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  1. Some bits okay. Think the script and some of the characters a bit of a cliche. I'll give it a chance but I'm just happy Poldark's back.
  2. Hope Nicola Sturgeon's drive to create wider access and more equality with more students entering uni from poorer backgrounds. Theresa May's got a different approach and seems to be moving back the way. She's got Nicky Morgan up in arms. Who do you think is right?
  3. I like a pub where you can get a cuppa.
  4. Might go along and see Christopher Brookmyre. Saw him years ago at Cottiers. Right laugh.
  5. Haven't seen it but you're pretty good at description. My most memorable scene is probably John Travolta disco dancing in his white suite or Patrick Swayze catching Baby but now I'm hankering to see that Harry Lime.
  6. Is their a funny sorta drive on for Britishness. Saw the shindig with Tesco taking the Saltire off their Scottish strawberries and replacing it with a Union Jack. Now I think I'm seeing them everywhere. Maybe Mundell's extra marketing staff are in cahoots with the supermarkets. Anyway I see strawberry sales at Tescos dropping in Glesga.
  7. Hope you took your rainmate.
  8. See they've changed the rules. Very democratic and I don't think. People wanting to support Corbyn being curtailed. I'm sick of the whole damn shebang. Might as well put Murdoch in No 10.
  9. Ambitious.
  10. They should never have moved the Transport Museum.
  11. Corbin. Has come in from unprecedented attack from all quarters. Labour missed a trick. Not too smart trying for a coup when support for Corbyn at roots so strong and tories in a shambles. Egos careerists and propaganda machines all vying to smash him. Owen has such a dicey background it's scary.
  12. Glasgow isn't representative of the whole of Scotland but it is the largest city. Police said there were 5,500 on the march then there would be more coming along to the square at different points. You got the feeling that there's still a desire for independence. Another poll in June showed 59% for. There will be plenty more with different results depending on who's commissioning the poll I wouldn't rely on them. Good to see turnout of English for Scottish independence. I don't think the attitude towards immigrants is only to do with numbers. Something to do with buying into racist propaganda as well. Though I understand how the migrants and refugees can easily be made scapegoats in places where there are many and where services have been cut back to ridiculously low levels, where no social housing is available and where schools are bursting at the seams. All the leave voters where hoodwinked. The problems are still ahead.
  13. You need the weather for these events and rotten today. I've seen some of it on the telly. Nicola Sturgeon looked like she was having a ball. (No pun!!)
  14. Looks like May's been dreaming about being P.M. with her nightmare cabinet. I think she's been preparing for a while. Boris Johnson consoling the French after the atrocity in Nice.just sounds wrong. God know what he's saying. Need to start using sub-titles or send him to elocution. Good riddance to Gove but strange hanging onto Hunt after his major muck up. If we see more social justice I'll eat all your hats.
  15. I'll have a prowl in the library for new books and see what I fancy. Good that they've got rid of all the monochrome covers that copied the women's soft porn books. Turn your stomach. Give me Maeve Binchy and Marian Keyes.