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  1. Clearly London centric media is forming some very anti-SNP and anti-Nicola Sturgeon sentiment. Luckily for us up here in Scotland the blanket negativity around the SNP and independence from the unionist media has less impact; we recognise the bias. Which is why the SNP won the election by a majority in Scotland. The vote share loss was only -1.7 the large reduction in seats was in part due to tactical voting. The media story is always wide of the mark because it is designed not to describe reality but to influence it. Given that Brexit is the most irresponsible and uninformed decision every taken by UK voters, Independence is inevitable. Saving the Scottish economy from the Brexit disaster will be the catalyst. Nicola Sturgeon has zero chance of being removed as SNP leader. Jimbo
  2. Very sorry to hear. I remember well his wit and generosity. Jimbo
  3. Sad to hear it. From reading the reactions of fans and friends he was clearly a genuinely nice person. RIP Terry Wogan.
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    I've upped the storage for members conversations. Admin storage is already unlimited. Jimbo
  5. The forum recently got upgraded to version 4. One consequence is that each user now has only one name - rather than both a login name and a display name. Sorry about that; that's just the way the new version works - there is nothing we can do about it. Jimbo
  6. Sadly the problem I had with the last debate is that I'm starting to get a bit bored by the same old questions and the same old answers. I'm in no need to be convinced about how I will vote - as I've already decided. I did watch the Andrew Marr interview of Nicola Sturgeon at the weekend and I thought she did well. https://youtu.be/OwYQwcp6JNI Jimbo
  7. Heartbreaking news. I loved that building. I attended classes in it when I was a teenager. Fingers crossed that they don't decide to demolish it. Jimbo
  8. No it all happened as described. Nothing made up. Jimbo
  9. The Bar Stool Philosopher has been musing once more. Songwriting for people who will never have a hit: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/bar-stool-philosopher-songwriting-for-people-who-will-never-have-a-hit/
  10. The forgotten life: Part 2: Working, not working, half working: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/the-forgotten-life-part-2-working-not-working-half-working/ In this part I do start playing with computers. :-)
  11. Thanks Harper. The past is a different country; as they say. Jimbo
  12. Jim Byrne: The forgotten life – Childhood: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/jim-byrne-the-forgotten-life-childhood/
  13. I'm still one of the undecided - for lots of reasons - but this Sterling thing is irritating me; the notion that 'Treasury analysis showed it wouldn't work' in relation to a sterling zone holds as much water for me as any other government economic analysis. Politics is politics; and all 'treasury analysis' is political. That's why two different parties always come up with different results and different policies when analysing the same situation. The SNP do their analysis and come up with one conclusion, the Tory government do their analysis and come up with another conclusion; that's not shocking - that's exactly what you would expect; both conclusions confirm the where each group stands in relation to independence. Apparently there is 'unacceptable burden on the UK taxpayer' due to the size of the Scottish Banks. The banks are the same size now as they would be in an independent Scotland; logically the burden is the same. My understanding is that Scotland (including me - as I pay tax) along with the rest of the UK owns a big chunk of the Scottish banking industry - after the bailouts; we've already assumed the burden in Scotland - along with everyone else. Basically it sounds more like - ascribing 'incompetence to any nation that is not England' when it comes to economic management. Jimbo
  14. Thanks.Rented Muscle Shoals film last night as a birthday treat. It was great. :-) Jimbo
  15. Sad to hear that Phil Everly of the Everly Brothers has died. He was one of the very best. RIP.