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  1. RIP Sir Terry

    I liked him on Radio. A very witty and quick thinking man. He had definitely kissed the blarney stone and will be missed.
  2. Finnieston and The Hidden Lane

    Good luck with your business Lynnski. I like the colourful photos.
  3. Aye Write

    I am looking forward to this. There seems to be a lot of political content in the programme including the female party leaders in Scotland.
  4. Alan Rickman R.I.P.

    He was very talented. I agree that Truly Madly Deeply was a very good film.
  5. Decisions, decisions

    I think if you have an aptitude for something you should stick with it because you will get a lot more enjoyment and it will be easier to study that subject. But I think that exams suit some people and not others and a lot of the time what they are testing is your memory and your ability to not get overanxious.
  6. I missed out on the festival last year but I am going to get organised. This looks like good start.
  7. The Voice

    I have still to watch recording. I had high hopes for Paloma Faith but I know I will miss Tom Jones.
  8. David Bowie had died ...

    Bowie was an icon and for a number of decades made an amazing contribution to music. I will be interested to hear the album he just released. R.I.P.
  9. I hears the main cinema is to be closed for several months. I still miss the Cosmo cfe.
  10. First School by Christina Byrne

    Showed this to my neighbour Moira and it brought back a lot of memories.
  11. Happy New Year

    Sorry about your brother Sammy. Hope 2016 will bring good times for all of you.
  12. Merry Christmas

    That sound very appetising Lynnski. I cooked my first duck. It was a success. Everyone stuffed and happy. Merry Christmas to all of you.
  13. My Brother and Cancer

    Very sad for you and your family sam.
  14. Award for The Hunterian

    I really like the Hunterian. The Mackintosh House is brilliant. I know that is the gallery.
  15. London

    I have only seen about the terror attack nothing about the mental health of the so called terrorist. Scaremongering