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  1. went and purchased a couple of classic DVDs after reading this, Rear Window - which has been watched and is as magnificent as remembered, and Citizen Kane - never seen and a treat planned for tonight
  2. Crown office has contacted the BBC over kirsty Wark and another female reporter. Possible contempt of court
  3. Possibly one of the most appalling pieces of TV ever produced by Kirtsy Wark last night. Her retrial of Alex Salmond brought her and BBC journalism down to the gutter level, straight out of the Daily Mail playbook. Not a fan of this guy but he does a good job analysing last night's disgrace https://wingsoverscotland.com/the-endless-trial/
  4. Its certainly not been a failure at filling their friends coffers with undeserved tax payers money, short of pulling a stocking over their face and carrying a shot gun its been nothing more than blatant theft
  5. Following the decision to go with teachers markings we will end up with: A National 5 pass rate of 88% - up 10.7 percentage points on 2019 A Higher pass rate of 89.2% - up 14.4 percentage points on 2019 An Advanced Higher pass rate of 93.1% - up 13.7 percentage points higher than last year Who knew all you needed to improve results is 3 months of no school. I say we get rid of them all, they're clearly holding our kids back.
  6. Rear window, Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter and Raymond Burr at their finest. Grace Kelly at her stunning gorgeousness is also worth a mention
  7. we now have a 4/5 month window before we are in the potential double hell of covid and winter flu
  8. London and West Midlands are badly impacted, very understandable Prince Charles and his bidey in headed for Deeside.
  9. given this Government has excluded us from the EU ventilator programme and instead of placing an order for new ventilators with a company that actually makes them, instead choosing to reward a tax dodging, vacuum cleaner maker who has nil experience making ventillators, him catching it was beautiful karma in action
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