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  1. According to a Danish survey, dog owners are 78% more likely to catch Covid. Maybe not too surprising, as they're out walking their dog every day, and chatting to people they meet. I also think that the virus may be building up in streets, and being stirred up by air currents, causing infection, although this isn't a 'mainstream' view. However, the same survey turned up another fact that is much more inexplicable. People who order their groceries online, and have them delivered to their home, are 94% more likely to catch Covid. That tends to make me think that it's just a statistical quir
  2. This is some extreme hurricane season. Two weeks ago, hurricane Eta hit Nicaragua as a major category 4, and caused devastating flooding throughout central America. Now, 145 mph hurricane Iota is poised to make landfall in the same place tomorrow morning as a 155 mph category 5 storm. It's the first time there have been two majors in November in the Atlantic region, and these are high end majors. Iota is a record 31st storm of the season, and will be the strongest ever recorded in November. The region has been afflicted by a multi year drought, which has resulted in 'caravans' of refugees
  3. October 2020 Temperature Update Posted on November 13, 2020 by Robert Rohde The following is a summary of global temperature conditions in Berkeley Earth’s analysis of October 2020. October 2020 was the 5th warmest October since records began in 1850. A moderate La Niña has strengthened in the Pacific, reducing temperatures from September. Very warm conditions occurred over most of the Arctic, coincident with very record low sea ice extent for October. With 10 months completed, 2020 is now slightly behind 2016 as t
  4. Subtropical storm Theta has become the 29th named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, beating the record of 28 storms, set in 2005. It's currently a few hundred miles west of the Canary islands, and has winds of 70 mph, just below the 74 mph threshold for a category 1 hurricane. Current track would take it to Portugal, but that could change. In 2018, Portugal was hit by ex-hurricane Leslie, with 70 mph winds at landfall. This was the strongest storm to hit Portugal since 1842. Hurricane Eta exited central America, went over Cuba, then turned west, causing extensive flooding in Florida
  5. We have a vaccine! From a double blind trial conducted in a joint venture by Pfizer and BioNTech, which involved 43,538 participants, half of whom received a placebo, over 90% of the 94 people who became infected with the virus had received the placebo. 'Double blind' means that neither the participants nor the doctors who administered the vaccine and placebo knew who had received which. This means that the companies can claim a greater than 90% effectiveness for the vaccine, which is far better than the flu vaccine. But it gets better, since its highly likely that a far smaller perc
  6. I decided to do a survey of the average number of daily Covid-19 deaths in selected European countries, plus the US, over the past 7 days. I used the worldometers site, and had to do the calculations myself, from the figures there. The first column is the average number of daily deaths, and the second column is the ratio, adjusted for the population of each country, giving the UK a figure of 1 for comparison. For example, France has a figure of 1.53, indicating that average daily death rates from Covid-19 over the past week have been 53% higher than the UK. The calculations aren't straigh
  7. Tropical storm Eta has formed in the Caribbean, and ties the record of 28 named Atlantic storms in a season, set in 2005. It currently has winds of 65 mph, and is predicted to be a high end category 2 hurricane with 110 mph winds when it makes landfall in Nicaragua on Tuesday morning. Thereafter, it becomes a slow moving system, as it meanders north into Honduras. That's very bad news, as Honduras and neighbouring countries are mountainous, and the longer it sits over the mountains, the more rain will be funneled down the steep sided valleys, potentially causing disastrous flash flooding.
  8. Secrets of the Ice: Unlocking a Melting Time Capsule. Interesting article from today's Guardian on how melting snow packs around the world are yielding up ancient artefacts, which have been preserved in the snow for thousands of years, but which are at risk of rapid decay once exposed to the air. It's a race against time for archaeologists to collect these 'ice time capsule' objects, before they are lost. Examples are a 3,000 year old bronze age arrow from the Altai mountains of Mongolia, a 4,300 year old spear from the Yukon, and a 10,300 year old basket from near Yellowstone. In No
  9. Super typhoon Goni is currently headed for the Philippines as a catastrophic 180 mph storm, equivalent to an Atlantic category 5 hurricane. It's the strongest storm of 2020, and will make landfall in a few hours. The Philippines is the most storm battered country on the planet. In 2013, super typhoon Haiyan hit with 190 mph winds, killing around 8,000 people and making millions homeless. Haiyan was the strongest typhoon/hurricane ever to make landfall, equaled by typhoon Meranti in 2016, which made landfall with the same intensity on a small outlying Philippines island.
  10. I got a letter this morning (27th) informing me I was booked in for a flu jab in East Kilbride on the 19th of October. There's been a COVID-19 outbreak at the Larkhall sorting office, so letters haven't been getting delivered. Frankly, knowing that, I'm very wary of picking up any delivered letters, now.
  11. Updates: Arctic Ocean sea ice coverage for the date is at a record low by a huge margin. Click for larger image. http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/ 60,000 people are being evacuated from the Irvine area of Orange county, California, as the Silverado fire continues to grow. Tropical storm Zeta is heading for the north east of Yucatan, Mexico, and is expected to arrive as a 75 mph category 1 hurricane early tomorrow. It'll be the third time this month that a tropical storm or hurricane has made landfall there. Currently predicted to make landfall near New Orleans early Tuesd
  12. This is a warning from the severe-weather.eu site, concerning the transition of hurricane Epsilon to a powerful extratropical storm, hitting the UK on Tuesday. They were spot on with their prediction of the severe squally weather we got this morning. It didn't last long, but I can't remember seeing such intense sheets of rain. "There is another, more concerning feature of interest after this weekend’s North Atlantic depression is over. The currently ongoing hurricane Epsilon in the northwestern Atlantic will undergo an extratropical transition and head towards Europe. Global m
  13. New UK deaths today, 241. Last Tuesday, 143. That's a 68.5% increase in a week. On this trajectory, we'd be at 1,153 daily deaths in just three weeks. That's the peak that was reached during the spring. The local lockdown measures that have recently been implemented might have a moderating effect on the rate of increase, but it'll likely be small. Deaths are a 'lagging indicator', typically occurring 14 days after hospitalisation, so even if a national lockdown was imposed next Tuesday, we'd still see death rates rise at the same rate for two weeks. It's 'baked in'. The total number of CO
  14. I've been looking at the graphs for UK cases and deaths for the UK on the Worldometers site https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/ March 23 was when the PM imposed the lockdown, having closed pubs, restaurants and gyms three days earlier. On March 24, daily new UK COVID-19 deaths were 143. Just two weeks later, on April 7, daily deaths reached 1,037, bringing the NHS to the brink of collapse. A large majority of those deaths would have been infected with the virus prior to the lockdown. Two weeks after that, daily deaths peaked at 1,166, suggesting that the lockdown m
  15. I've been into birds since I was a youngster. The first book I ever bought with my saved up pocket money was The Observer's Book of Birds' Eggs. I was about 10 years old at the time, and it cost the princely sum of 5/-. The second book I bought was the The Observer's Book of Birds. I remember feeling envious, as I leafed through the pages, about England having more species than Scotland. It's mainly a climate thing, and I was particularly miffed about us not having any nuthatches. It's a beautiful wee blue and yellow bird, with black and white facial streaks, and a long woodpecker like beak.
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