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  1. Finnieston and The Hidden Lane

    I went to the Hidden Lane Festival. It was part of the West End Festival but I never think of Finnieston as part of the West End. I will come along again if there is another one.
  2. Back Courts & Crayons.

    It is a great story and I like the photographs.
  3. Victoria Wood

    I liked Victoria Woods. She made people laugh and that was a great thing to do.
  4. Hollowhorn

    I did not know your friend but can see that he was a very popular man. In sympathy, rory.
  5. Right who're you voting for?

    I think Kezia Dugdale appears to be very jealous of Nicola Sturgeon because she is always criticising her. It seems personal. I think she would be better concentrating on policies. Although some of Labour's policies do not seem very thought out. I still do not think that the Conservatives will be the main oppositon in Scotland. They have never been a party Scots people have voted for and I do not think they will start now.
  6. Two Doors Down

    It is a little bit crude for me to watch with Moira but it is quite funny.
  7. That is the one I got. I am enjoying it.
  8. Ronnie Corbett R.I.P.

    I liked Ronnie Corbett and the Two Ronnies. I thought the Peter Kay video was very funny. I think it was an accident.
  9. It is not much of a living wage but they are saying that there will be job losses. I think if people get a decent pay they want to keep their jobs and they are more likely to work hard.
  10. Right who're you voting for?

    I like your photograph. I think you are meant to vote for both first and second vote if you want as many SNP politicians as possible. I thought the debat on STV was much better. The UKIP politician is not clued up at all. The reporting in the news only talked about tax and the constituional issue. It did not mention the Conservatives wanting to put in charges for university students and for prescriptions.
  11. I agree Samscafeamerican it is good to see all these new plans but parking is a major issue.
  12. I got a book of her short stories out of the library.
  13. The Night Manager

    It was a very good final episode and I think it was the best television drama we have seen for a long time. I think it will win awards.
  14. Glasgow is a very important city for the Arts. I enjoyed looking at the list of all the stars who had studied at the Royal Conservatoire.
  15. Labour Party Leadership Debate

    I think they should be using the money that is spent on Trident to tackle the real problems of terrorists. I was amazed that Corbyn was voted as leader of the Labour party. The type of investment that the Tories attract does not seem to encourage production or growth and that is what both Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon have recognised as being what is needed.