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  1. I remember when it was the bar Bonham's but was never in the old cinema.
  2. There's not usually much fuss about the European Elections. Bit different this time.
  3. I got stuck at amo amas amat. Think my Gaelic is better than my Latin these days. Good to see you posting, samsc.
  4. Fourth time lucky for Theresa May – not looking like it.
  5. Hope you're going to show us the completed piece of work with all the shades, samscafe.
  6. That's impressive. I spent a very nice day at BAad listening to poetry from Shetland and Ireland and then went along to Babbity Bowsters for lunch and caught some traditional music.
  7. 7- 11 May http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/crossways-irish-scottish-cultural-and-literary-festival-glasgow/
  8. Ha ha Tam – 'Aberdeen Angus bred in secret'. Have a word with them in Perth. Like the Tories up there.
  9. Was that in Glasgow, Bowie? Sorry just seeing this comment now.
  10. Thanks for all the information, yonza. I really hope it was an accident. Thankfully not totally destroyed.
  11. https://twitter.com/TwitterMoments/status/1117840323697414145
  12. Look what's coming to the CCA - Scotland's first Keanu Reeves Film Festival, 27 and 28 April, CCA Glasgow http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/keanucon-2019-cca/
  13. Sure is. Looks like we're still in EU until 31 October. Will be interesting to see how European Elections pan out. Was never much interest in the event before.
  14. I've only ever tried water colours. Kind of do their own thing. Put up some more of your work soon. :-)
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