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  1. Anybody thinking of watching this farce?
  2. She'll be right enough in saying that every mother won't need the box but it is a good idea and based on fairness and I don't know how you would go about targeting. And not all well off mammies will pay the attention they should to ante-natal care. In fact they might be less likely if they're hanging onto their well paid jobs as long as they can. Thats a beaut of a poem.
  3. Catch you sometime Harper. Arra best. I spend more time on social media as I've stopped reading the rubbish in the papers. You get a lot of rubbish on there as well. hee hee
  4. Farage is on spouting about it on Channel 4. He's a fan of economic pragmatism. Embdy know what that means? Nick Clegg thinks it's going to be harder for the government to get a deal without Roges' expertise. Semms experts are out of fashion.
  5. Nice photos but I'm just staying at the fire watching the telly. It's baltic.
  6. Lang may yir lums reek.
  7. Steak pie and Glayva for me. Happy New Year and Lang May Yir Lums Reek.
  8. Don't fancy any of them, overlooked for a reason. hee hee
  9. Best Still Game ever.
  10. Think everyone's bored. Have a drink. hee hee
  11. Sure you don't mean 17. Many Happy Returns, Pat from Canny Lass. x
  12. Glenda Jackson, Billy Connolly, Kevin Bridges, Frankie Boyle and Michelle Obama. Some class and some laughs. I had a practice run at Christmas tonight turkey, gravy, roast totties, brussels – munched my way through Strictly. Braw.
  13. Awe done. Ori and Joanne the winners. Ot was a close thing.
  14. There a new Scandi one just started. Forgotten the name.
  15. Mother India, Ashoka, The Shish all the auld yins are favourites.