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  1. I was over in the south side and had Hebridean breakfast at the Glad Cafe with black pudding and poached eggs
  2. Something was going on in Byres Road this morning. Costas coffee shop and Byres Road Subway were flooded.
  3. I thought France would have beaten Portugal. It was quite a dull game. I felt sorry for Ronaldo getting injured.
  4. I am planning to have a holiday in America later in the year. I would not mind a week-end somewhere. I quite fancy visiting more of the Scottish Islands.
  5. It now looks like Theresa May for the next PM. It is astonishing that she supported Remain but Angela Leadston has pulled out of the challenge so after having Brexit the PM has not supported this.
  6. I like porridge with salt.
  7. I am keeping Orphan X aside for my holiday. It was passed on by my brother and he highly recommended it. The author is Gregg Hurwitz.
  8. The hut exhibition was unusual and when I went along there were crowds there.
  9. The Ireland against France game was exciting and Ireland did well. I hope Iceland win today but that is not likely.
  10. Politics in the UK is in a terrible mess after the vote for Out of Europe. It is better in Scotland and although we voted to stay in Europe and could be taken out gainst the democratic will of the people it has opened the door for a second referendum for Independence. Over the week-end 2000 more people have joined the Scottish National Party. I think that as well as being the most popular politician in the UK that Nicola Sturgeon wields substantial weight. She has also been the only politician to send out any clear messages and the only leader who looks as though she knows what she is doing. Business wants stability and clear leadership and finance might prefer to make their headquarters in Edinburgh rather than London especially if we gain Independence. Brexit was won as a result of lying about the money that was available about Turkey imminently joining the UK and about the fear of immigrants and the other lie that figures would be controlled. It was Ruth Davidson who made this very clear on the television debate. The Referendum was an in fight between Tory factions and their greed and ambition has made the UK a laughing stock. The Labour Party have made matters even worse with their bickering and resignations. None of them look like responsible people who care about the people they are meant to be representing.
  11. It is not a popular move by Glasgow City Council. They do not appear to be taking account of objections.
  12. It was a tragic event. I saw something about Alabama refusing to show respect by flying flags t half mast.
  13. I liked the look of Italy.
  14. I do not think anything will come of this. They seem to be able to avoid all that comes up no matter if it is very serious.
  15. I would make do with cider.