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  1. http://www.tcm.com/mediaroom/video/224507/Night-at-the-Opera-A-Movie-Clip-Party-of-the-First-Part.html
  2. I have not looked in here for a while.Is it just me or has the Forum gone to the dogs and become rather twee and (more) parochial, and frankly dull. I present as evidence/reasons, the following: 1. 90% of the threads and/or last posts are by Pat (and tend to concern where to get decent rolls or are about the weather etc). 2. 90% of the more interesting characters have either left or been banned or disinterested (you know who I mean) 3. There hasn't been anything in the Dragon's Den for 6 months. Is it only me?
  3. You been here for long Cunning or a just a visitor to these sunny shores ? I.m just on a family holiday. I walked along part of the track to Dead Horse Gap yesterday, but didn't see any. Next stop Sydney then to our holiday pad in Noosa for some sun. I work in Asia but from Glasgow long time ago.
  4. Funny you should say that Ozneil - I am sitting in Thredbo in the Snowies on the 'puter while my kids are out skiing. It has been snowing constantly here for the last 2 days and the powder is fresh! Temperature is 0 degrees in the village and -5 on the mountain., so I am staying indoors with a Schapps bottle or twain! Cheers
  5. Our Minister, a yank called Bill Christman You couldn't make it up! At our local marine park, the boss is Tom Merman. My TV from Grosvenor Crescent starred in the opening scenes of "the Riveter" directed by one Michael Caton - Jones when he was just out of nappies from Bill Forsyth's course at the National Film School.
  6. Mad, yes indeedy, but everything in proportion to a full size billiards table! Talking of Halloween, one time Colin "liberated" a tailor's dummy (which also had a bad wig as it happens) from the upstairs storeroom in the Factory, dressed him up in a uniform, called him Eric, and took him (in a convertible car) to the CuldeSac Halloween party. Stuck a fag in his hand and a drink in front of him, and introduced him to the other arrivals. Apart from the odd double-take, very few punters noticed, strange to say. Tommy Mathieson offered him (Eric) a full time job. I'm still struggling with the ludicrous baldie dwarf cowboy's handle....Garnn
  7. rolo tomassi wrote: Hahahahaha! I doubt if any of the wait-persons at the Factory woulda notissed if they were serving up chargrilled syrups on account of the fact they were only there to get spottit by local film-makers....and thereby catapulted to a short-lived career on TOTP and the sillier music mags. I spotted wan of em on Father Ted reruns recently. And like in the case of the vertically challenged bewigged one, I'm naming no names! Factory waitstaff? Names will be named.... I remember Sue Briggs (ex- Justin Currie), and the versatile Colin McGeachie, and Paul and Rosie. If you had dissed the staff in the mid 80s, or were a prat midget property cowboy with a badger-hai syrup, then either Colin or Paul or both may well have peed in your coffee out of badness. [They grew up (slightly) after relocating to PJs Pastaria in Ruthven Lane]
  8. dmcgurn wrote No, I think it might have been "Andy" something......
  9. Rolo Rote:- Come with me now on yet another tangent.... We had a regular wealthy customer who had a rather peculiar peccadillo. Whenever he booked in to the diner, we humble wait-persons had to remove the lightbulb from the lamp above his designated table before he arrived with whatever lady he was wining and dining that night. Reason was he wore probably the WORST toupe ever woven (I suspect it was knitted by someone's granny in Eastern Europe) and he required complete darkness for fear his companion would notice his screamingly obvious nylon headgear....I kid you not. To make matters worse, the guy was severely vertically challenged. Imagine a Glasgow version of Joe Pesci and you're getting my drift. Whenever he arrived, wi a girl several feet taller than himself, we wait-persons regularly had to go hide in the kitchen lest he noticed our snorts of laughter. Childish yes. But necessary.... Remember the guy, but not his name. He was a midget property developer with a really bad syrup, lots of bling, stacked heels, and a chauffer driven rolls. Used his smarm to bed various blondes with some success, it has to be said...Always to be found in Charlie Parkers, Lautrec's (park circus) etc., I remember one story where at a wedding, when the bride and groom left by helicopter, he was standing there with one hand on his wig and the other on his sporran (made of the same material no doubt!) Now, what was his name - it escapes me?? _________________
  10. Peter Ferguson, who ran the bar, and was a surrogate mother to many latchkey kids in the area, was (is) one of the funniest characters in the W.End
  11. Tommy's brother was Norrie.
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