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  1. The inventor of AutoCorrect is a stupid mass hole. He can fake right off.
  2. It was the biggest news story of the day. It says a lot about society. I think the BBC were keen to promote the story as it shows them in a good light and they are probably seeking sympathy as they get a lot of stick.
  3. I am going with KLM. It means a stop off at Amsterdam but I have been KLM before and it was very good.
  4. This is very emotional. The brain is amazing. Children with cerebral palsy who cannot learn to read are often able to learn songs.
  5. Is this part of making Britain more British? It seems a very foolish idea and expensive. I would imagine that schools, exam boards and colleges would all need to change their resources and the same thing would be true of shops, pubs and hotels. It would apply to every online businesses advertising for example accommodation. I can see no advantages in going back to pounds shillings and pence. I agree with you also regarding immigration. I would have to as the same as so many people in Glasgow my heritage is Irish. Where I work we also have many migrants employed. I do not see how we could replace or manage without these people.
  6. I cannot understand what the benefits of Hinkley Point are supposed to be. It seems that there will be more expensive fuel costs and nuclear waste to dispose of. It looks like a step backwards rather than forwards. What is the justification?
  7. I am going to New York very soon. The city that never sleeps.
  8. I went to see it too. It was very good. I wanted to see the Beatles Film but it was sold out.
  9. I watched the table tennis player with no arms use a foot to toss the ball and then played with his bat in his mouth. They are unbelievable.
  10. Labour will be the losers. They will lose more than double Tory seats. I think 25 constituency boundary changes will effect them. SNP will lose six seats in the Commons. The Conservatives will be in a very secure position. The money saving argument is very weak as the unelected Lords is bloated with over 700 members. Cameron handed out seats in the Lords to his friends and supporters like sweeties.
  11. I think I have seen parts of the film but not the whole thing. I think the most dramatic scene for me would be when Michael first encounters E.T.
  12. He was a very gifted comedian and very easy to like.
  13. That is interesting about Greece. I've never thought of it as a place where golf was played but on the other hand Costa del Sol probably has much the same temperature as much of Greece and it is very popular for golfers. Although I have some friends who go on golfing holidays and do not actually play much golf.
  14. That is very exciting and a bit frightening as well.
  15. Morrisons has a section promoting Scottish Fare and I got a leaflet with all the details through my door.