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  1. Needs a rebrand as well as a refurb.
  2. See people from Grenfell turning down offers of housing. How can you ask those who've lost everything to move their kids to new schools and start again in unfamiliar area. Hard to think of anything good coming out of the disaster but social housing seems to be back in focus.
  3. Word in the library is that the DUP - May deal is the toxic topic and Independence deffo on the cards. Lot of electorate supporting Indy voted Labour but hate Dugdale, love Sturgeon, voted yes before and will do the same next time round.
  4. I like Leanne Wood as well. A lot of the same approach as Nicola Sturgeon. Both clear and committed and don't just slag off their opponents. What happened to your post? Scottish Government are a great examof a progressive approach to LGBT. Kezia Dugdale trying to pull Nicola Sturgeon up on that today. Not a leg to stand on.Damn stupid move. Think May has crapped it regarding the debates.
  5. Thought you were having a laugh there Harper. Davidson and her rape clause don't look moderate up here and Dugdale is a joke. You feel sorry for the second lassie and despise the first. Davidson is obsessed with the referendum and has one line and that's SNP bad. I'd love to hear what their attraction is down south maybe they're comparing them to Priti patel or May
  6. If ever there was a backward, biased, uncivilized policy this is it. Between this bit of evilness and their electoral fraud scandal you wouldn't vote Tory unless you had no compassion and corruption doesn't bother you. What do you think of the rape clause and two child cap as a progressive policy that will keep the books in check? Cos that's is supposed to be the reason for it.
  7. You'd never know that SNP were the third largest party and that Ukip had no MPs. If we hadn't seen so much of Nigel Farage there would have been no mythical migrant crisis and nae Brexit. I wouldn't trust the Tories as far as I could throw them and voting for them to stop a Scottish Refrendum doesn't say much about Labour supporters. Looks as though they're in a bit of a pickle as May's advisors keep resigning.
  8. Boris Johnson's the odd man out in Lucca. Nobodys buying his ideas on how to solve problems overseas. The big ego will likely survive the knock but between him, Liam Fox, Fallon and Theresa May their foreign affairs strategy is pure rubbish. UK is out on a limb and no chance of a good deal for Brexit. There's a helluva lot they didn't fit into the equation so mad at hyping up the immigrant problem. Hell mend them. I never believed that it was all Greece's own fault and they had some decent politicians. Who doesn't love Yannis?
  9. Sounds fishy. You couldn't trust Trump as far as ye could throw him. Maybe trying to get back in the good books crying over the wee Syrian weans as if he cares.
  10. This rape clause demanding proof to get money for third child is backward. If I hadn't been for independance before then this would make my mind up. May's worse thatn Thatcher.
  11. The question is was the bad guy who was the perp in this crime a terrorist or a nut job? Looks like he was working alone. All coming out now that the police were just there by chance so much for the great job being done. Pity they cut the police force or they could have a permanent gang on guard. Too busy changing guard and all that fallafal.
  12. Cable was always pointing out that wealth was not being shared and now we see that Scotland has huge debt for the billions spent in London.
  13. Spreadshit Phil's outdone hissell.
  14. Free events on today so headed down to the Mitchell. I'm now picking up all the latest books at the festival from the library. loving my literary life. hee hee
  15. That Italian deli is right my my street. I'm gonna try it. I could go some tiramisu. Back in the library. Somebody's chasing a wasp then it turns out to be a fly. Three punters got up out their seats. Bonkers.