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  1. Love these details. As it happens, LDS theologians have established God's height at 6' 2" and weight at 200 pounds. FWIW, that happens to be Romney's height too, though he's lighter by three pounds.
  2. Wouldn't entice every woman either, I'd hazard.
  3. The church does teach that a true believer becomes a God in the afterlife. That would include the omniscient power to create their own planets and live on them in eternal bliss with their families. A century ago that meant multiple wives. I confess my disrespectfully glib 'planet full of wives' was based on information channeled to me by a teen-age daughter with a Mormon high-school friend. I suppose I owe it to myself to be wider and more accurately informed, but I have zero interest in religious phantasmagoria. The recent discovery of a spade-toothed beaked whale on a New Zealand, the rarest cetacean on this planet, is infinitely more interesting. Reality always is.
  4. Had Romney prevailed, he would have become the first ordained bishop to attain the presidency. That's a very big deal over here, given the firewall between Church and State. The LDS's history of racism and its still current attitude to women as second-class citizens deserved serious examination and discussion. As I understand it, Romney was taught to believe that he will become a God in the afterlife and rule over his personal planet full of wives. I suppose there's little to chose between the daffy stories of any religion, but someone should have been asking how that particular belief would affect a president's attitude to social issues. I was amazed that the Mormon issue hardly came up. I wrongly predicted it would be important. Not my first wrong prognostication, of course. There is still much about the US I simply do not understand.
  5. I hope this is my last hangover until 2016. Watched the returns with a few old pals and a newish one who hails from Carnoustie. The pair o us in the corner cracking about being Scottish in America. Awbdy else shaking their heads at how quickly our speech loses all resemblance to English. Me and Carnoustie realize how American we've become. We BELIEVE in Obama, for example, whereas believing in anyone*, let alone a bloody politician, remains unfashionable back home. Glad it's over. Half the population of American seems nuts to me most of the time. This time the sane half held the field. What the next four years will bring is anyone's guess, but I'm relieved that Mordor has been temporarily vanquished. (*Barring Burns and Kenny Dalglish, of course.)
  6. Thanks for the reassurance. Does this mean I won't have to drink tonight? Oh well.
  7. Indeed. It isn't the name that makes a Scot. Wilson, Douglas-Home, Blair and Cameron all hint at Scots genes, but none of those exalted individuals seem remotely Scottish to me.
  8. No so much o the nuance, you. I was never attracted to girls under 50.
  9. Fascinating idea. Passports too? What's the litmus test for being a Scot? Birthplace? Time of residence? How about name? (Right O'Malley, you're out. You too Evans. And especially you, Rupert Smythington-Scones, here's yer jaiket.) What about the EU? I suppose a newly Independent Scotland would need to vote on EU membership?
  10. You can have mine. They both shrunk.
  11. Ahmurny. Talking about two different things is all. If politics were only a question of economic pragmatism we'd still have slavery and seven-year-olds howking coal 600 feet underground for a halfpenny a week.
  12. Strategy is one thing but outcomes depend on more than cold calculation. They depend on character and the ability of a leader to inspire a country's vision of itself. Obama has that character and capacity. According to F.X. Feeney, my favorite moviebiz insider, Spielberg delayed the release of his Lincoln movie (DDLewis a shoo-in for Best Actor) to avoid comparisons, both hagiographic and invidious, that could be seen influencing an election. (Huvny used 'hagiographic' since Jimmy Savile was mentionable in polite circles.)
  13. Thanks for the reassurance, ma auld mucker. (Surely 'mujer'? Ed.) I'm an Obama man, however, and for all my disagreements with his foreign policies, I still think he's the best thing since Lincoln.
  14. I don't see Obama as shoogly. His intentions and vision are steadfast. He can't deliver the goods single-handed. He faces an entrenched cadre of venal w*nkers who have dedicated all their efforts to his failure. The economy may be the issue awbdy's blawin aboot, but what's at stake is the soul of nations.
  15. I'm coming late to this discussion, but I would like to say that I've learned more about the issue here than I got from the Guardian, the Independent, the Scotsman and Private Eye. I love the idea of an Independent Scotland. I also know enough about myself (A Jacobite when drunk! Guilty as charged) to suspect the influence of expat nostalgia. The issue will be decided pragmatically, I suppose, on the basis of economy rather than on affection for our native land and our sense of cultural identity. With me, Salmond's "Lord Snooty" jibe struck a nerve, because I see from this great distance that it is hard to separate the issues of class and nationality. (Class is the elephant in the UK living room, just as Race is in the US.) My distaste for a certain kind of toffee-nosed Englishness -- the Royals being the most extreme manifestation -- is visceral, learned at my mother's calloused knee. In my imagination an independent Scotland is a more socialist place with more class equality. I remain appalled that in this day and age Westminster is still run by a clique of over-privilged b*m boys. Keep up the good work.
  16. It will be a disaster of historic proportions if that slippery plutocrat wins. The US is a backward country today, thanks to right-wing and religious delusion maintained by vast, for-profit networks that now hardly bother to disguise propaganda as news. Romney's own delusion that "God made me rich so I can tell you what to do" is the last thing the country needs. For all his flaws, Obama remains the best hope for bringing civility and reason back into fashion. I'd welcome any suggestions as to how I'll get through Tuesday without tearing my hair out. I already bought the litre of Sapphire. I won't touch the Bunnahabhain unless there's something to celebrate.
  17. What's missing is any real enthusiasm or emotional commitment to the idea. You can't just exhort people to be better, more charitable, more sacrificing, less self-serving and expect it to happen. You need to give folk a vision. The SNP has more going for it because so many Scots retain a real sense of patriotism. I'd be willing to change my lifestyle in some ways if I thought I could further Scotland's sovereign interests. Wouldn't do it on behalf of the good people of Essex, however.
  18. Quoth the Independent today: "Britain's poorest areas will be left behind by David Cameron's Big Society, a major report will warn tomorrow, as two polls show that the public are increasingly confused by the concept...." Me, I think it was cr*p from the get go. All sleight of tongue and misdirection, a way for the Guvmint to do and spend as little as possible, while ratcheting up the misery index and foisting the blame on the hoi polloi. As Orwellian gambit, quite clever; as policy: hypocritical, impractical, patronising and doomed to failure. Or is it just me?
  19. I'm just guessing, mind. But I'll bet someone who calls himself 'cunninglinguist' is neither. Confrontational enough?
  20. Latest New York Times poll says 32% of Republicans STILL believe Obama was born outside the USA. At last, a hard guesstimate of how many Republicans are delusional w**kers. Bear this in mind should you happen to find yourself discussing politics with an American Republican.
  21. munch-munch-munch, munch-munch-munch etc.
  22. Me and J**n R**path did a Scottish culture thing for inner city LA kids a few years ago. The kids loved "The Puddock" and weren't very interested in the translation; they were happy enough with the sound. I'm like that with "The Wire."
  23. His mission is to browbeat as many people as possible into sharing his delusional estimation of himself. For some reason the puddock who sat on the lochan's brim keeps coming to mind.
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