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  1. Clean your glasses HH that isnae Dudley Dr that's Turnberry Rd. Ah mean here Google map Dudley Drive http://www.hyndl.demon.co.uk/hyndland/dact/7landmine.htm
  2. Dudley Drive in Hyndland has a "new" tenement building in the middle after it got bombed. The Hayburn bit of Dudley Drive.
  3. patti

    What a scare!

    What a fright they must have got - glad all is well
  4. Is it the old "designed by the same person" one?
  5. I would go if this was the crew then again maybe not
  6. Has the wall and the building got the dreaded pitted hole disease?
  7. Where's he going at 0.14? was that a cellar? getting a bottle of fine wine for supper
  8. I used to get the same effect in Curlers circa '72
  9. I found this on my web travels inspired by one of LG's pics which made the Glasgow tenements look like New York - NY has it's own tenement museum like ours up in Garnethill great pics http://www.tenement.org/about.html
  10. Just thinking (as I'm still negotiating round said teenager ) with all these negotiating skills and patience and balance needed to exist with teenagers- my CV should be sent to the Diplomatic Service for a flash well paid job in say .....Libya
  11. gonnae tell the exile here whereaboots that is again?
  12. Best advice yet - the only thing is the hormones/moods change every second - in the time it takes for the book to hit him he's back to ma wee boy again
  13. Oh yes Dougie(to me)Henshall is sexy
  14. When I was sick there I thought I'd catch up with the last few years bestseller fodder and so far read Room by Emma Donoghue - fantastic etc etc maybe the only criticism was that it flagged a bit towards the end but so gripping from the start and middle that kept me going. Lovely Bones - gave up after the first chapter - don't know what the fuss was all about not because of the subject matter just found it ...boring - someone told me they felt the same about the film. Currently reading How to Cope With Teenagers - seriously and the Alex Harvey bio which caught my eye in the library in a d
  15. I don't know if I should not that I really know but then oh bollocks do you want me too do you really really want me too
  16. I think the switching is really well done too the storyline of each period and the characters are strong enough to stand on their own. I thought the creepiest bit last night was in the boys (1980's) bedroom although I agree it could be creepier it wins for me on intrigue more than scary - not sure what the connection is btw the deaf woman and the storyline although I have kinda guessed the end
  17. Think last night was the fourth or fifth episode great story great cast incl Denis Lawson and Anne Reid. Catch previous episodes Marchlands
  18. Anyone else watching Marchlands? - brilliant
  19. patti


    I know Oxbridge have always been elitist establishment/s but this is stretching the gap that looks like becoming a huge vortex in the have and have nots in society. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-12381656
  20. patti


    Did you hear about the man who got tickets for the Burlesque and it didn't turn out quite what he thought
  21. Snow White thats one of the best animal pictures I've ever seen beautiful LG your escalator pics remind me of an old tenement I was in once might have been up Garnethill where I swear there were two sets of stairs running parallel up the closes - might have been a dream ? great images LG
  22. patti

    Allan Mawn

    Lovely tributes to a very interesting and charismatic man and one of our own.
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