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  1. samscafeamericain

    Who to believe?

    Johnson ran the standard Goebbels play book. The right wing media has for several years ran constant anti muslim propaganda and Johnson simply carried on with that attack. As a result muslim women wearing the burqa are being targeted by thugs, because after all, senior politicians have legitimised that attack. I wonder how long before we see muslim owned businesses being attacked in our own version of krystallnacht. The man is an odious creep, a vile selfish oaf interested only in his own aggrandizement and he doesn't care how many eggs need broken to feed his ambition. Add into this someone like Bannon, who is the worst kind of right wing racist and you allow this to ferment at your peril. I am with Bertrand Russell on this one, the views and behaviours of right wing fascists are so abhorrent to me, so diametrically opposed to everything I believe in, that polite conversation is beyond the pale. No Paseran
  2. samscafeamericain

    Aye Writ 2018

    I see numerous writers invited to attend the Edinburgh Festival book event were turned away at the border for being too foreign
  3. samscafeamericain

    Exam Results

    She cannot wait to get back to school to show the art teacher who suggested she might not pass her exam..........'get it round her' were the actual words used :-)
  4. samscafeamericain

    Exam Results

    My daughter has struggled through school, she suffers from dyslexia and discalculia making many things tough going. All summer holidays she has been wracked with fears that she had failed all of her Nat 5s (O grades for us folk that deal in old money) even her beloved Art & Design. On Tuesday the envelope arrived and lo and behold she passed all of the Nat 5s she sat, including an A for art & design and Bs for the two wordiest subjects she had, English and history. After much hugging and screaming I sat back down to remark upon how dusty my house was, my eyes were streaming.
  5. samscafeamericain

    Trump Visit

    A timely reminder we should never drop our guard Sir Oswald Mosley,5, Lowndes Court,Lowndes Square,London, S.W.1.Dear Sir Oswald, Thank you for your letter and for your enclosures. I have given some thought to our recent correspondence. It is always difficult to decide on how to respond to people whose ethos is so alien and, in fact, repellent to one’s own. It is not that I take exception to the general points made by you but that every ounce of my energy has been devoted to an active opposition to cruel bigotry, compulsive violence, and the sadistic persecution which has characterised the philosophy and practice of fascism. I feel obliged to say that the emotional universes we inhabit are so distinct, and in deepest ways opposed, that nothing fruitful or sincere could ever emerge from association between us. I should like you to understand the intensity of this conviction on my part. It is not out of any attempt to be rude that I say this but because of all that I value in human experience and human achievement. Yours sincerely, Bertrand Russell
  6. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    A united Ireland looks on the cards and the hilarious thing is, its the DUP's support for the tories that is making this happen
  7. samscafeamericain

    World Cup

    England won 4, lost 3 and they want to give the manager a knighthood.......dear gawd
  8. samscafeamericain

    Trump Visit

    The man is a classless twat and astonishing both CNN and Fox in the USA agree
  9. samscafeamericain

    King Arthur was Scottish

    probably Welsh which much of Scotland spoke back then.
  10. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    imagine making MPs work instead of allowing them to sit in the subsidized boozer on full wages
  11. samscafeamericain

    World Cup

    If England think Sweden will be a walk over they are in for a rude awakening.
  12. samscafeamericain


    water charges cover more than personal usage, it covers the entire water supply and sewage infrastructure. Its also extraordinarily cheap in Scotland thanks to it remaining in public ownership
  13. samscafeamericain

    King Arthur was Scottish

  14. samscafeamericain

    World Cup

    Phew what a world cup this is proving to be. Excitement, tension, great highs and lows and thousands upon thousands of fantastic fans. Heart breaking seeing Japan lose out 3-2 to Belgium tonight
  15. samscafeamericain

    Muriel Spark 100 years anniversary

    good luck translating 'you are the creme de la creme' into mandarin chinese