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  1. I heard Richard Gere's coming to town.
  2. Alan Rickman R.I.P.

    Another youngish talent bites the dust. He was phenomenal. Super clip from an excellent film, Pat.
  3. New Mr Selfridge

    Don't bother watching this rubbish. It's got a lot of nice costumes but it's become a hellish farce with shit loads of bad acting.
  4. New Mr Selfridge

    Only into episode two and totally mixed up. They've got six or seven different story strands going on and can't decide whether it's a drama or a farce. Asking a lot of the viewer with this lot.
  5. Next Phase Developments GFT

    Should never have got rid of the Cosmo cafe. That was a Glesga institution.
  6. That's the snow on

    Had to trudge through it today. Looked good from the window but i hope that's us done with the snow.   The park looks good but odd looking snow something. hee hee.
  7. Golden Globes

    Pity you can't watch this on normal telly. I heard Gervais was a riot.
  8. The Voice

    All fascinated with each other and the poor souls singing their hearts out and nobody listening.
  9. David Bowie had died ...

    Big influence on music of 70s 80s 90s but my favourite was the earlier Ziggy stuff.
  10. Strictly 2015

    Like Palma faith and will I am. Will wait and see but can't imagine Boy George being interested in anyone other than hiimself.  
  11. Happy New Year

    Here hee. That's about it Sam. I've been havin a terr - discovered Prosecco.
  12. Adele

    How's that then, Willie?  The voice is subjective and I think hers is a cracker but if you don't like it then you don't. But what is it you don't like about her? She comes over as a lot less taken on with herself than most of them and she's got a big personality if no the best taste in dresses and no minute Kylie.
  13. Strictly 2015

    So it was Aliona and Jsy.  A close call. The Clifton Family must have been holding one another up. Kevin and Kellie deserved it.  Think The Voice is back soon but minus Tom Jones. Won't be the same without him.
  14. Books

    I'd need to be in the right mood for that Whyte book. Maybe big armchair and roaring fire would do the trick. I'm re-reading McIlvanney's Laidlaw.  Seemed like the right think to do.
  15. Next Phase Developments GFT

    Always liked that stairway.