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  1. August Statement

    I think you are right. You cannot trust this man. The welfare state has already been cut back a lot and the plan is to cut it more.
  2. London

    The place I like in London is Camden Lock but I think there has been some trouble there with the Council.  London does not seem to be a place to go to unless you have a lot of money. It is easier just to take a trip into town to see a show and if you really want Harvey Nicks  then you can always go to Edinburgh. David Cameron has put me off the Houses of Parliament.
  3. Vive La France

    Hi Lynnski, Good to see you posting again. It now looks as though there is a lot of trouble in Belgium but I do not see how bombing Syria is going to make a difference to stopping terrorists.
  4. Strictly 2015

    I am glad that Jeremy has gone. I do not know how he lasted so long. I think Georgia and Giovanni are looking very good.
  5. Paris

    Very sad events in Paris. I hope we are not going to be dragged into a retaliation war. It will not solve the situation.
  6. Very good to have the bandstand back in use. Better in the summer though.
  7. Strictly 2015

    They have some very good dancers. I like Kevin and Kelly as well. I like his sister on the Zoe Ball programme. She is much better than the other dancer who usually talks about the dancing. I think she is Karen. I like Ian Wait too. I think Peter Andre is a bit of a sook with the judges.
  8. I hope he keeps this up and that other celebrities use their positions in the same way.
  9. There seems to be a swing in support for getting rid of Trident.
  10. EVEL

    I do not think it is a major issue as the SNP did not usually vote on matters that only affected England. But to keep things equal each country should have their own parliament and come together for national issues. I think that transport is a national issue.      
  11. Firework Displays

    That is very decent
  12. Firework Displays

    I think I will be able to go to both Glasgow Green firework display and Drumchapel.
  13. Tax Credits

    A lot of people will think the same as you Tig. It is an atrocity. New thing for the House of Lords to intervene. I heard a discussion about it on The Papers programme. I did not catch names but one of them was saying that the interference of the house of Lords was not a good thing as they are helping the Conservative Party as there had been so much outrage from ordinary people that it could have brought disaster and a repeat of the Poll Tax that brought Margaret Thatcher down.  I hope you manage to keep on working and are not effected.
  14. Strictly 2015

    That was a great routine with Jay and Alona.  Moira my neighbour is very keen for Anton to win so I hope he does well. He is usually out by this time as he gets the worse partners. He looks luckier this year.