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  1. Sammy obviously got the same PM today that I and 4 others did. If S brought it to our attention earlier ( I'm only guessing because his OP has been deleted) then fair dos I say. I take it there's no truth in the allegations contained in the PM then?
  2. Feral Kid? The mullet sounds familiar; http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/images/uploadedfiles/editorial/pictures/2008/10/09/feral.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/article/2008/10/10/22711_news.html&h=262&w=350&sz=36&tbnid=pKX1-zvZMoxZCM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=120&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dferal%2Bkid%2Bmad%2Bmax&zoom=1&q=feral+kid+mad+max&usg=__3KJFJgWG1nFsj4ehA_ukeyoKw1E=&sa=X&ei=vCidTO_aFoWUjAep3MiQDQ&ved=0CCAQ9QEwAw
  3. :D Yeah strictly west side. Dear god these bots are getting cleverer.
  4. Likewise, LarryT, I do the exact same with my pet teenager This past week or two the sun's got so low that you have to wrap up a bit to sit outside Atrium but come about 5pm, it comes west around the rooftops for about half an hour Probably about time Kember and Jones put out their furry seat covers. But I prefer not to sit there myself---I refuse to queue for an overpriced piece that's been marketed to the limit of all tolerance; freshly line-caught sun-blush tomato enhanced by the finest of mozzarella stamped into shape by Tuscan peasants.. all on 'rustic' ciabatta that you cannae ea
  5. You'll be in the Edinburgh jazz music sector then I take it? <oooohya...>
  6. Sounds like an 'installation' to me, Hammy. You could get a grant for that you know.
  7. Pat has become Bruce? I think we should be told :lol:
  8. Don't start me, Hammy £35k of our money recently spent on rebranding Creative Scotland with what is probably the worst logo ever conceived. Have you SEEN the ###### thing? AND it has cost precisely 3 million quid of our money to 'transform' SAC and Scottish Screen into one new body. A body that after three years in transition hasn't yet a ###### scooby what it's mission is. If it wasn't so ###### tragic it'd be hilarious.
  9. Yeah, seems to me it becomes an uneven playing field when extreme cuts like this are about to be made, Harper. The big players are always gonna come out tops, no matter the value-for-money quality control question, because they have all the assets to win the bids, as you rightly say. It rings kinda hollow to me when you see folks all over the vox pops on TV giving it' Yeah, cuts across the board, everyone should share the pain' but on the rare occasions they're quizzed a little further go' "Except not in health, not in education, not in the arts'. Then again I see waste in many of the bi
  10. No that was the Ashoka, Tam. Only a samosa's throw away from Mother India Cafe but <oh god even further off topic......but we're only one above the one below so close enough lol >
  11. The charity sector is about to be hit very badly by the Spending Review. This is going to lead to even more intensive competition for funds disbursed by Trusts and Foundations. Maybe it's time we started thinking differently, and more creatively, about how to fund charities. In the case of this one, and perhaps Women's Aid, instead of jailing people found guilty of assault-- at HUGE cost to the taxpayer--we could move towards punitive fines, with a percentage donated to the charity that supports the victims. Such fines could be levied through the tax system---or the welfare system where
  12. Ah here we go again Perfectly good going thread, and someone has to jump in insulting someone else for doing nothing more dastardly than comparing two comedians. Dex, I think your post was unneccesarily harsh. Re name-calling, actually Nota, I think your defence would have been just as robust had you left it out. I think if we posters find other posts objectionable we should come out and say so and not leave everything to the mods to judge. I know from experience how difficult it can be to be fair and equitable all round, there will always be someone that disagrees. Perhaps i
  13. You reckon? I aye figured Vic and Bob were a tribute to Morecambe and Wise when Frankie Boyle was still in short pants. Not that I know anything about Frankie's short pants of course, oh no
  14. Don't know, Mr H, he was pretty 'big' when I saw him in Glasgow in the very early 80s---don't test me on the date--or I'll be forced to get my mate with the encyclopedic memory on it--- and that'll just set him off for about a fortnight. I'm actually amazed anyone else here remembers them---so very left-field, I only went along to their gig cos some guy invited me. Though at the time it felt like I'd been present at the invention of electronica.
  15. I aye find, when pretending you know what you're talking about, that it's advisable to bother to get the name of the band right :P Only a mere courtesy to the artists I'd say------ but call me old-fashioned
  16. Only a matter of time till we see the photo opportunity of Sam Cameron shopping at Asda. I'll give it a month.
  17. Post 376 should go! Taking the piss is not allowed on this forum.
  18. Honey, 'cult' doesn't pay the mortgage. 'Huge' does
  19. Ach. Greet, what a great post, Iona. Sounds like you, Maggs and I all had Saturday jobs in the stores about the same time, 1973-4. I was in 'Boutique' at Dalys, having been moved from Ladies Dresses for laughing out loud at a certain very wealthy, snotty madam of a customer whose name was Mrs Duda. Love the bit about people getting dressed up to go to town, we sure did as kids in the 60s--it was an occasion. I remember being enthralled as a young girl by the live catwalk fashion show in Pettigrew's, where the ladies all had afternoon tea, the waitresses fully coiffed and made-up, immacu
  20. HMM, think I may have been there, indeed I have, I'm sure---there's an opal shop there, Oz, or used to be? And one great big feckoff opal on display in the front window. Beautiful building inside as well. On two or three levels with a central atrium type thang? A bit like an elongated version of Frasers in Glasgow? Mr T bought a shirt in a shop there and still wears it to this day. Not every day, obviously.
  21. You sure you're not mistaking it with Wur Ch*p?
  22. I wouldn't worry, Iona, thousands of the things still survive worldwide, I doubt they're worth much, if anything, more than the £20 you got. My grandad worked in Singer; we have two machines left in the family, one treadle, one not. We keep em more for sentimental reasons than any intrinsic 'worth'. Mind you, if anyone knows different and we're sitting on enough to retire to Spain sharpish, DO tell
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