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  1. We enjoyed our trip home for my cousin's 'Very Scottish' wedding, the kilts were swinging and the bagpipes were playing We rounded our weekend off with a drive through the west end.....just perfect
  2. Ah yes harper, the swans on Bingham's Pond. I have a photo somewhere taken years ago of me with the swans, wish I knew where it was
  3. Mine too Pat I have fond memories of watching the skaters on Binghams Pond, having a giggle at A. E. Pickards house with his humorous signs and jalopy cars parked on his drive, the wee Kirklee post office which was no more than a hut and going to see 'Hootenanny' at the BBC Studios in Queen Margaret Drive
  4. Pat, We had a lovely crisp and sunny day today (54f) I'm hoping for the same when we're home next week Sam, we plan to drive along the M8 and over the Erskine Bridge on the way there. After the wedding, we'll travel to Glasgow along Gt. Western Road and enjoy the sights while we're stuck in traffic, but even then, it won't be anything like London traffic
  5. Travelling to Loch Lomond for my cousin's wedding next week. Looking forward to a wee nostalgic drive along Gt Western Road
  6. I was up 'til the wee small hours reading through the screenplay for my film, proof pages for my new book, writing blurb for back page and press release. Thought I'd catch up with my sleep this morning...WRONG!!!! I was woken up at 7am, they're digging up road right outside my bedroom window...HELP!!!!
  7. Thankyou Harper X These dedicated and wonderful cancer charities need every penny they can get.
  8. Thanks Pat X Can I please point out that 'Mammograms Save Lives' hasn't yet been released? The publisher's page isn't complete therefore any prices you may get quoted aren't correct. X
  9. I am so proud to release the cover pic of my latest book coming out very soon. It is me with my baby grandson Miles at the age of 5 weeks, it was taken in July 2011, 5 days after he had major surgery to have his kidney removed. I too had just finished my treatment, the smile on our faces tells a story and says that we are both ready to live our lives to the full! Profits from sales will go to Breast Cancer Care and McMillan Nurses http://www.pneumasprings.co.uk/MammogramsSaveLives.htm
  10. Harper, As far as I know, it will be shown on a couple of Sky Channels and a DVD will be available to buy. The producer has suggested that an amount from each DVD sold should be donated to Breast Cancer Care. My publisher also sent me some book cover design samples today for my latest book 'Mammograms Save Live' coming out in the Spring. There's one in particular that I absolutely love so I think that's the one I'll be choosing
  11. I've known about this for a long while but it's only just been confirmed so now I can share my good news... I am delighted to announce that one of my stories is being made into a short film at Elstree Studios in north London and on location nearby in February. It's called 'Broken Promises'. I'll be working in association with Paul Burton Films. More details will be released soon.....
  12. Here's a link promoting my new book coming out in Spring 2012 titled 'Mammograms Save Lives'. I hope my experience will encourage more women to go along for a mammogram and make them realise that it's an offer they shouldn't refuse. http://www.publishedbestsellers.com/2011/11/make-mammograms-save-lives-catchphrase.html I'm still in talks and working on the other exciting project coming off but I can't reveal anything until it is signed and sealed, it's frustrating how long these things take
  13. Following my write up in last week's Sun Newspaper, this was in the latest edition of our local paper. I am also very busy with an exciting project at the moment, hopefully I will be able to reveal all by the end of the week
  14. My publisher has informed me that my latest book 'Mammograms Save Lives' will be out in Spring 2012. I'm shouting this for all to hear..... 'MAMMOGRAMS SAVE LIVES!'
  15. The Sun photographer got stuck on the M25 so was late in getting to me. We were going out so I was all ready with dark trousers and a dark top on but when the guy got here he asked me to change into something bright and colourful. He had me posing out in the garden in a bright summery top and jeans, I didn't feel comfortable with what I was wearing but he seemed happy
  16. The Sun Newspaper have just contacted me, they want my mammogram story for tomorrow's edition...got to go and put my lippy on, the photographer is on his way :-)
  17. Thank you everyone for your support XXX Willie, I'm not saying that it's been easy but laughing is great therapy XXX
  18. I am delighted to announce that the story of my journey with breast cancer this year has been accepted for publication by Pnuema Springs Publishers. I am anxious to raise awareness to the importance of a mammogram. If I hadn't gone along for mine, my cancer might not have been discovered until it was in an advanced state or even too late, as it was, thanks to a mammogram, my tumour was picked up just as it was budding and I am here to tell the tale. All profits from sales of my latest book will go to The Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, Surrey and McMillan Nurses.
  19. Back home again I simply loved Ashton Lane, it was like stepping back in time, very quaint! It would have been nice to have seen it on a dry day and sat outside watching the world go by but unfortunately the rain couldn't have come down any harder than it did...ah well maybe next time I was so looking forward to a trip on the Clockwork Orange, we went to buy our tickets at Hillhead, the ticketmaster wasn't very helpful, he undid Glasgow's 'friendly' reputation. The train was packed, very shoogly and not at all comfortable. I managed to get the last seat and a drunk was sitting opposite m
  20. Looking forward to tomorrow, flying home for a party then meeting a friend in Byres Road on Saturday, heard the restaurants and pubs are pretty upmarket there now
  21. Can anyone remember the name of the club that used to be on Gt Western Road on the corner of Botanic Gardens in the 1960's? I've been racking my brain but I can't remember what it was called The cafe next to it was called 'The Silver Slipper' (I think)
  22. Thanks for the welcome Sorry, I have just moved house and I'm still trying to get organised, so not much time to spare at the moment but here is a link with information on my books XXX http://www.glescapals.com/profiles/avrilsaunders.htm
  23. Hi all, I've just had this board recommended to me by a good pal in Glasgow I moved from the north of Glasgow to Knightswood in 1963 and stayed there until I got married to my lovely husband (from Maryhill then Drumchapel) in 1969. We have lived down south in Surrey since 1971 and have a son, 2 daughters, 2 grandsons plus 2 granddaughters I retired early and, encouraged by my husband, fullfilled my ambition to write a book, since then I have had a couple published with more in the pipeline Looking forward to finding my way round here
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