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  1. Hope you got your vaccination okay, Yonza. I got mine two and a half weeks ago, Was lucky it was only ten minutes away in community hub. Read a wee bit about the bird flu and Prof Devi Sridhar advising to act fast. Good to see the positivity number below 5% but case numbers seem very slow to come down. My son in Denmark told me that in area he is in, with around 1 million population, had three days with zero cases then rose again to 20 cases. In Glasgow there were 118 cases yesterday.
  2. Really important for people to know. not to exercise. The ongoing breathlessness is something I have heard from a few people I know who have had Covid. Some other symptoms seem to be similar to chronic lyme disease, including, chronic fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains and skin issues. There is no treatment for chronic lyme through NHS. Perhaps research into long Covid will be helpful for people experiencing other illnesses such as chronic lyme, m.e. And perhaps some of the successful complementary treatments that have helped chronic lyme sufferers can be useful for those with long covid?
  3. Great photo., samsc. Here's a photo Jim took from the top of Kelvingrove Art Gallery
  4. Hope you managed to catch some of the concerts, samsc;
  5. 29 January and 5 February Mainly Ayrshire Poets on YouTube Channel https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/tidelines-festival-winter-warmer-poetry-events/
  6. Hellish there are so many variants appearing. Just hope the vaccines can be adjusted and can keep up.
  7. Terrific programme of events at Paisley Book Festival https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/paisley-book-festival-2021-online/ 18 - 27 February 2021
  8. Bit disappointing that the positivity rate in Scotland yesterday was 6.9% but back up today to over 9%. It seems that for the pandemic to be manageable that positivity has to be no more than 5%
  9. Really worrying these different variants. Pity they started appearing before vaccine has had a chance to be rolled out. Wonder if vaccines can be tweaked and how long this would take?
  10. The way the weather has been past few weeks global warming seems like an anomaly but the weather is definitely odd.
  11. UK needs to have much stricter border control. Just now eventually going to start stipulating negative tests taken 72 hours before arrival.. Denmark have moved to requiring tests to be negative 24 hours prior to arrival . Don't know if other countries are asking the same. Seems UK slow to catch up Seems very conclusive. Japan has paid attention to the importance of ventilation from the outset of the pandemic.
  12. 15 January - 2 February Full programme for this year's Celtic Connection - taking place online. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/announcement-celtic-connections-programme-2021/
  13. Deaths have reached over 80,000 in UK. Claimed one in thirty people in London have Covid. How can the hospitals cope? Pity the UK Govt hadn't invested in NHS, raising wages and recruiting staff, ventilating buildings, Instead have lined the pockets of Tory pals. New York Times appears to have covered this more thoroughly than any UK newspaper. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/12/17/world/europe/britain-covid-contracts.html
  14. Very cold temperatures at the moment. Still better to have cold, dry sunny days than the rain that seemed to be relentless.
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