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  1. The 'posh' Grosvenor cinema. My mate's uncle was the manager in the late 70s/early 80s and we would get the very occasional discount - very occasional I hasten to add.
  2. I didn't appreciate that Australia had its own appearance which on this occasion was actually photographed. This is Coogee Bay, Australia in 2003. It apparently disappeared shortly after the photo was taken.
  3. we are currently having a wee sabbatical from the classes, the daughter is going through her studying for highers hell, but we shall return in June. Meanwhile have been working on a wee scene from Loch Goilhead - they talk about Ireland and 50 shades of green, Scotland can match that
  4. ach missed that. But, daughter and I did successfully erect a plastic garden shed and build a wooden picnic table and seating and barely a swear word between us.
  5. yep, he is labour party, as you know, he is also presiding officer of Scottish Parliament
  6. at last, the site is working again. Been getting nothing but Egyptian hieroglyphics for weeks Mind you my laptop is one that was previously owned by Cleopatra You should see her search history by the way......carpets to wear, how to make an entrance, is asses milk good for the skin, How do you say 'what do you want for dinner' in Latin?
  7. Farage's black shirts look to be marginally ahead in the polls down south. Almost clean sweep for SNP and Greens in Scotland (according to polls)
  8. need to invest in significant fire awareness training for people working on such significant buildings. Unwatched blow torches, not damping down roof felt and discarded ciggies seems to wreck havoc.
  9. Thanks Pat, nothing special just challenge pieces, didn't appreciate how difficult it is to 'see' ...your blooming brain wants to fill in what it thinks you should see
  10. Smith is such a common surname, i personally work with two men called David Smith. Can you give more detail? Age, era, are they still here, did you know where they worked, etc
  11. just for the record, during the 2014 referendum campaign we were assured our oil and gas would be running out in less than 100 days from now well wasn't that a whopper
  12. The absolute bullying and thuggery of the far right probrexit brigade is appalling.
  13. Our latest pieces. Finally decided to tackle figures and went with Flamenco scene. Erin did a painting of a sunny Loch Lomond
  14. Welcome JD, which era are we talking about
  15. its staggering that a second vote about exiting the EU is undemocratic but weeks of pork barrel politics and a 4th vote on getting May's deal through the commons is the height of democracy??? I see the brexit supporters with their thug behaviour and UVF supporting orange bands were parading outside the Houses of Parliament threatening journalists and MPs and making speeches about grooming of teenage girls by men of Asian descent......somehow, this is what exiting the EU will sort?
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