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  1. Programme for West End Festival now launched. The festival will last for a month from 31 May – 30 June. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/west-end-festival-summer-programme-2018/
  2. Pat

    Happy Easter

    Sorry, I missed this , Tam. Hope you're having a good trip.
  3. Pat

    It speaks for itself

    The indigenous people in many countries are still in dire positions. Doesn't seem so long ago we were watching those films with the 'wild' Indians threatening to scalp 'the goodies', the cowboys.
  4. Pat

    More money for McCann Investigation

    I think it's the tenacity and ability of the parents to drive the case, Mary.
  5. Pat

    Who to believe?

    Israeli soldiers appear to have no problems in regularly killing civilians, members of the press and children. Wonder how much the UK makes from exporting arms to Israel and Saudi Arabia. The UN seems to be a useless institution as USA vetoes decisions regarding Israel and Russia vetoes decisions regarding Syria. Don't know if anyone is even interested in the Yemen.
  6. Pat

    The National Disgrace that is Windrush

    Despite the fact that more and more sad stories of racism and injustice are emerging every day, it doesn't look as though any heads will roll. The UK Government do not consider themselves to be accountable. Amber Rudd says she did not recognise a pattern or a problem regarding the many individual cases regarding deportation threats and people unable to return to UK, acquire British passports, get health care etc etc Despite the fact that she had targets to met and had assured the P.M. that she would 'hunt them down'. You are right, Mary. It beggars belief.
  7. Pat

    The National Disgrace that is Windrush

    David Lammy was brilliant. Totally unbelievable the way the Windrush people, encouraged to come to the UK, as British subjects, to work on the buses, factories and in agriculture, have been treated with such contempt. Never was there a more callous and incompetent Government. May has been so successful in creating the hostile environment for migrants that she so desired. Unable to answer any questions regarding whether anyone has been deported, how many have been detained in centres, how many have lost their jobs, benefits and now it would also seem - their lives. Utterly disgraceful. You only wish you were more surprised. Theresa May does not have a leg to stand on. Here is the link to the debate on third reading of The Immigration Bill in 2014 https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201314/cmhansrd/cm140130/debtext/140130-0004.htm#14013062003170 At that time this is what Corbyn had to say: " 4.58 pm Jeremy Corbyn: I will vote against the Bill on Third Reading for a large number of reasons. We have ordained that the Home Secretary will have executive power to take away citizenship in the future and to create a generation of stateless people. The handing over of that power is, I think, a very dangerous thing for any Parliament to do. We have a number of other serious concerns about the Bill, such as those covered in the points raised by my hon. Friend the Member for Hayes and Harlington (John McDonnell) about the forced removal of people; the death of Jimmy Mubenga, which was mentioned by the hon. Member for Brent Central (Sarah Teather); the use of the detention system; the denial of health care access; the problems of forcing landlords to become agents of the Home Office; and the reality of life for those people who have legitimately sought asylum in 30 Jan 2014 : Column 1130 Britain and are starving on the streets of our cities because we do not have a system in place to give them proper support. The Bill does not answer any of those problems. It is based on prejudice and headline chasing and has nothing to do with the real needs of people who are desperately seeking support, help and assistance rather than the cold behaviour shown by the Government today.'
  8. Pat


    Hope you are improving every day, samsc. Weather supposed to be warm middle of net week.
  9. Muriel Spark is being much celebrated in Scotland for her 100th anniversary with many events taking place. However, I wasn't expecting an event celebrating her work to take place in China; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie has been translated into Mandarin with a foreword by Nicola Sturgeon. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/mandarin-translations-the-prime-of-miss-jean-brodie/
  10. Pat


    John Nicholson was so handy for tv appearances. I was almost as upset about him losing his seat as I was Angus Robertson.
  11. Pat

    Some Home Truths for Scottish Fishermen

    Doubt they'll get it from the UK Government.
  12. Pat


    Thatcher so much to answer for. Her legacy hangs over us. Ludicrous that Jo Swinney Lib Dem MP for East Dunbartonshire thinks there should be a statue of Thatcher. Can't think of a much bigger waste of money.
  13. Pat

    Some Home Truths for Scottish Fishermen

    That's very informative, samsc. When they talk about UK Fishing industry, Scotland seems to make up the most important part of that with the fishing communities mainly in the North. Lots of the constituencies now represented by Tory MPs, who don't seem to aware of the history nor the issues. Fishing definitely factoring largely in a Brexit marketing tool so not a easy time for fishermen here.
  14. Pat

    Happy Easter

    Thanks, samsc. Don't recollect it being so chilly at this time. The daffodils on Great Western Road still struggling to put on a display.
  15. Pat


    I guess that's the plan. At least he spoke out on the recent atrocities in Gaza. Silence from May.