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  1. Imagine that. I used to think it was pretty rough but then discovered The Hidden Lane – that was almost two decades ago. Still love a wander round there. You should definitely try to visit Ireland, Tam. Completely different culture from Scotland. You would enjoy the craic.
  2. What a cheek. Think this will be great. Hope that's the winter weather finished.
  3. I agree, Brian. Even living in the city, you can enjoy going out exploring. I love a wander around the West End and among my favourite places are Kelvinbridge and Hyndland Sreet going down to Partick, wandering past Cottiers and then at the bottom you can enjoy a browse in Celino's deli and catch a coffee or some lunch. And I've definitely not seen enough of Finnieston, which has got a real feel good vibe going on. Right now we have three fantastic festivals coming up in Glasgow: Celtic Connections, Glasgow Film Festival and Aye Write! It's an exciting place to e and people, in general, are pretty friendly.
  4. This is what a real hero looks like

    Well said, Brian.
  5. Dramas

    Almost too many dramas to keep up with but good to see some of our outstanding female actresses on the box – Sarah Lancaster in Kiri and Phyllis Logan, Zoe Wannamaker and Miranda Richardson in Girlfriends. Two great shows – although if Girlfriends is actually about midlife crisis then life expectancy must now be about 120.
  6. Carillion - another private sector failure

    Unbelievable. To keep giving contracts when warnings had been flagged up. Ir was astonishing watching this being discussed on Prime Ministers QuestionTime – not a single Tory head hanging in shame – just all the usual smirks and guffaws.They actually don't give a damn. Now trotting out the story that Carillion is 'a client'. What the heck is that supposed to mean?
  7. Fabulous day out. The kids will love this – and car enthusiasts. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/monte-carlo-classic-rally-paisley-31-january-2018/
  8. The New York Times has published a list of places to go in 2018, with 52 suggestions. Number 1 is New Orleans and Glasgow is number 10. The only other UK place on the list is Bristol at number 51. Hope we'll be getting lots of visitors. http://www.glasgowist.com/glasgow-lands-high-on-new-york-times-52-places-to-go-in-2018-list/
  9. Canada

    Very chilly in Canada right now with temperatures in Toronto dropping to -23. Brrrrr.
  10. bliadhna Mhath Ùr

    Smashing. Celtic Connections getting into full swing this month.
  11. So many different options for celebrating the Bard. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/category/whatson/burns-events/
  12. Happy New Year

    All the best for 2018, folks.
  13. Political Education

    Smart thinking.
  14. Strictly

    No idea. Big galoof. He's definitely at his best when he's birling round on the floor. ha ha. I thought the professional dancers were fabulous this year. My favourite routine was the Catwalk themed dance. Ote was incredible.