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  1. Pat

    The Cry

    See it's arousing a great deal of speculation on Twitter with various outcomes suggested. Hope you enjoy it, samsamericancafe.
  2. Don't know what all that was about. Don't think Historic Scotland's got a remit as gatekeeper. Event covered in New York Times as well after picked up by Reuters. BBC thin on the ground but the world is watching.
  3. A wee trip doon the watter would be worthwhile. Great programme at Dunoon Film Festival 9 – 11 November, 2018 http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/dunoon-film-festival-2018-announces-full-programme/
  4. Reckoned to have been 100,000 marching in Edinburgh but main stream media don't appear to think this story is newsworthy. They did cover it in Japan.
  5. Pat

    The Cry

    New drama filmed in Scotland and Australia. Hard to follow The Bodyguard but good to see Scottish Productions on BBC
  6. Pat

    Sauchiehall Street Revamp

    Don't know what's happened to the revamp. Looks like there's been a delay. Possibly due to Art School fire but oh so badly needed.
  7. Pat

    Excessive pay

    Given that Nicola Sturgeon hasn't taken pay increase since 2009 or thereabouts and puts the difference back into Scottish Goverment coffers, I don't think she's into huge pay for the bosses.
  8. Pat

    Crying earth

    Not sure about Glasgow but Scottish Government certainly in the forefront in the UK with regard to tackling climate change. World leader in generating electricity from renewables. But Green Party always driving for better performance. I think most businesses, encouraged by the Tory Government see their goal as profit at all costs. Makes me sick everytime I hear these boasts of full employment when we know so many are on zero hours contracts and low wages.
  9. Pat

    SNP Civil War

    Hilarious. Few mixed messages from the Labour Conference. I'm expecting one huge shambles from the Tories.
  10. Went through to Stirling yesterday to catch some of the Bloody Scotland Scottish Book Crime Festival. It was very entertaining, very busy and friendly. Caught Louise Welsh and Zoe Strachan talking about Muriel Spark to Alan Taylor, a friend of the author. Then round the corner to the Albert Halls to hear Irvine Welsh. He wasn't at all what I expected – humorous, affable and no big ego.
  11. Pat

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    Andy Kerr totally out of order. He was apparently going for the jovial approach. Richard Leonard sounding daft. There's as much chance of me being First Minister as him. This should be essential viewing by all Brexiteers.
  12. Pat

    Excessive pay

    Don't know the details and sorry just noticing this, TomarTo, but agree £12 million a year sounds excessive never mind the massive bonus. I had a look. Outrageous.
  13. Pat

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    Not so much but he's fairly having a go at Theresa May. I don't think anyone is paying him much attention – the poster boy appears to be Jacob Rees-Mogg.
  14. Pat


    We had super ice cream in Old Kilpatrick made by Queenie and Bertie Lazzarini at The Glen Cafe. What a treat it was.
  15. Pat

    Crying earth

    The planet is certainly taking a hammering. More should be done to drive ahead utilising the 'green' resources.