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  1. Pat

    Aye Writ 2018

    The Tory's hostile environment spreading out. Some people are not going to be constrained by law – in Russia anyway. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pussy-riot-member-leaves-russia-despite-exit-ban-a8485171.html
  2. Pat

    Who to believe?

    No, I'm not offended either, Mary, but it does make me sad that Johnson and Bannon's cynical tactics appear to be gaining ground. For me the topic is not exactly about free speech but about cynical politicians and manipulation.
  3. Pat

    Who to believe?

    Nothing wrong with being eccentric and can certainly add colour. So far as Boris Johnson is concerned I doubt I could think of many politicians that I despise more. I believe that he is an attention seeker who believes himself to be exempt from what might be considered respectful behaviour. If it really was his intention to speak out against the oppression of religious freedom and support the idea that women should wear what they like then why put this in terms of comparing the wearing of niqab to bank robbers? I'd say he was quite cynically seeking the massive response he has received. There is, of course, much to be said for freedom of speech but when this comes to politicians I think their actions are best considered within the political climate and taking account of that individual's personal ambitions. Nigel Farage, aided and abetted by the mainstream media gave rise to UKIP,; the Conservative Party successfully attracted UKIP voters back to Toryland by peddling their own Islamaphobic and anti-migrant stance. Seems to me that Johnson still has his eyes set on Theresa May's position, and will use every opportunity to place himself in the public eye, attracting support from those who admire his pseudo-eccentricity, love of free speech and, in particular, just as we have seen in U.S.A. those defenders of British culture. The latter, of course, goes hand in hand with oppression of ethnic minorities and multiculturalism but that is conveniently forgotten. In reality Johnson is no innocent making an off the cuff remark. But expresses himself in a manner designed to create a furore and simultaneously drum up support within a divided Conservatve party, from those who are attracted by his boyish, ebullient eccentricity and those would be UKIP type voters. How smart, how he plays people and how egocentric the man is. Only around one percent of women in the UK wear the attire he is focussing on. It really is hardly an issue when you consider that of that one percent a large percentage of women are free to choose what they wear. And I doubt Johnson could care less about the tiny number suffering oppression. To my mind he is an appalling politician and person. I am sorry to see a push for his apology on this issue as it further heightens his profile and appeal to such a large sector. However, I do not think an apology was sufficient when he made worse the situation fo Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe when, as Home Secretary, he contributed to her plight and imprisonment in Tehran when he, in his eccentric glib fashion, offered up inaccurate information. I have watched him interviewed on a number of occasions when he cannot provide answers and believe him to be lazy, inept in his role and someone who could not care less about anyone apart from himself. When a grown man has to muss his hair up to enhance his profile whilst squatting in a home tax payers are coughing up but simultaneously take on a new job against the rules he's supposed to abide by as a politician, I see someone who has no respect for anyone or anything. How ironic that he gains fans because in fine Trumpian style he uses offensive language to benefit his personal ambitions. His concern regarding women who wear the niqab is nothing but a cynical ploy. If we're talking about dressing to fit with mainstream culture and ensure security then perhaps his next target will be Hasidic Jews . But no, of course not, that ship has apparently sailed as far as the anti-Corbyn gang is concerned best not go there. No Johnson's target fits neatly with his new friend Bannon, Trump's strategist, driving the support of the far right as he advises 'not to bow at the altar of political correctness'. Well, why not. It's worked so well in America. No, Johnson, is not the champion of free speech nor to my mind a true eccentric.I see him as a cynical, ruthless egotist but hey, isn't his strategy going well?
  4. George Square is looking stupendous and I hear that there's a lot happening in Glasgow Green. Might pop down tomorrow and take in some of the Merchant City Festival. Went today to the BMX Trials at Knightswood. What a brilliant job they've done of the stadium. Loads of very helpful staff, super commentary and those riders were spectacular.
  5. Pat

    Exam Results

    Very well done. It's a bigger hill to climb for some. I hope she is now moving on to follow her dreams.
  6. Pretty exciting having European Championships in town. Not to mention Festival 2018, the cultural festival running alongside the championships. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/glasgow-european-championships-2018/ http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/festival-2018-glasgow/ And not forgetting the hub of activities at George Square. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/george-square-glasgow-2018/ Check out the highlights: Check out the George Square daily schedule for highlights: Saturday 4 August Sunday 5 August Monday 6 August Tuesday 7 August Wednesday 8 August Thursday 9 August Friday 10 August Saturday 11 August Sunday 12 August
  7. Pat

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    Just back from Ireland crossed back and forwards over the border between Donegal and the North going to Derry with my cousin who had a few chores to do. Don't even think about any border – way of life and people very unhappy about the prospect of change.
  8. Pat

    Who to believe?

    Little criticism from UK Government. (Need to use new computer – keybord not llowing me to use some letters) Been in Irelnd but home now.
  9. Pat

    Trump Visit

    Looks as though Trump is ticking all the boxes: bully, rude, racist and arrogant. As he attacks May and Brexit, accuses Sadiq Khan of causing a rise in terrorism and praising Boris Johnston. So reassuring to know that he 'hates' Nicola Sturgeon. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/festival-2018-berlin-on-screen-gft/
  10. Pat

    World Cup

    It was more like Roy Keane and Ian Wright having a go. Gavin Southgate is the hero and Slavin Bilic is delirious as England defeated by Croatia. Says a lot for a country of only 4 million. It was good to see the English fans so behind their team as they went out and they're right to be proud. But the best game so far was France v Belgium. The talent was amazing. MBappe the nineteen year old is my man of the tournament.
  11. Pat

    West End Glasgow Old Pics

    Lovely. Looks very posh.
  12. 你是creme de la creme :) Nǐ shì creme de la creme
  13. Pat

    World Cup

    Well they're through. Now Croatia. Slavic Bilic and Gary Neville might come to blows.
  14. Pat

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    See David Davis has resigned. This is indeed a shambles.
  15. Apparently it was a fantastic event with massive crowds. The weather contributed to success no doubt.