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  1. Over here we have no greater guardian of free speech (and reading) than the American Library Association. Here is a little interview about banned book week: banned book week A judge giving an injunction to stop printing a book isn't really banning a book. They are saying that what are presented as facts in the book cannot be proven so they must not be printed. Over here books are usually banned as a result of some action by a parental or religious organization. They rarely succeed, except in small, localized ways these days (as in religious schools, etc.).
  2. Bears aren't inherently viscious. They just see humans as another item in the prey base. That really offends some humans.
  3. When I was growing up a neighbor girl of about fourteen was home alone when a salesman tried to push his way into the house. Her pet cat leapt upon the man's head and shoulders yowling, clawing, and biting him. The cat rode him out to his car and stood there watching him drive away. Cats can be fierce.
  4. OMG. It's really hard not to notice that article advertises a "ball-by-ball" commentary. Co-inky-dink? I think rather Freudian. I think I'm needing a nap now.
  5. I hope you sleep well, Tam. I have had a couple of good days. Sunday I braved the freeways and made it to a place thirty or forty miles away and attended an art workshop. On the way home I took a wrong on-ramp and ended up on Sam Houston Toll Road. It tages only EZ-Tag, which is a tag on your liscense plate that a camera scans and charges you toll. I don't have an EZ-Tag. My friend will soon get a traffic ticket in the mail. NOW I have EZ-Tag. Anyway - the Toll road was lovely on a Sunday afternoon. No traffic, except three cars and every one moving at a leisurely pace. I knew I was lost, but saw an off-ramp that said Lake Olympus (so over the top, you almost have to like it!). I took the Lake Olympus exit and ended up in a housing developement with marinas, yard side docks, etc. I thought, "Where are the convenience stores? Doesn't anyone need diapers or milk in the middle of the night?". After another thirty minutes I made my way home. I felt like that was a big victory in itself. Only one small unsettling part. I stopped at a convenience store and asked a young Asian guy for directions. He was so nice and gave me perfectly clear directions and I followed them. I felt sorry that he had to work in a store behind a plexiglass wall to keep from being robbed. Or, more precisely, to keep from being killed while he was being robbed.
  6. Brugmansia, var. Super Nova - by my front door Brugmansia, var. Serendipity - on my patio My garden was pretty ragged when I got home from Sweden, but I'm slowly getting it back in shape. This is the transition period to the fall gardens, so everthing does look a little tired. The photos don't really show scale, but the white blossoms are about a foot long, the pink one maybe 9 inches.
  7. It was a name given to him by the Cherokees, I think. No idea why they chose it.
  8. Yeah. Well it's Texas . . . It fits very well in it's setting. You will be just driving along a highway that is heavily wooded on both sides and a clearing opens up and there is giant Sam Houston. Prior to moving to Texas I never thought about Texas much. Since then I have read quite a bit about Houston and he was a pretty interesting guy.
  9. Huge statue of Sam Houston Made myself look like a loon. BUT I did find this photo of Sam Houston's statue at Huntsville.
  10. I hope this does not mean I have to go take a picture of Sam Houston at the battle of San Jacinto.
  11. I use a cannon powershot sd1100 is. Also you can download free photo editing software. I use Gimp, you can get it at Gimp.com, I think. It's an open source program that is like photoshop. The really nice thing about digital is that you can take a zillion pictures and keep the one or two best. It helps develop your eye. I don't consider myself a "Photographer" but I do take pictures for fun. Have fun and post some photos.
  12. No. I said he has taken 10 vacations this year. I also said he hasn't done what he had promised during his campaign. I don't blame him for Bush's creations. I never voted for Bush either. The number of vacations that Obama takes has nothing to do with Bush.
  13. Criticism of one is not approval of the other, actually. I voted for Obama.
  14. I don't know, Yonza. He took ten vacations so far this year. I'd say he might have the time to write it while in office. He's not doing much else.
  15. I have two more coming in January and February, I think. They'll be half grown before I see them.
  16. Is Annachie the same as Archie? Handsom boy. He looks a little bewildered, as they all do at first.
  17. Very commen sensical of them. I admire them. On a separate note: We have been having monsoons from a tropical storm and probably a hundred birds were in the all the low spots in the yard and the birdbaths having a part. Today I noticed a parakeet outside. I felt a little sorry for him. It must be an escapee. It reminded me of Charleton Heston in Planet of the Apes. He was among his kind, but not among his absolute kind. Poor little dude.
  18. RE the Christchurch earthquake. The NZers seem to be just rolling up their sleeves and getting to it. Huge quake. Have they recevied offers of help, Ozneil, do you know? Not much about it in our papers.
  19. Well if you want to feel old, consider this: Here in Houston they are putting on a performance of Tommy. All the kids acting in it were born 30, yes - THIRTY, years after the album was released. Man.
  20. Wolfie, now that she is older, does get a bit of soft food ever day, but still it's mostly hard crunchy stuff. (Wolfie is almost 13 now.) They are meat eaters and bone chewers. They need to chew on stuff and work their jaws. The cereal in a good dog food will help with the digestive problems.
  21. I think I'll just give it a go and see what happens, Pat.
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