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  1. Electoral Fraud

    I do not think anything will come of this. They seem to be able to avoid all that comes up no matter if it is very serious.
  2. Death Valley Scotland

    I would make do with cider.
  3. Weather

    The sun kept up over the week-end and it has been a very nice week. I think May is often a good month for sun. I hope it lasts.
  4. I had never heard of her. I might manage along to see this.
  5. I felt sorry for the UK but they seemed very drab compared to all the elaborate effects and costumes. I liked Australia.
  6. Two Doors Down

    I liked the hot tub scene.
  7. The Durrells

    That is very sad. I enjoyed the programme.
  8. West End Festival 2016

    I am looking forward to it but it is a shame there is no parade this year.
  9. Electoral Fraud

    I am sorry I did not see the topic here. The News seem to be ignoring it except for Channel Four.
  10. Happy Workers Day

    It is a disgrace that the electoral fraud is only being covered by Channel 4.
  11. West End (and surrounding area) Arf.

    Very good photographs and memory of Hollowhorn.
  12. Finnieston and The Hidden Lane

    I went to the Hidden Lane Festival. It was part of the West End Festival but I never think of Finnieston as part of the West End. I will come along again if there is another one.
  13. Back Courts & Crayons.

    It is a great story and I like the photographs.
  14. Victoria Wood

    I liked Victoria Woods. She made people laugh and that was a great thing to do.
  15. Hollowhorn

    I did not know your friend but can see that he was a very popular man. In sympathy, rory.