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  1. rory added a post in a topic The Seduction of Madame Constance Fortescue.   

    I am wondering what is missing. Are you going to continue Tam ?
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  2. rory added a post in a topic Bearpit Brothers Something Cruel   

    It sounds like a great night. Did you wear the dress in the photo?  Put a link up and I will by the CD
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  3. rory added a post in a topic Waterstones Byres Road   

    That is a great photo. I was in yesterday afternoon and will go back for a longer look when it is not so sunny;  I think it will be very popular.
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  4. rory added a post in a topic Migration   

    The scenes in Macedonia are shocking and difficult to understand when the migrants are just passing through this country. Rich countries like the UK should be doing more. They can afford it. Most of the migrants want to work and pay their way. It is shameful turning your back on people suffering so much distress.
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  5. rory added a post in a topic Avril Paton - A Life In Ten Pictures   

    I did not know she came from Arran.
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  6. rory added a post in a topic Labour Party Leadership Debate   

    People still saying it will be Cooper who will win but polls show Corbyn over 50 percent. It could be a landslide. Maybe people in England will move further to the left as has happened in Scotland.
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  7. rory added a post in a topic Migration   

    I overestimated the numbers. There seem to be a lot of myths but still a problem which will continue. I think there is a racist element in the way the news cover the migration topic one part of this is calling the camp at Calais The Jungle.
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  8. rory added a post in a topic Migration   

    There is only one person at my work who does not think the migrants at Calais should just be rounded up and put in jail. They seem to agree with David Cameron that they are pests. He brought in an article and passed it round but I do not think it changed any minds.  It was written by Claude Moraes who is M.E.P. for London. He is the Chair of the European Parliament Civil Liberties and Justice and he thinks that the problem is not being managed and that is why is looks like a crisis. He thinks the main problem preventing EU state co-operation is political pressure from some of the countries. The common denominator is not lack of resources and that if there was sharing then the tens of thousands of migrants could be managed, There are other countries managing to offer refuge to a much larger number.  He said as well that policies should be changed and that would include it no longer being the responsibility of first country of arrival to be responsible. Claude Moraes says that there needs to be other things reformed and partnerships developed with mass migration launch points but mainly the hardest thing is getting co-operation within the E.U. He says that the EU members should show solidarity and show the rest of the world that it is a union of values. It does not look as though it has good values and some countries are doing a lot more than others.
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  9. rory added a post in a topic The Legend of Barney Thomson   

    I have not laughed so much in a film for a long time. The scene you are talking about was really funny Willie. Emma Thompson was very good but I think they could have got a Scottish actress for this part. 
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  10. rory added a post in a topic Labour Party Leadership Debate   

    I heard Burnham talking on the radio about nationalising the railways. I think that is an idea that could attract voters. Most of it seems to be about attracting voters and is not so much about beliefs. Corbyn is more about what he believes in but I think he is more in line with how a lot of people think in Scotland so I do not know how it will go for him. The National Bank is a good idea as people have lost faith in the banks and the governments support of them.
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  11. rory added a topic in General West End Chat   

    All they are talking about in my work are the migrants in Calais and the crisis.  I have read a few articles saying that Cameron is using the situation as a political ploy and that there is not such a major crisis. Not unless people being disrupted when travelling or freight lorries being held up are more important than desperate people. It looks as though the UK are trying to get out of their share of the responsibility. I get shouted down if I mention humanitarian support.  
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  12. rory added a post in a topic Growing economy   

    I saw that the increased oil production is contributing quite a lot to the growth of the economy. The tax breaks have made a difference. Nicola Sturgeon had put the pressure on for these but I do not think her role will be acknowledged.
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  13. rory added a post in a topic Pubs   

    I see the restaurant at the entrance to Gartnavel has changed hands again and going to be a Gastro Bar Restaurant. It never seems to do well.
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  14. rory added a post in a topic Leith   

    I have never been there but I will be in Edinburgh for the festival in August so will think about going to visit Leith. It sounds great and I always like being beside harbours.
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  15. rory added a post in a topic Sound and Vision Season GFT   

    I am going to the Amy film.
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