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  1. Great Britain did very well. Over and over again you heard athletes say how much they had been able to train for their career in sport through lottery funding. It made me wonder if the money used for London Olympics had ever been paid back. That would let even more of them succeed. I am looking forward to the Paralympics. I think a lot of people will be wanting to go to Rio as tourists after seeing so much of Cococabana beach. Is it possible to get lottery funding for a trip.
  2. Kezia Dugdale has blamed Corbyn for contributing to Labour's decline in Scotland. She says she supports Owen Smith because Corbyn is unelectable. It is quite funny and she does not seem to realize how ironic this is as she does not seem to be considered electable.
  3. I have just started Bad Samaritan by Michael J Malone. It is gripping from the statrt.
  4. I would not like that. I hope you had air conditioning. It is perfect here today. I think it is around 24 degrees. Tomorrow is to be nice too. I wish we could get a few weeks of good weather before Autumn.
  5. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I have not been to Dunoon since I was a child. I like Rothesay and was there last year.
  6. I liked the diving and swimming. Rio looks amazing. I would like to be on that beach.
  7. There appears to be a lot of support for Corbyn. They are calling supporters a cult which seems to suggest that vast numbers of people are socially deviant and hold novel beliefs. It is insulting and seems to be just another form of attack. I expect these people would vote for Corbyn so why is he unelectable? Is he supposed to have policies that would attract UKIP supporters or Tory voters. That would make him a hypocrite or unrecognisable as a Labour politician. I don't think he is the problem with the labour party. It has long been in trouble in Scotland and we did not have a Corbyn here.
  8. Thank you. I would like to go to the Bloody Scotland Festival and purchase some new crime books. I have never read any books by Christopher Brookmyre and intend doing so.
  9. I am sorry about my mistake in mixing up Jones and Smith. I read the article by Jones. I like Jones sometimes when I hear him speak on political programmes and I have heard him in George Square. I do not think he is boring but I think he is also full of himself like Owen. The article shows that as what he is mainly talking about is not any politician but himself. I think he can feel self satisfied as some of his predictions are right with leaks to the press and opposers going on about Corbyn as a rebel and Parliamentary Labour Party members have developed a strategy to try to bleed Corbyn's leadership to death. None of this has stopped his growing popularity with members who would probably elect him. I think the steps to increase the cost in order to vote is disgraceful and many people in low incomes will not be able to vote. I would be more inclined to support Corbyn now as a result of the way he has been treated and the way members of the party are being treated. It is the attackers who are looking bad.
  10. I do not think it is for the grown ups but it is not for small children. The ghosts would scare them.
  11. Orphan X was really good. I enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. A very unusual book.
  12. It looks great and will be very convenient for me. It has the Hunterian Museum in the new development.
  13. Gladtobeglas – I liked your story. You have a talent for writing.
  14. I do not think Corbyn should have put forward any names for the Honours List. It sends out a mixed message. The list should be scrapped and there should be no peerages for pals. I think Owen Jones is very full of himself and boring. Between the two I prefer Corbyn. I think Grammar schools are better than acadamies which appear to be about privatisation. But I think there are mixed messages too because Grammar schools are divisive and they do not seem to be about creating more equality.
  15. I was over in the south side and had Hebridean breakfast at the Glad Cafe with black pudding and poached eggs