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  1. Any shows keeping you going? We've been doing re turns of Derry Girls and Mad Men Some choices here: https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/mar/26/comfort-viewing-our-favourite-shows-to-rewatch-in-lockdown
  2. Plenty of choice samsc. Hope you are well.
  3. The experience in Germany re mortality rates in relation to coronavirus are dramatic. They are testing 500,000 people a week. Arguably best approach.
  4. Fabulous resource curated by Glasgow Film Festival https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/the-social-isolation-film-festival-curated-by-gft/
  5. Who's going to deliver, samcs? See Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock and Prof Whitty all got the virus. Who got it first. Been standing next to each other for weeks now. Should have done that social distancing and paid heed to W.H.O.
  6. Will have a look at the site you mentioned above, Yonza. I have Lyme Disease which I contracted in Canada in 2006. It definitely had neurological symptoms with one of the most difficult symptoms being what they call 'brain fog'. Took me a long, long time to get back to more or less normal. I had to leave my job and we also had to move house as I was too weak to manage stairs. I got good treatment from a private Lyme Doctor in Bolton, firstly with anti-biotics over a few months and then treatment to build immunity. Lyme is caused by bacteria though, which is different from a virus so I don't know how effective the immunity building is in relation to coronavirus but won't do any harm. Has cost me a fortune over the years and still does.
  7. Heartbreaking. I felt uplifted today as I couldn't see a soul about when I looked out the window. First time that's ever been the case in all the time we've lived here as we look over the station. But Jim (who is sole worker in studio) said he went out at lunchtime to the supermarket to buy soup and people were on top of each other at the checkout and the shop was busy. What the hell!!
  8. Seems to be a bit different from other countries. So many people in America with no health insurance. Wonder how they're being treated?
  9. No new cases in China yesterday. I read this very sad view from Italian mother. https://www.insider.com/coronavirus-italian-mom-and-these-are-the-mistakes-we-made-2020-3?fbclid=IwAR1bx-S0hOgSnYsBIL2Zw-PrAzLO7MGY2xGMZq5HpURIAMAUMHV2PxuzbXs First time in thirteen years looking out window and no-one coming and going from the train station.
  10. Have read different views on anti inflammatory drugs, yonza. I take anti-inflammatory Etodolac for arthritis and top up with ibuprofen and use ibuprofen gel. It would be hard lines if you got the virus and then were in pain alongside other symptoms. I'm glad the schools have closed as didn't seem to make sense saying not to mix in crowds then the kids going off and mixing in their hundreds. Some schools had closed already because teachers were becoming ill or falling into vulnerable categories. All very scary. Good that they are improving testing. Hope they're getting enough ventilators (and actually know how to produce them). This was one article I saw: https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/news/media/pressrel/advice-about-anti-inflammatory-medication-and-covid-19.html
  11. Scientists speaking out against UK Govt policy. Social distancing very much advised. https://www.immunology.org/news/bsi-open-letter-government-sars-cov-2-outbreak-response http://maths.qmul.ac.uk/~vnicosia/UK_scientists_statement_on_coronavirus_measures.pdf
  12. Europe now the epicentre. First death in Scotland. Seem to be a range of experts and UK taking a different approach from the belts and braces testing, social distancing and shut down of school, universities, cultural institutions etc. Lots of organisations taking own initiative and cancelling events e.g. Aye Write, Glasgow Short Film Festival, Formula 1, Premier League and other football games including Old Firm. Now only testing in hospitals. Heard advice on BBC that if you have symptoms and in the family home to sleep in separate rooms and use different bathrooms. Like that's an option for everyone.
  13. Scotland now has 60 cases. Looks like mass gatherings banned from Monday. Ireland has closed schools and colleges after one death. Interesting about Germany. Perhaps more healthy population? Less of a gap between rich and poor?
  14. Looking very bad in Italy. The hospitals are struggling and prisons in crisis. Prisoners set Milan Prison on fire. In Iran some prisoners with dual nationality have been released but not Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe. I read a feature on Twitter by a scientist explaining how important soap is. 1/25 Part 1 - Why does soap work so well on the SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus and indeed most viruses? Because it is a self-assembled nanoparticle in which the weakest link is the lipid (fatty) bilayer. A two part thread about soap, viruses and supramolecular chemistry #COVID19. Here's the link: Also saw humorous tweet regarding #toiletrollpanic. With photo of a supermarket with only peach toilet paper. It said 'No matter what the panic NO-ONE IN THE WEST END BUYS PEACH TOILET PAPER'.
  15. No doubt you have seen the many reports about the high incidence of drug deaths in Scotland. The Scottish Government has identified various ways of addressing this issue including setting up safe consumption rooms where the risk of overdose will be reduced, no sharing of dirty needles so less chance of contracting HIV and also and importantly there will be opportunities for drug users to access help and addiction problems. (https://news.gov.scot/news/working-to-cut-drug-deaths) There are many examples throughout the world of how other countries have tackled major drugs issue – Portugal is a prime example of how government policy has brought about dramatic change. (https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/dec/05/portugals-radical-drugs-policy-is-working-why-hasnt-the-world-copied-it) However, drugs is a reserved rather than devolved issue and the UK Government consistently objects to the setting up of Drugs Consumption Rooms in Scotland. https://thirdforcenews.org.uk/tfn-news/drugs-forum-would-back-illegal-consumption-facility Plans are now in place to set up a free drugs consumption van despite Malthouse advising the illegality. Despite facing arrest: 'Peter Krykant is fundraising to kit out a van and offer a safe and clean space for drug users to inject to take them out of of dangerous conditions that have been shown to increase the risk of HIV and to reduce overdose. Mr Krykant, who is in long term recovery from addiction and works with homeless people in Glasgow, had raised more than £2000 before his JustGiving crowdfunding page was taken down but he is determined to continue with the project.' https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/18276527.glasgow-mobile-safe-drug-consumption-unit-arrive-without-government-backing/
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