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  1. Oh well,Mr Hosie has his very own form of independence.No wife,no job. Is it not all about sex rather than ego?
  2. Too true Harper,and as iv'e said before no-one is dishonest in one wee corner of their life..it pervades everything they do.This is of particular importance to us,as these publicly funded and elected politicians are meant to be role models.Perhaps a little bromide in their expenses trough or fine Chablis in the "honourable members" heavily subsidised restaurants might dampen their ardour.I see the lady in question "broke cover" yesterday as bold as brass and facing off the cameras.These people are shameless and hard as nails,so I am not quite sure what measures would get them to modify their b
  3. Yeah,she sure looks a sweetheart.Can't she get a man of her own,or is the old forbidden fruit more attractive,or perhaps she just likes collecting hotel size miniature shampoos and shower gels.Of course it takes two to tango,and with regards expenses,was the rate bed and one breakfast at the taxpayers expenses,because it's always so much easier to spend someone else's money? It's the small details that count isn't it,not to mention the distraught wives and families?
  4. Yes,only 62."Life is uncertain.Eat the dessert first."
  5. I love it. I've got relatives just like that.
  6. I was so sorry to hear of her death today. She made me laugh out loud at some of her sketches.Clever,funny and observant,she was a marvelous comic writer and performer. My own fave. is the sketch she wrote for Julie Walters playing a geriatric waitress carrying 2 plates of soup across the dining room to two guests.
  7. I've stopped listening to B.B.C.news anymore.Have a look at Russia Today (RT) channel 135,and you will see and hear stuff that will curl your hair,and will never reach any of the news channels here.
  8. I think Corky may not be dead after all...just saying.
  9. God bless Madge.Oh,and Cher too come to that.They both need to get into summer season in Blackpool or Bridlington or somewhere,coz they are gonna get a chill on their kidneys with those costumes in those drafty arenas.
  10. Happy Christmas Miss Veronica.Adele? Undoubtedly talented,but the voice goes on and on.I can't bear listening to her for more than one rendition.It's too harsh.To me,and it is absolutely subjective,I find her pretence at being Mrs Ordinary, with the merchant banker husband,who just came in from Lidle and wrote a few songs,just too phoney. As Phil Collins said of her,"She's a slippery little fish" It's like that professional Bow Bells Mockney actor Ray Winstone.All 3 grand Saville Row suits,and diamond geezer credentials.But not really,and not recently. Kylie?She is long past her thin
  11. If what I read on the internet is true,then Katy and Anton might very well be! Seems a nice lady.
  12. Can't stand her or her voice.
  13. The judges and hosts kept going on about how fabulous Vine was,but in truth he was awful,and I am glad the ego has finally landed. Yes, that charleston was was sensational,and what trust to have in your dance partner to allow them to throw you about like that,and land safely! Still not sure who will win.
  14. Was at the Concert Hall last night to see and hear the John Wilson orchestra on their annual tour date.He was playing Gershwin ,and it was absolutely magical.This likeable,geeky young man from Newcasle,has brought,note by note,the movie scores of the countless songs of the greats like the Gershwin's,Rodgers and Hammerstein etc.etc.to todays' audiences.The hall was a sell out, as it is every year wherever he goes,and it was the quickest,most joyous two and a half hours.It caters for a neglected,and much overlooked audience of a certain age.Older ladies and gents,all neat as pins, with highly po
  15. I loved the boys' voice who sang with them.Was it Colin Bluntstone.
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