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  1. I'm confused. Thought I was on the In Out Thread. The News reporting on weans wandering about the remains of the Calais Jungle but who cares.
  2. At least he's on his feet. No before time.
  3. I'm happy but the literary snoots snouts are oot o joint.
  4. I went in for a gander and a coffee. The guy in the cafe can't work the till. Somebody told me that there's a swimming pool in the basement but not open to the public. Amybody know anything about that.
  5. Balls in that yellow suit. I'm trying to delete the image. The wee gymnast Claudia's charleston was ace.
  6. Now the murderers starting to blink we might get a bit of action.
  7. Don't get built up. It's like looks courtesy of any UK High Street. Celebrity Culture has a sin to answer.
  8. See businesses are asking the Prime Minister to work out a Brexit deal that will bring stability and prosperity. Has that horse no bolted A whole lot of people in Scotland were to scared to vote yes in the referendum because they thought they would be worse off. Then all the warnings about not getting back into Europe put other voters off. Look where that got them. Time for Scotland to bail out. Maybe Ruth Davidson can shadow Theresa May. She's got her eye on her job. Mhairi Blacks got more guts and brains than the pair of them put the gither.
  9. Balls, Joseph and the lassie on the News are the only celebrities I recognise. I think Balls will be a goner tonight.
  10. Some bits okay. Think the script and some of the characters a bit of a cliche. I'll give it a chance but I'm just happy Poldark's back.
  11. Hope Nicola Sturgeon's drive to create wider access and more equality with more students entering uni from poorer backgrounds. Theresa May's got a different approach and seems to be moving back the way. She's got Nicky Morgan up in arms. Who do you think is right?
  12. I like a pub where you can get a cuppa.
  13. Might go along and see Christopher Brookmyre. Saw him years ago at Cottiers. Right laugh.
  14. Haven't seen it but you're pretty good at description. My most memorable scene is probably John Travolta disco dancing in his white suite or Patrick Swayze catching Baby but now I'm hankering to see that Harry Lime.
  15. Is their a funny sorta drive on for Britishness. Saw the shindig with Tesco taking the Saltire off their Scottish strawberries and replacing it with a Union Jack. Now I think I'm seeing them everywhere. Maybe Mundell's extra marketing staff are in cahoots with the supermarkets. Anyway I see strawberry sales at Tescos dropping in Glesga.