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  1. Ireland's paying more into health than UK. I don't think they're such a rich country so howzat then?
  2. I don't think there's a hope in hell of winning a second referendum. We might not even get the chance to find out if as they say in Westminster that they won't allow us to have one. Now right away that makes me think to hell with them and let's all go for it. I don't know how it works with other people or even if they hear about these things. A lot of them won't and a lot of them don't care,.
  3. Went to the stage show and it was even funnier than the telly.
  4. I fancied the Gala but it was sold out and still perusing the brochure. I like the question and answer so checking out who's all hitting the town.
  5. Hope yeez got yer red roses.
  6. Trump being on Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving. We never thought we'd see a President in a strop. Don't think he'll be round for long.
  7. A lot of work to be done as people are bored rigid with Brexit, Trump and the rest of it. I don't think they would turn out to vote.
  8. If you like a good greet this is the one to see. The wee boy actor is fab.
  9. Get the rates down. I mean I love a bargain but there can only be room for so many charity shops.
  10. A bit of a big read that so I'm going to print it out and read it after.. My computers broke so back in the library. In The Mitchell so got my coffee.
  11. Anybody thinking of watching this farce?
  12. She'll be right enough in saying that every mother won't need the box but it is a good idea and based on fairness and I don't know how you would go about targeting. And not all well off mammies will pay the attention they should to ante-natal care. In fact they might be less likely if they're hanging onto their well paid jobs as long as they can. Thats a beaut of a poem.
  13. Catch you sometime Harper. Arra best. I spend more time on social media as I've stopped reading the rubbish in the papers. You get a lot of rubbish on there as well. hee hee
  14. Farage is on spouting about it on Channel 4. He's a fan of economic pragmatism. Embdy know what that means? Nick Clegg thinks it's going to be harder for the government to get a deal without Roges' expertise. Semms experts are out of fashion.
  15. Nice photos but I'm just staying at the fire watching the telly. It's baltic.