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  1. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    May could never get a deal, her party are being duplicitous. Cameron despite being a twat is no mug and knew what an impossible task it was. Half of the tory party want the carnage of a no deal brexit while the other half don't want to leave at all, add into that mix the dinosaur denying DuP and its an impossibility. Perversely, the majority of people in Norn Ireland voted to remain, you wouldn't think that the way the DUP go on.
  2. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    EU signs a trade deal with Japan, to create the largest trade deal in the globe. brexit takes UK out of that deal, and probably signs the death knell for Nissan plant in Sunderland (they voted for brexit). Worringly, there's a lot of jobs dependent upon Japanese companies in Scotland.
  3. samscafeamericain

    Bloody Scotland

    I can honestly say I have absolute nil desire for a kindle Nothing beats a book
  4. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    May faces down tory vote of confidence, but with reflections of the last days of Thatcher, she looks wounded
  5. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    Pritti Patel suggest starving Ireland into submission A woman with nil knowledge of history
  6. samscafeamericain

    Bloody Scotland

    I really enjoyed McIlvanney's trilogy of crime books Have invested in The Ragged Trousered Philosopher, another classic I need to read
  7. samscafeamericain

    Oil Painting Classes

    I am definitely going back after the New Year to do another session. Fabulous group of people, lovely lady in her late 60s who is painting the place of her childhood, a wonderful bay in Argyle.
  8. samscafeamericain

    WANTED: artist studio, shared costs?

    sorry Pat but it is arranged via 'Art at the Botanics', Sandy Grant is the instructor
  9. samscafeamericain

    Christmas in Glasgow

    Twas the office advent calendar, and Friday was my day. Its a special advent calendar full of small gifts such as soaps, candles etc Opened it to find two samples of Clarins anti-aging serum - either someone is trying to tell me something or someone has sneakily switched gifts, I suspect the latter given the gifts are usually gender specified (and this was definitely a woman's gift) and the fact that I have the countenance of a 21 year old
  10. samscafeamericain

    St Andrews Day Torchlight Parade

    Its such a pity St Andrews Day isn't in mid-June
  11. samscafeamericain

    Boris Johnson's estranged wife

    That's a helluva surname for a woman
  12. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    59% of Scots would now prefer Independence to brexit
  13. samscafeamericain

    Oil Painting Classes

    Still a fair bit of work to do, but daughter has gone for a mystical woods theme, I went for a Greek ruin look to warm me up
  14. samscafeamericain

    Nae Pasaran

    Just wish the mainstream cinemas would pick it up a bit more
  15. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    Meanwhile special deals for Gibraltar and Norn Ireland. Sadly, Scotland with its new found oil wealth (2014 the BBC reported the oil would have run out by 2019) is being clutched to the bosum of the failed state. Seems, as in the 70s and 80s, the black gold will bypass Scotland and flow straight to the London coffers to pay for Westminster blundering and corporation tax cuts. Meanwhile Norway has a one trillion euro oil wealth fund and one of the highest standards of living in Western Europe. Go figure!