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  1. rory added a post in a topic Pubs   

    I see the restaurant at the entrance to Gartnavel has changed hands again and going to be a Gastro Bar Restaurant. It never seems to do well.
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  2. rory added a post in a topic Leith   

    I have never been there but I will be in Edinburgh for the festival in August so will think about going to visit Leith. It sounds great and I always like being beside harbours.
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  3. rory added a post in a topic Sound and Vision Season GFT   

    I am going to the Amy film.
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  4. rory added a post in a topic Osborne's budget   

    They may as well come out and say that only rich people can have more than two children. I wonder how many people have been taken in by Osborne's presentation of a budget that is about high pay and high taxation.  The reduction in tax credits will mean many poor families will be even worse off and the living wage of £7.20 is lower than the existing living wage in Scotland which is £7.85. The living wage in London is higher at over £9.  Perhaps some employers will now reduce their wage bill by fitting into the new living wage.  It does not look like a wage anyone could live on particularly if they have children.
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  5. rory added a post in a topic Greece   

    I did not expect such a big victory. It looks as though the Greeks have come together this time including the conservatives.  Perhaps this will have some impact on other countries punishing people with their austerity policies.
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  6. rory added a post in a topic Tory S**m behaving like well, Tory s**m   

    Every public servant including the police will need this message on their uniform. It is stupid.
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  7. rory added a topic in Visual Arts and Bookchat   

    Alasdair Gray in hospital
    Alasdair Gray is critically ill and in hospital after a fall.
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  8. rory added a post in a topic Pubs   

    The old pubs sound great. The Halt has been totally transformed beyond all recognition. I still go to the Rock sometimes when they have a band on. OranMor is probably the busiest pub in the west end.
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  9. rory added a post in a topic Glasgow Mela   

    I got there at three. It was a bit hectic but there was a great atmosphere
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  10. rory added a post in a topic Labour Party Leadership Debate   

    Jeremy Corbyn in with the other three but I do not think he really has a chance.
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  11. rory added a post in a topic Gibson Street Gala 31 May, 2015   

    I am going along rain hail or sunshine.
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  12. rory added a topic in General West End Chat   

    Scottish National Party MPs
    Tommy Shepherd made a great first speech at Westminster. It was very well received by the Speaker. They have all been turning up so that is a good start. Where are the rest of the MPs. Not there to discuss zero hours contracts or Trident.
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  13. rory added a post in a topic The Queen's Speech   

    I think in most countries there is a tendency for the capital to attract the best key workers from within and outwith the country. Its where the companies want to locate. There would need to be a very dedicated attempt to create incentives and the infrastructrure for them to base themselves in other parts. London is like another world compared to the rest of the UK.
    I do not think that Scotland's position for attracting immigrants has been improved given all the negative press it has received in the lead up to the Referendum and since.
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  14. rory added a post in a topic West End Festival 2015   

    I picked up a programme today in Hillhead Library. I have marked a lot of events that I hope to go to. It looks great.
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  15. rory added a post in a topic The Election   

    I have been keeping my head down at work as there has been a lot of acrimony since the election. The Labour supporters are blaming the SNP supporters for not voting Labour. They have also been talking about who will be the Labour leader and Chukka Umunna is believed to be the favourite. Apparently he has said that it was not the Scottish voters who voted SNP who were to blame for the Tories getting in. I think the reasons for that are complex but if they had voted Labour they still would not have got in. We never get the parliament we vote for at Westminster. It is an unfair system.
    One thing they all seem to agree on is that Nicola Sturgeon is the genuine article. But I can see where all the animosity comes from as the papers are against her and people believe what they read.I hope the Labour MPs, the Greens, the Welsh and Northern Irish and the Scots will come together and be able to offset the worse of the Tory plans. I do not like the look of the Cabinet.

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