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  1. Happy new year all hope you all had a great time.
  2. tig


    the holocaust monument just along from the Brandenburg gate ye we forgot to do that....you need to book about 2 weeks before you go. you can book in person when your there though, they give you a slot 2 hours later but the queue to book a slot was about 4 hours long.....so we didnt bother
  3. the morning after the works night out and im no feeling very christmasy at all...groan lol merry Christmas all and hope you all have a great time
  4. tig


    no where id say needing avoided to be honest, well we never seen anything what youd call dodgyness lol. all day tickets for the public transport is a must, ticket machines all have "english" buttons and an all day ticket gets you on everything that moves (mind and stamp your ticket though as its not valid if its not stamped....stampers are usually close to the ticket machine). i found the transport system really easy to figure out...most things are on the u6 line. avoid the sausage for breakfast as it usually has some form of curry in it. if you want to see loads be prepared for
  5. tig


    Real people can see through the propoganda
  6. i agree sam, not had much in the way of alcohobs in a few weeks so might need to get some flaming bucas down my neck soon. purely for medicinal purposes of course
  7. winter eh...guess whos dying with the cold already sake man
  8. was wanting it to be a bit discrete so dont want to stick it outside really. ye i think some one will be getting a strange (r than normal) present this year lol
  9. well as usual with these kind of "buys", i cant use it for where i want to put it. nothing to do with the camera right enough, more my own erm...eh....stupidity i suppose. the "oh that will be great for above the door" turned into "oh the window above the door has bloomin smoked glass" how am i supposed to know these things haha
  10. tig


    so cameron is saying if you dont support the bombing of innocent people then your a terrorist sympathiser. (i cant say anything else without swearing)
  11. only bought one thing and did it online. wifi cctv camera i can control from my phone £186 reduced to £36.
  12. yip id agree, the junkie will soak in the lime light at the mo while plotting more cuts behind our backs
  13. Pat you should watch the doc called "the flat earth society" its obviously total nonsense but the way he tries to convince you by saying things like "if the earth was ball shaped your shadow would float behind you" and "air travel wouldnt be possible" makes the whole thing hilarious
  14. not seen spectre yet but in the last few weeks ive seen... (trying to remember them) fantastic 4 (best one yet id say...but just generally ok) air...very good...reminded me of "moon" the martian was very good too american ultra was really good but a bit gory towards the end for my hangover that day so i had to look away a lot. 400 days .... quite similar to air but a bit confusing and a lot of it didnt make any sense and absolutely nothing was cleared up at the end.. maze runner 2.... (same as the first one really...ie no bad, but thats it) a couple of documentaries too.... cowspiracy was quit
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