is now hunky-dory and and nothing more needs to be done Symbolism plays a HUGE role in the Irish psyche when it comes to relations with Britain, so I would not dismiss it out of hand. As someone said on the radio this morning - the Queen has not been invited over to open a flower show. The places that she is visiting, such as Croke Park, have been carefully chosen for their symbolism. There is absolutely NO WAY that she could have visited Croke Park even 5 years ago. I have the greatest respect for the Queen (85 years of age?) in being prepared to carry out this visit, given the security concerns and the history of relations between the British monarchy and the Irish nationalists. I'm actually with Sam on this one Harper
  14. While it's true that alcohol dependency is a problem across Scotland, there are certain areas where it's more of a problem. The availability of cheap booze in the supermarkets has done more to contribute to pubs closing than the smoking ban or lack of jobs or anything else imo. As you say, it's the solutions to the problems that are the difficult part. Denying Lidl their extension might not solve anything, but neither can I see how granting it can be justified in the current circumstances in that area. Lidl already has an off-sales, there are plenty of others in the area , and people are out of work with little money to spare. So, exactly what is the point of this expansion and who is intended to benefit?
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