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  1. Mother India, Ashoka, The Shish all the auld yins are favourites.
  2. Brexit's looking like a coat of many colours- white, grey, black, hard, soft. They should go for a UKIP free tartan Brexit. hee hee
  3. Pigeon toes don't work for ballroom.
  4. Proud Mammy. The icing on the cake for Andy beating Djokovic.
  5. I like Darcy. Particularly when she takes a fancy to the male celebs and gets a giggling fit. The hero of the show is Katya. Would you let Ed Balls throw you around like that?
  6. Given up watching this programme. I'm in danger of wrecking the telly.
  7. They had no plan because none of them expected it to happen. Seems that the EU is more disposed towards Scotland gaining entry than they were a couple of years back. Indy is on the cards.
  8. I've got my reading supplies in for reading in the snow. Gonna be hunkering down with some Ann Cleeves and Shetland.
  9. See Glasgow has taken some weans from the camp.
  10. My highlight was when Gorka took over from Brendan and Anastacia did her best dance.
  11. I'll no be waiting up.
  12. I'm confused. Thought I was on the In Out Thread. The News reporting on weans wandering about the remains of the Calais Jungle but who cares.
  13. At least he's on his feet. No before time.
  14. I'm happy but the literary snoots snouts are oot o joint.
  15. I went in for a gander and a coffee. The guy in the cafe can't work the till. Somebody told me that there's a swimming pool in the basement but not open to the public. Amybody know anything about that.