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  1. I am always surprised at the closeness when the votes are counted. I would think that any Scot living back hame would know enough history to beg for independence. I have a niece who lives in Perth and a few years ago knew people who had non government pensions and those people were afraid that their pensions would be lost. Last year when I talked to her about Independence she was of the belief that all military personnel who were born in Scotland would be kicked out of service. My own thoughts along those lines are that England would gladly keep their Scots, if they did not Donald trump would welcome every Scottish Regiment plus the Scots who were enlisted men and women.
  2. I too remember meeting the lady, a play, a pie and a pint. Also remember the book you bought for me and Denise signing same; by the way that book disappeared when I moved from home, also lost was my Armani suit, the suit bought for me by one of my daughters, $400 at that time and the same suit today would be close to $1,000. The play was performed by one woman and I remember thinking, at that time, Denise might very well have had that woman in mind when doing the writing. That time back hame is probably the most treasured memories I have of all my trips. I guess I'm off topic, I can almost hear you say, "not for the first time".
  3. Just stopped by for a minute, oo many problems with the IMac. I am reading Boswell, his account of the trip to the Hebrides accompanied by Samuel Johnson. Had a think in regards to what Denise Mina said about Sir Walter being an "arse licker" to the English. I am having a great deal of difficulty with Boswell's pandering to Johnson....my kindle tells me that I have another hours reading and I will, almost for sure, forget the last hour. My IMac shows a series of columns, seven in number. These columns do not move but I can move the part behind them, it is time consuming which makes me not bother and hope there are not too many typos.
  4. During my visit I watched the part of the English parliamentary proceedings/debates/rants in regards to Brexit, quite surprised when Corbyn/Labour voted to accept the "path". Had a think and came up with the notion that he and the party were trying to force another referendum or a General Election whereby Labour would be in a win win situation.....and now I haven't a clue. A friend of mine, born in Dundee, spent his working life in Grangemouth, says that the Conservatives should win in a landslide, he thinks that the reason for that is Corbyn. As for the BBC, just my opinion, it (BBC) found the slippery slope some years ago and loved the downward spiral, I look at the sports and apart from Jolyn Palmer and McNulty good writing has disappeared.
  5. Perth for a few days. last time I was here glasgowwestend was blocked by the PerthLibrary, you folk must have been on your best behaviour for a few years. was in Suffolk for five nights, train to Perth had a change in Peterborough and there the change in temperature was quite noticeable, temp must have dropped by fifteen degrees F. First walk doontown had tae make sure Murray's was till in business, outstanding Scottish Baker two years in a row. Bakery products are great, Murray's Scotch pies are mouthwatering. Met some English folk that wurnae too bad.
  6. I don't know who yonzabam is, I thoroughly enjoyed the post, so many places I have missed; not at all jealous but a wee bit of "one day". Weird as it might be but Hollow Horn came to mind, very quickly while I was reading. He was great at finding, or having a different view of very ordinary things and he was great company. Another person who came to mind was a man frae Greenock, and a lunch with him and Pat...were we in a museum(?) just cannae mind. Last time I was in Perth I left the nieces and caught the bus for downtown. It was a Sunday, no regular buses and the driver never mentioned my fare; I had put , I think it was two pounds and away we went to a number of small villages, time spent for the round trip was better than 2 hours....had my camera and took many photographs, don't think there was one worth keeping, lots of hedges and such. Saw my COPD doctor. She is moving out of town (Chatham to Woodstock Ontario). She re-newed my inhaler presciptions for a year and I asked if she was being a bit optomistic; she shrugged.
  7. Sam: I will need to do a bit of reading.
  8. Three years before another General Election; yes it can occur before the three years but that happening appears to be in the hands of England. Looking ahead and seeing an England parliament which will include a small number of ridings in Scotland represented with limited debate time tapering off to an era of "no voice". Associating with the US of A will produce a bigger military but far diminished manufacturing. New Labour will elect a majority and will be led by someone from Missouri, quite possibly another Truman. Imports from China will exceed 90% of all that is used in the UK, this figure will include food, chopsticks and Halal meat will be commonplace. Aberdeen Angus will still be bred but in secret. The breed will be banned except for that which is produced for the upper crust of society. Those people involved in the illicit trade of the banned breed will be given three days to surrender and if they do not cease and desist the top third of Scotland and the western isles, except the ones owned by Americans, will receive a thorough doing with nerve gas. And I am thinking of a trip hame, Autumn, a Sunday bus frae Perth to the surrounding communities will be a for sure....a grand child or two for a driver and a wee tour, Almondbank (the new(er) shooglie bridge, Scone, Paisley, Bannockburn, Inverness, and, if at all possible, the monastery on Kinnoull Hill, etc, etc, etc.
  9. Question: Is Ken Macintosh, MSP a member of the Labour Party ? Could find no party affiliation n the link but a search engine says he is a member of labour cooperaativ And Foulkes seems to be advocating another national vote.
  10. PAT: Brextic and all the ins and outs are confusing for many of us living away...it appears, TO ME, that Scotland, Northern Ireland and now Wales are opposed to exit. The thing about my including Wales is because of one Welsh MP who did challenge for the leadership of the Labour party as is not a huge supporter of Corbyn....wondering if Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland could put in a joint request to stay......solicitors from all three could become billionaires if hired to negotiate that sort of deal....
  11. More than an hour wandering from site to site and I will need to look at the "Long Committee" sometime later. Cannot find what I was looking for but will continue the search. Fascinating stuff and I did wander into areas which have nothing to do with the question; Daniel O'Connell was born in the eighteenth century, a wee bit before independence. Did a tiny bit of reading on Wiki; not all bad but a place one should be careful of. Britannica is safer ground and that is where I discovered the three mentioned by Sam, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan; knew they voted for Home Rule and learned they had been part of the nine counties. Also figured that the seven I was wrong about might be because it appears that Fermanagh and Antrim became one. The "Home Rule" bill introduced and passed by the Asquith government did have the approval of the English House of Lords (1914); however it did come with the "suspended" tag until WW1 was ended. I did read about the 1921 decision but more interesting was the Sinn Fein win with 69% of the vote in 1919. My reading says that Lloyd George would have accepted that victory but the English House of Lords would not. The number of executions after the Easter Rebellion seemed to add to the want of self rule rather than decrease the ardor (always thought there was a u ). Also had a review of the McPhilemy book, "The Committee" and the law suit brought about by brothers who should not have been mentioned....had no idea that one of the reasons for settling out of court was to protect Timbrel, whom I would think was still a member of the British Parliament. Will continue my search on the weekend.
  12. Sam I will try to find it.
  13. ay Pat, i'm somewhat aware of what is going on today, just thought to mention a wee bit about a different version of the vote after the civil war.
  14. Ireland:- I am no expert and it is only in the last few years that I have some idea as to reason(s) for the split between De Valera and Michael Collins. But someone here wrote that the the North (Ulster) voted to remain withing the UK. I did a fair bit of reading because I had been of the opinion that The Republic paid no money for their freedom but a further reading tells me that of the seven counties in the North, five actually voted to secede; a deal was made where The Republic allowed the UK to hold onto all seven and the financial slate was wiped clean. And as an aside: not a huge fan of Joyce, I do wish he had translated Finnigan's Wake but, I think in Dubliners there is a (eulogy maybe) which points right at Collins; beautiful piece of writing and as Morley Callaghan wrote in his "My Summer in Paris", the last part of Ulysees could have been spoken by, James' Missus.
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