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  1. Stay healthy, folks. China seemed a long way away – Italy much closer to home, heard five people have now died there. We were in Tuscany six months ago. There's a lot of toing and froing betweens Scotland and Italy.
  2. All these stories are propaganda, tam. Thankfully some of the red tops are losing much of their readership. The Sun lost £68 million last year - bad news for the Unionists and myth makers.
  3. That was Karen Dunbar, tam. What a difficult part and very well performed. Shame you lot the book. Saw John Byrne last night at Paisley Book Festival at his 80th Birthday Bash. Charismatic, incredibly talented and humble man. Came home and bought tickets for his new musical play at The Tron in July. Underwood Lane.
  4. Strange situation in Italy and appears not to relate to any connection with travellers to China. See Public Health Act in Scotland been changed to make Coronovirus notifiable. https://news.gov.scot/news/coronavirus-becomes-notifiable-disease-in-scotland
  5. Good Lord. That's a big hike in a day and such a large place. It's all very well telling people to stay at home. Does that mean no-one going to work, no healthcare staff in hospitals, no children going to school?
  6. The farce continues in Absurdistan, samscafe. They really need to check people before they employ them. Just Google. Not that hard. But then I don't think they care if people are mysogynistic racists.
  7. Those poor people on the Diamond Princess – probably so many of them needing that holiday. Think they would probably have been better getting them off the ship with the first case and checking everyone else. Most of them could probably have escaped catching the virus. Hope they find that vaccine.
  8. Your technical problems sound challenging, Tam. Good to hear from you and thanks for posting. I remember when we met Denise Mina in OranMor. Planning to see her at Aye Write.
  9. Looking forward to the festival next week.
  10. And best of all – weans having fun and being creative.
  11. Those youngsters could make all the difference. Hopefully EU Nationals feeling welcome and have achieved settled status without too much hassle.
  12. Watched the documentary on Channel 4, Yonza. Scary. Hope they develop a vaccine soon. I've been reading a lot of posts by people on social media saying how unwell they have been with 'flu. People don't regularly go to the doctors or quarantine themselves with flu symptoms.
  13. Ha ha. They'll be queueing up. I had some wee artists visit me this week.
  14. My God. All passengers would need to be tested on the Diamond Princess and what a nightmare for the poor people on the ship no port will accept. I was in Clydebank yesterday and the Asian workers at the nail bar were all wearing masks. They were all very busy with customers so not putting anyone off. We were at the pictures. I took the hand sanitiser for all of us to use but forgot it was in my bag.
  15. Think it's now 52% for Independence, samsc. Johnson definitely worried. Pro-Union adverts due to hit Scotland's cinema screens this Spring. https://www.thenational.scot/news/18222295.scottish-cinema-goers-forced-watch-pro-union-ads/
  16. Damnable for them, Yonza. Hardly the holiday of a lifetime.
  17. You can sign a book of condolences for Alasdair at Hillhead Library. Will later be transferred to The Mitchell. There's also an exhibition ≠ Alasdair Gray, Ominium Gatherum at Glasgow Print Studio (until 12 April) https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/alasdair-gray-exhibition-gps/
  18. It's a minefold, Yonza. Thanks for all the detailed updates. Very worrying. No, I would not like to be on that cruise ship. I wouldn't like to be on any of those flights home either. Flights seem to be a perfect place for passing on germs. Hopefully Storm Ciara may blow a lot of the bugs away – does that happen at all?
  19. Paisley Book Festival kicks off on 20 February https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/paisley-book-festival-2020/ Opening Night Radical Renfrew with Maggie Craig, Jim Carruth and Heir of the Cursed https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/paisley-book-festival-opening-night-radical-renfrewshire
  20. Hope you're going to show us the beautiful woman.
  21. I wouldn't have liked to be on the flight back to UK. One passenger has become ill. Very worrying. Hope the work on vaccine will be positive, and fast. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/03/coronavirus-british-evacuee-falls-ill-flight-from-china
  22. Programme announced. You can download brochure or pick up programme at Glasgow Film Theatre. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/glasgow-film-festival-programme-announced-2020/
  23. It's scary. I listened to a report and the concern seems to be whether the virus mutates into something stronger, although, it could also become weaker. Keep washing those hands and avoid crowds.
  24. Celtic Connections in full flow. Saw the wonderful Iris Dement supported by Pieta Brown – fabulous gig. There are some CC reviews on the website that you might enjoy. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/category/whatson/celtic-connections-2020/ (Photos by Pauline Keightley)
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