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  1. George Square

    MSP Sandra White wants an excite sieve consultation with the public and has handed in a petition with 900 signatures to the council. They can't decide on a winner from the six designs that were short listed. The water features are not popular. I think people would basically like to get more trees and grass and keep the statues.
  2. it's a great accolade and I am sure Glasgow will gain a few more visitors but as far as tourism goes we miss out. I know plenty of people who have visited Scotland from USA and Europe who do not even think about a trip to Glasgow. they are looking for mountains, glens and castles.
  3. Book Week Scotland

    I am A fan of the Harry Hole books by Jo Nesbo. He's a great character.
  4. Dowanhill bar and Kelvingrove Cafe

    I was in The Sparkle Horse. I liked the decor and service was good. It was quiet but in the afternoon when most places are not that busy.
  5. Glasgow Cinema

    It is on in nearly every cinema in Glasgow so I will try to go. There is a crowd from my work going along to Grease.
  6. Arise Sir Bradley

    I think it is past it's sell by but don't begrudge the athletes being honoured and in particular the paralympians. I saw some of the interviews and they all mention gracefulness and the team of workers involved in helping them gain success.
  7. Scottish Independence ...

    I think the hey day is past for the North Sea but good that there are some new jobs being created. I do not know if this will make any difference to how people will vote.
  8. The Third Eye Centre

    I only have a vague memory of the Third Eye Centre. The CCA seems much larger. Did they expand it?
  9. All things Christmas.....

    I have a day off so I am going to check out what is on offer at Marks and maybe get in a few sundries. I think it will be a white Chrtistmas.
  10. Tonsillitis

    I hope you feel better soon Lynnski.
  11. Planning Application GFT

    It seems very odd not to display plans in the cinema. That is what you would expect to happen. Perhaps they envisaged a negative reaction.
  12. Slavery and Scotland

    I do not see where samsamericancafe said that Dexter St Clair. I think you are more or less looking for an argument. I still find the information you have added interesting.
  13. All things Christmas.....

    It is difficult to get fish right,Tam.I am designated cook thisChristmas.I think I will takeHarper's advice and rely on marks.
  14. Book Week Scotland

    The folk in my work are going to participate in The Big Read on the 30th and it has been agreed that there will be a Scandinavian theme because they are promoting these writers in Glasgow Libraries.