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  1. I just thought I'd pop back and say 'get it right ****ing up ye!'
  2. Don't kid yourself. That's like saying Eire doesn't have a say in a potential united Ireland. The consequences may be similar.
  3. Apparently he snuck off into the night before the cops arrived, in the manner of drink-flingers everywhere.
  4. Does Brave even remotely resemble any normal person's perception of Scotland in the 21st century, far less our Nation's future?
  5. Wiki, whilst not always a reliable source, shares the following with other, more authoritative, sites " Naltrexone is an opioid receptor antagonist used primarily in the management of alcohol dependence and opioid dependence." NICE, eh?
  6. Herr Sheridan has 'Misses'? D'ye mean Mrs or are you dragging his daughter into this?
  7. The second rule of the internet is that miss-hitting an adjacent key is deemed to be typo - not a spelling mistake. The third rule is that if you eff-all useful to contribute you'd be better off spending the time changing your Tena Lady.
  8. The Maid of the Loch doesn't actually go anywhere at the moment, does she? Will she ever?
  9. Like St Andrews needs more tourists??????????????????????
  10. It's a conspiracy between the SNP and Tena Lady.
  11. There isn't the money to empty pavement bins. It comes out of the same budget that's just bought loads of huge wheelybins so they don't have to be emptied so often.
  12. Aye. For Breach of the Peace. Nothing new here. Nothing to see. Move along now.
  13. Is that a 'quote' from the Morning Star? What is the West End coming to?
  14. I can't imagine Tonmmy wrote that. It's coherent, well spelled and reasonably punctuated.
  15. Is that what they call product placement?
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