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  1. Davies is edging May out ... the next few weeks could be interesting.
  2. I loathe any form of sectarianism and have become increasingly intolerant of any religious dogma - ban one, ban them all.
  3. Council has very limited housing stock in the area. Not quite sure where 140 unoccupied local homes would come from. Lots of infrastructure on the ground and grants foundation in place - but that's not newsworthy. Council has simplified grants application to one side of A4 and is turning funding applications around in two days - but that's not newsworthy. Some families’ want to stay close to the community, others are asking to be rehoused as far away as possible - but that's not newsworthy. Most of the families evacuated from Grenfell Tower are too traumatised to move at present. Prioritiy
  4. I think Davies and Green are likely to be her silent but deadly assassins ...
  5. I read reports saying that the same materials may also have been used in other public buildings such as schools and hospitals. (I think we've got our threads in a fankle). Back to politics. Slightly out the loop on this, with the local events of the last 12 days. A Tory/DUP alliance was something I couldn't have imagined. Politics has just become a whole lot uglier and nastier and I wouldn't have thought that possible
  6. Kensington and Chelsea has a great tradition of noblesse oblige - providing the recipients know their place. Sadly it is not hype and there is some hooha about whether the new residents will be able to use the commual posh swimming pool and gym facilties. They are dismissing everyone as a facelss, feckless mob. I sat with a group of Arabic women yesterday, one of whom described the point where her friends stopped talking with her on the phone - after saying she had covered her babies in wet towels. I'd happily take every single one of these commentators down to the disaster site and intr
  7. Never been so proud of my adopted city, my friends, my colleagues, my community. The grief is really hitting home. So much to rebuild.
  8. You had me at it... I wrote an email at work and said Glefell.... luckily a collegue spotted it before it went out. Someone is going to have to answer for this but for most of us right now it is about support.
  9. Every local authority has a Major Incident Plan that kicks in as soon as there is an incident, involving a multi agency response, health trusts, the Red Cross, specialist agencies and the local voluntary sector, churches, mosques etc. I did Major Incident Planning with some of the Red Cross who had worked in Kosovo. Their skills are mightly impressive and they have been on the ground with the emergency services since day 1. The agenda over the next few days is to carry on setting up community support, while the front line services continue to search for bodies in the tower. People have
  10. There are three distinct groups. The people housed in the tower block, the residents who were evacuated because of safety fears about falling debris and the building itself and the wider community. The major incident pla. has been working closely with the first two groups. It is the third group who are marching and protesting. Very understandable but the first priority in the first days were the Grenfell residents. The centres and the churches that opened are part of the Council's major incident plan. They were not an independent response from the local voluntary sector. That
  11. There is a major incident plan in place and it is being effectively implemented across the designated sites for first line response involving the Red Cross and emergency services to address the needs of the immediate victims. Where they are failing is the comms strategy. It's the 2nd response that is becoming overwhelmed. Nothing in place to deal with community response and the press in there heightening grievances. I know this community, I have worked here for over 30 years. There are long standing grievances with the TMO and the council.
  12. I am fine, Pat. We are working on community engagement and support and not on 1st line response. I have a good team but we share the communities frustrations that no one is co-ordinating things. We know there are things going on behind the scenes to help people but I have real concerns about what might happen if the community starts to feel abandoned. Grenfell families have been housed in hotels or bed and breakfast last night and a each family has been allocated a key worker to support them but their are crowds of people displaced, looking for relatives, evacuated from surrounding buildi
  13. Someone came up and stood beside one of my colleagues and he thought he looked very familair... it was Sadiq Khan. Corbyn and Khan talking to the crowds. May had a closed visit - says it all. The charities and churches are part of the first line major incident response agreed with the Council, other sites started opening as the designated sites became full. Volunteers pretty traumatised by what they were hearing. Organisations calling out for Arabic speaking counsellors. Everyone working to put support in place. The days, weeks and months are going to be tough. The TMO will
  14. Nobody here is thinking about blame, although the TV crews are trying to talk it up. The personal stories are horrendous. The community has been amazing. Admiration and respect to the emergency services, front line colleagues and community who worked through the night to support the people of Grenfell. So much trauma and grief. The community is out in force clothing people, feeding people and firefighters alike - and just helping people with their grief and shock. Everyone needing housing were found accommodation last night. Our local community is in crisis and the worst days are s
  15. I wouldn't expect that SNP voters would think otherwise:) It would be interesting to hear from someone who changed their vote and why they did that. I think opinion about Sturgeon has changed since Brexit. I have friends in Scotland who are either strongly for her or strongly against her - all SNP supporters since we were in our teens. I haven't met anyone who is indifferent. Some feel she lacks the gravitas and statesmanship of Salmond, others think she is the best things since milanda. Some, who are teachers have become disenchanted. No tactical voting for them. It was a vote for the
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