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  1. I am going to the closing Gala film Mad to be Normal with David Tennant.
  2. William Hill is backing Independence with odds of a vote in favour of the UK splitting by 2024 at 8/11. John Curtice has said that this is not unreasonable. It is definitely looking more promising.
  3. It is more like Singing in the Rain.
  4. It is very difficult to control diabetis so this is a welcome development.
  5. It is not for me. He is not an attractive sight. I hope nobody sings and I expect there will be protests, the start of many.
  6. Does not seem to have had a good response from the EU. I suppose that was to be expected with Theresa May's veiled threats.
  7. The best time to go for a run to Loch Lomond is in the wintertime on a good day when you can see the loch more clearly as the trees do not hide it. There are a lot less tourists as well.
  8. I see on the news yesterday that Nicola Sturgeon has said that if the UK stayed in the single market that she would hold back on the push for another referendum. I do not think that Theresa May will respond to this appeal.
  9. I think it is a good idea but can see that people might think it is a gimick and object to well off families also getting the baby boxes.
  10. It has been a bad year for celebrity deaths and we have lost a lot of influential artists like David Bowie and Leonard Cohen and the recent ones that Harper has mentioned. Then Debbie Reynolds dying right after losing her daughter. I hope that 2017 will not be so full of shocks and hope that we do not have to watch more suffering through wars and migrants drowning as they attempt to flee. to safety. We can only hope. Happy New Year. We are going to an event down the Barras. There is quite a fancy menus.
  11. I enjoyed the story. It went in a different direction than what I was expecting.
  12. In my work since the Brexit vote the only conversations has been about our Christmas Night Out and politics. The Christmas Night Out could not have been better except somebody slipped and dislocated their shoulder. Nobody in my work or even up my close likes Theresa May and just about everyone respects Nicola Sturgeon. I understand that this will not be the same in England. I think she is very able for Theresa May and a person with much more presence and intelligence and I do think that if Theresa May thinks she can dismiss her then she is not very bright. Usually I would feel sorry for a politician in May's position as she is having a difficult time and it was a bit sad the way she was shunned by the European Parliament but she is not a likeable woman. I do not think England will be keen to let us go because where would they park the UK's nuclear weapons and they really would not want to lose the income Scotland generates. It is spurious to point to Scotland's deficit as it is created by Westminster. I think the disrespect that is shown all the time in Westminster towards Scotland and in the Tory newspapers verges on being racist. I never ever read anything positive about the SNP in the newspapers and you do not hear it on the news either. This creates a problem for any future bid for Independence. There has only ever been support from one newspaper and that is The National and there used to also be support from The Herald but only on a Sunday. Nicola Sturgeon has constantly pointed out that we are in unchartered territory so I do not really think that anyone can say what or what not can happen. The shape of things to come is not clear in any way. It is not clear for any part of the UK as the Tories did not ever expect Brexit to happen. I do not really want to argue about any of this but just thought I would give my views and my colleagues more or less agree with what I've said. It is all we talk about. Some of them who voted No in 2014 say they would now vote Yes for Independence.
  13. I will miss the show such good dancers this year. It was a great final.
  14. That is a very good story. Well done.
  15. Curried goat might be a good choice. Mohammed Ali would be a good guest as well. I would invite Rabbie Burns as well and maybe Flora MacDonald or would that be a better choice for Hogamanay? Santa would be good as well. I am cooking a goose this year.