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  1. I would love to join you all. I'll order the book tomorrow.
  2. Great songs. And now that I can view the youtube posts I'm pleasantly surprised to see what they are. What a wonderful world was used the first lesson. A perfect song. Imagine is great too Rory. They all are. Thanks. I will look up the lyrics to breath, Lynnski. Some of the fellow students have been taking in poetry, reading passages from books and are sharing peaceful, magnificent words from far flung authors all over the world. So much to learn about so many great people. There is good peaceful energy in here. Its pleasant. Nice! I think something inside so str
  3. Ahhh when the child was a child. I so wish that we could live in the moment like we did as children. See growing up......it sucks at times. Ahm awae to ohmmmm. And think how to use the song about children. Swings and roundabouts and all things fun. Oh to live with that freedom again. Thanks H H. I'm not up in songs that owel. Ducks and runs.
  4. Naw this lot. They are not into songs that send up religious folks. Wasn't that song sending up Catholics? This lot are too deep man. Words have to be deep. Peace and joy for fellow man. I'm not sure the hokey cokey is that innocent
  5. I love willies songs but his voice is too nasally for me. However, if I were to hear him singing I would probably melt and be absolutely thrilled to bits. I so admire performers and what they share. I get quite emotional at most shows. I feel the lyrics so much. What a wonderful world we really live in. The lyrics are easier to hear in older music Nowadays I have to look them up. It's great going through loads of old songs to find words that are just perfect for living in the moment. Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated.
  6. Ladies and gent. I am unable to open most of the you tubes that are posted. I think some UK content is blocked in this part of the world. And there are a couple of suggestions that won't allow me to view what it is at all. All I see is a blank blue screen with the start arrow slashed through. Sadly. (Maybe the Dylan one is a bonus....like WIllie Nelson, the man cannie song fer toffie) Their words are amazing. Lyrics and music are wonderful.....they just cannie sing.
  7. Check Out the Freddie Mercury wannabe half way through. What's with the walking stick prop? The audience in that video closely resembles half my wedding party. Scary.
  8. I've been trying to find songs for a conscious care group I'm involved with. The songs are supposed to evoke a pure love feeling for mankind. I admit to failing lots on pure love for all but I do try. I came across Clouds and I fell in love with it. The real Joni Mitchell version. So many songs out there about love between man and woman but I'm trying to find songs with meaning about living today in each moment. Mindful songs. Any suggestions. This is the nicest job I have ever had to do. Music is so powerful at sending a message. I've fell in love again with so ma
  9. Ahhhhh and a great big smile from me. Although i try and keep the furrie stuff to a minimum, it is part and parcel of being alive in a hoose. Oose alludes most of the men around me, it's a rare animal, only visible to the female naked eye. Wonder where the word came from. Any ideas? I forgot to add. We just threw our cat under the bed and then teased him for a wee while with a hankie. Nae oose nae polish nae problem. Ahm beginning to think your maw was a saint, willie.
  10. I have to admit. Ahvenogoatacloowhutstuffyisurroanaboot. Ahm either wae too young ir that old I have a memrie proablem. Syrup of figs sounds quite nice. Do you add a dash of something stronger to it? .
  11. Your mum must have been rich, Willie. Canned rice was a luxury and almost unheard of. I didnt even know the canned cream delight existed. Our delicacy growing up was dumpling and warm custard in winter. The summer treat of the day was hawf a banana and warm custard. Go figure. I guess the summer months were not always summery enough. Heres a lovely word that conjures up a flower, a lovely color and snotters with a wee black lid on top. Periwinkle. Ah cannie get my heed round that wan. Are whelks really periwinkles? Did my father pull a fast one on me. I canno
  12. Ambrosia is the word I would use to describe sugarallie waater. Ambrroashia. Them rollin arrs magnificent. I cannie mind what the word means its a mystery. If i knew how to exit this phone and have a peek at the meaning without losing my words ..... I would. But i cannie take that risk. That and the fact i cannie spell it to lol it up is another reason nottie look. That breenged word is ferr jaunty. Ah cannie wait to use it on a old pal.
  13. Twoold be nice if i could pronounce it........floccinaucinihilipilification. Sounded gaelic when i tried it out.
  14. Roll on panty gurdills wae a smattering of lavendar talc to ease em on... Rolled doon nylons when home -whyfurr did they do that? Pinnies. Tiny pearly buttons. Roll ups....I LUVED trying to make them....good old Rizla. Alas, I was useless.
  15. Just thinking.....I knew a Willie Campbell... it's nice remembering a very old pal from the toddlers.
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