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  1. Kelvin Hotel, 15 Buckingham Terrace (top of Byres Road) Perfect location, warm, spotlessly clean, friendly staff, fantastic breakfast, free parking for 3 cars at rear (first come first served) and very reasonable for the West End @ £33 per night single, currently. I've stayed here twice and would not need to consider any alternatives, which saves hours looking through Trip advisor! Come and go as you please and because the walls are so thick you don't hear any noise. www.kelvinhotel.com
  2. I'm on holiday so 5pm fine by me. See you there
  3. It's difficult for a proud Scot not to have an opinion on Scottish events even if he lives in the South of England. If it offends or causes bad feeling that should be aired and all input will cease forthwith. My roots are in the West End where I spent nearly 30 years and am passionate about it first and Scotland second. Unfortunately circumstances hold me here for a while longer. I can't see Alex Salmond being bullied by anyone incidentally, being a Scottish lawyer. I'm also not suggesting big brown envelopes were flying about either, the mystery continues!
  4. Yes the two Golf courses are going ahead, along with "the village of 500 houses" it's only the Hotel that's not being built as per original plans. Trump has a great love of money and power. "Scatland" is further down the order and only used as a tool because the Americans know Scotland is the home of golf and therefore the most prestigious. I am a golfer and your'e right Harper we don't need any more course developed on places of natural beauty
  5. Yes I am fully aware of the EU system regarding employment and clearly I personally have not inspected 1400 passports. I have always understood emloyment to be based on applicants' merits, skill, experience and qualifications irrespective of origin. It is also a fact that non British nationals spend a good proportion of their earnings in their own country of origin which clearly has less of an impact on the growth of the local economy, as stated in the programme by the head of the London School of Economics. I urge everyone to watch the programme (now on BBCi-Player to form their own opinions
  6. Just watched the Trump Scottish golf course programme on BBC2 about the billionaire property developer from New York and his proposals for the Worlds best golf course just north of Aberdeen. Whilst aware of the project and some of the controversy, this programme brought to light several factors: 1) There should be an enquiry why Alex Salmond re-opened the proposal when the Council chucked it out. It has never happened before and one considers Trump's money may have something to do with it! 2) It's funny how the Council changed their mind when directed by Scottish Parliament. 3) The Police
  7. Friday 26th is great for me, about 8pm?
  8. Hi all, I'm coming up from Southampton on the 25th Oct for 4 nights staying at the brilliant Kelvin Hotel in Buckingham Terrace again. If any of you want to meet like last time for a wee drink and a good laugh, say at the Lismore in Dumbarton Rd, or the Curlers again, let me know please, Graham
  9. I won't be up until April unfortunately, but having had a pint in most West End pubs on my last visit in August, I would recommend the Lismore (a few yards from Kelvinhall Subway Station and Partick Cross, in Dumbarton Road) as being relatively inexpensive, a great atmosphere and easily accessible. The Byres Road pubs (apart from the Aragon) are all more expensive especially around Ashton Lane. Och, every time I write I get homesick!
  10. Thanks Sam. It was great, a manual overdrive example in rare factory black with red interior and concourse condition. I sold it to towards a deposit on my first house. More sadly, Shona and I split up a year later which was my fault, because I was too stubborn for her strong will. We were just too well matched and neither would give in so something had to give! Normally I jot humourous poems, just fancied something different.
  11. An evening drive ,the decision was clear Our minds at one in harmonious song, our favourite spot we should steer Shona and I, our love so strong. Taking the Stag was an obvious choice, the roof was down, the mood was right, the excitement was evident in her voice, the engines' burble such sheer delight. Sallochy Bay was our destination at Loch lomond it better be said, Nature excelled in this creation, a pleasant place to clear your head. Tiny waves lapped the beach, the breeze was warm, the company right, the stars were twinkling with stories to teach the moon was casting
  12. Booze consumption is subjective along with the reasons for taking it. Everyone's different and their quantity intake can change on a daily basis. It depends on what life has thrown at them that day, that month, that year, that decade,dictates how they act with and without alcohol. Loads of happy people can consume a lot (including several shot to get them on their way) and don't feel like Rambo, Brad Pitt or anyone else. It's the ones who have a chip on their shoulder deep inside that have to be watched, and they're not always easily spotted when sober. Some women, middle aged as well as youn
  13. Whist visiting the West End recently, I went into Anderson Street to see if my Grandads old Blacksmiths workshop was still there. There was a guy (Raymond)having a ciggy outside on the pavement. New buildings occupy the Smiddy and the disappointed expression on my face prompted him to say "ya ok pal?" I explained the situation and he said he was dead interested in the history of the area and offered me a cuppa (tea!). We went through the single unglazed door and he gave me a guided tour, including the wee showroom and a workshop where they have "classes" in the evening for anybody interested i
  14. We all know about Politicians promises! Perhaps he was thinking of putting them on the tram system in Edinburgh so they could learn how not to do it!!
  15. The penal system is not nearly tough enough, which is why these crimes happen. The rapist has destroyed the mind of a young girl for the rest of her life, to me there's only one punishment and that's the rest of his life. Drink fuelled, he will do again when he's released (he will be on his best behaviour to minimise the sentence). The sad thing is that at 28 he's possibly done it before and got away with it because very few rape victims report the crime through fear, trauma and feeling disgusted. The computer parts fraudster probably wouldn't have got off so lightly in his parent country. £3
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