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  1. You need the weather for these events and rotten today. I've seen some of it on the telly. Nicola Sturgeon looked like she was having a ball. (No pun!!)
  2. Looks like May's been dreaming about being P.M. with her nightmare cabinet. I think she's been preparing for a while. Boris Johnson consoling the French after the atrocity in Nice.just sounds wrong. God know what he's saying. Need to start using sub-titles or send him to elocution. Good riddance to Gove but strange hanging onto Hunt after his major muck up. If we see more social justice I'll eat all your hats.
  3. I'll have a prowl in the library for new books and see what I fancy. Good that they've got rid of all the monochrome covers that copied the women's soft porn books. Turn your stomach. Give me Maeve Binchy and Marian Keyes.
  4. That seed porridge sounds disgusting. Square slice, hp sauce and Mortons rolls for me.
  5. So according to May people who have settled in Scotland and have weans at school here could be getting turfed out. Call that running a country. Ironic if she gets the PM job after pushing to stay in Europe.
  6. Going to Tchai Ovna so see you there.
  7. I've seen the fans. That was enough. They should arrest some and turf the rest out.
  8. Sickening stuff. No excuse for inadequate gun laws. There's going to be more of the same until they toughen them up.
  9. Was in the Botanics. You've got to see the hut show. Blinking brilliant soit is.
  10. Scorcher amd library mobbed.
  11. Might take a wander in Kelbingrove and come out the North Gate for a wee seat and a cappuccino.
  12. Youd think this would be all over the press but hardly a peep. Admin error my erse.
  13. Watch out for the midges but I may go along.
  14. I can go a curry any weather but why make your own. Is Glasgow no the curry capital?
  15. I thought Mr Hosie was the pillar of the party. I had a keek and the woman in the triangle's a looker. Fraid their egos got the better of them. Stupit.