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  1. The Scottish Mujahideen

    I thought Mr Hosie was the pillar of the party. I had a keek and the woman in the triangle's a looker. Fraid their egos got the better of them. Stupit.
  2. Back Courts & Crayons.

    An enjoyable read. I can relate to the memories. Quite a flair for writing.
  3. Weather

    I think it will snow today. My thick socks on and toes still freezing.
  4. West End (and surrounding area) Arf.

    Superb photography and sorry about your loss.
  5. Hillsborough

    Kelvin McKenzie and the rest of them should be punished. You'll never walk alone Liverpool. Hats off.
  6. In-Out Referendum

    You're likely right. Are the government and the media the same thing in USA like what we've got? Cameron shouldn't encourage Obama to come here as it just makes him look even more uncool.
  7. Two Doors Down

    Just saw the first one and wasn't hooked but I'll give it another go. With the cast it should be a hit.
  8. Real country. Talented man.
  9. The Durrells

    I feel for the mammy but had this recommended to me and caught up. No bad.
  10. The Voice

    Surprised Kevin was the winner but the right choice. Will I Am had the best duet with his finalist. Though nobody could do the dance except him. hee hee. Boy George hardly let his partner sing.
  11. Panama Papers

    The Tories keep going on about having done more than anyone to tackle tax loopholes. Load of crap. Cameron was actively trying to get the EU not to take steps which would have helped curb abuse. Of course, it's widespread and too much wealth held by some but Cameron can't do much about the Vatican City though the same isn't true of the British Virgin Islands. When he gets round to it he should also do a bit of work on London – doing pretty well as a tax haven.
  12. Maigret

    Didnt like Maigret asking too much of people to lidten to tho English accents in a French setting. The Night Manager was the best thing on telly for years.
  13. The National Living Wage

    People likely be paid off and youth unemployment drop.
  14. The Night Manager

    I saw Corky gettin kilt.