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  1. I hope that is good news about the vaccine arriving in Scotland. Pfizer, U.S. is awaiting approval. Ontario now having another upsurge, more cases than Quebec, could be a Conservative Government having relaxed rules for business interests. Alberta, richest by far appeared to form all their opinions based on Trump's theories.....one of Alberta's efforts to restrict was a law which required some bars to close by ten PM....Alberta is now in the process of creating three field hospitals, each with the capacity of 760 patients.
  2. Good Morning Pat. I will have a look at "A Little Cloud", have The Dubliners in my kindle, also, recently discovered, it downloaded into my Fire 10.
  3. Pat, has been ages I know, here because I am stuck, wandered into a full stop, a dark and dismal tunnel with no visible light.....and I have searched, three different engines. "The Dubliners": Published 1914, the date started the wheels tae turnin. I am probably awa we the budgies but need tae ask.....does one of the short stories not give a strong feeling of reverence to Michael Collins ? I may have read what I am thinking of somewhere else because I am remembering the writing as being very much like a eulogy. And, as Mark Twain once said when he was complimented in regards to his memory, "
  4. Thank you Pat, will do later.
  5. I am glad I stopped by, near four in the morning and time for bed but I will return, quite sure there is good reading I don't want to miss.
  6. Good morning from here, afternoon is later for me. I was on another web site, ready to post on the "coffee" thread, post was to be about a coffee I had while visiting Dear Auld. Glasgow. The man sitting across from me was Robert, (HollowHorn) and my mind strayed, galloped and leapt back twelve years, a not too long a time period when one is old. I was being introduced to Robert's Glasgow. He had camera to hand. It was a Saturday, seated out of doors, a posh sort of place and Robert knew the Chef. Robert had a pint and I a magnificent coffee. Robert chased up the Chef and I was introduced.
  7. As long as i'm here.....some time ago I watched a video about Gregory Peck, some of that was in regards to "To Kill a Mocking Bird". Harper Lee visited the set and Peck told how he had finished a scene and noticed that Harper had tears in her eyes. He admitted that his first thought was that he had done something right which caused the tears. Harper explained, "it's just that when you took out the watch it reminded me so much of my father". Harper gave the watch to Gregory and he was most appreciative. Mention was made of his Academy Award and Gregory said, "Bob Duvall, a major role, almost
  8. tamd

    Cannot access the section I want and will try again. In case I cannot find what I am looking for: read on BBC Scotland how the virus had arrived and been dealt with on the Shetlands. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and the information.

    Also read the article in regards to the top ten Scottish writers. No problem with Sir Walter and I am aware of how Denise (God love her) feels about Sir Walter. Surprised that we are claiming J K Rowling. Brilliant yes but why Scottish ?

    If we are going to claim Rowling then why not Robert Service or even Byron.....

    BUT, wondering if Denise Mina has peed in someone's porridge.

  9. That is good to here, Pat. No disrespect to the health care workers in England, I think they have a tough row to hoe, I just do not understand the people who are praising their PM, seems to me he spent three to five weeks shaking hands and doing photo ops with him visiting hospitals etc. I said on another web site that when he was diagnosed they gave him a hospital bed immediately and not sure I would have.
  10. Not claiming this to be true but I did look at some figures, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and all three have diagnosed, deaths but no recoveries, are we to assume that diagnosed less deaths would leave recoveries ?
  11. I just read the numbers in regards to Sweden, on Reddit I think. The nay sayers do not appear to have any Swedes. The virus deaths did seem to be high until you look at total deaths and there is a comparison between this year, past month, to the corresponding time last year and death totals are almost exactly the same, the high death total attributed to the virus include anyone who died with heart, cancer etc. ,are list with the virus deaths if they had been seen to be positive. One f the things the Swedes fear with the isolation is that once the numbers drop and all is seen to be well there w
  12. Have to start with a wow. Have been doing the isolation for some time, Monday out for a little shopping, one shop, lottery tickets and to mail one letter....Ido one letter per week to a 95 year old friend who has no use for e-mail. I have read most of this page and that gave me reason for the wow, received more information from Yonza than I have gleaned from all other sources this week, and, as we were wont to say at one time, "well done that man".
  13. I am always surprised at the closeness when the votes are counted. I would think that any Scot living back hame would know enough history to beg for independence. I have a niece who lives in Perth and a few years ago knew people who had non government pensions and those people were afraid that their pensions would be lost. Last year when I talked to her about Independence she was of the belief that all military personnel who were born in Scotland would be kicked out of service. My own thoughts along those lines are that England would gladly keep their Scots, if they did not Donald trump would
  14. I too remember meeting the lady, a play, a pie and a pint. Also remember the book you bought for me and Denise signing same; by the way that book disappeared when I moved from home, also lost was my Armani suit, the suit bought for me by one of my daughters, $400 at that time and the same suit today would be close to $1,000. The play was performed by one woman and I remember thinking, at that time, Denise might very well have had that woman in mind when doing the writing. That time back hame is probably the most treasured memories I have of all my trips. I guess I'm off topic, I can almost hea
  15. Just stopped by for a minute, oo many problems with the IMac. I am reading Boswell, his account of the trip to the Hebrides accompanied by Samuel Johnson. Had a think in regards to what Denise Mina said about Sir Walter being an "arse licker" to the English. I am having a great deal of difficulty with Boswell's pandering to Johnson....my kindle tells me that I have another hours reading and I will, almost for sure, forget the last hour. My IMac shows a series of columns, seven in number. These columns do not move but I can move the part behind them, it is time consuming which makes me not
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