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  1. That's great. How old is she? Is she able to stay still? Hope we get to see it.
  2. It's great when you find a series you can get into. Been enjoying The Kominsky Method. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are great together.
  3. Couldn't take to the characters, samsc.
  4. Get those brushes cleaned. Enjoy.
  5. Both films by female directors. Proxima by Alice Wincour starring Eva Green and Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl starring Beanie Feldstein and directed by Coky Giedroyc. Festival kicks off 26 February. - 8 March, 2020 https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/opening-and-closing-galas-announced-for-glasgow-film-festival-2020/
  6. Glad you pointed this out, samsc. I saw it advertised on Netflix. Will plan to watch.
  7. Onwards and upwards. Are the days drawing out yet?
  8. Ha ha. Remind me never to challenge you in a pub quiz, Yonza.
  9. So sad that we have lost Alasdair Gray. What an amazing artist and writer. And what a wonderfully charismatic, generous and entertaining man. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/alasdair-gray-writer-and-artist/
  10. The West End is still pretty dead and dreich. What dark days. At least the daffodils are starting to shoot and cafes now open.
  11. Not the best. That's for sure.
  12. Love the image, samsc. Happy New Year, everyone. You are right about 2019 being a stinker.
  13. We went a drive today to Thornhill and to the antiques market at Doune. Very mild day for December.
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