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  1. samscafeamericain

    West End Glasgow Old Pics

  2. samscafeamericain

    Oil Painting Classes

    Daughter and I took up oil painting classes on a saturday morning. 5 weeks in and learned loads, know I will never be a great painter but what a lot of fun and enjoyment is being had. I have also decided to grow a goatee beard to look more bohemian - it was either that or cutting a ear off
  3. samscafeamericain

    Gawd Bless Em - A Royal Baby

    Fair play to the royals, when the establishment need a distraction for the hoi poloi they never let them down. Wonder if they will name the baby Brexit
  4. samscafeamericain

    Bloody Scotland

    ach the butler did it
  5. samscafeamericain

    Excessive pay

    the obscenity of executive pay is something we have all let happen. Most of these companies are listed, they have shareholders, the shareholders approve these payments. No doubt the the wages for the workers who actually deliver the value will be hammered down
  6. samscafeamericain

    Sauchiehall Street Revamp

    Byres Rd with the same stupid redevelopment plans
  7. samscafeamericain

    AUOB Edinburgh Massive turnout

    Nicola Sturgeon's outstanding keynote speech at the SNP conference deliberately under reported by BBC; who of course led the previous week with everything Ruth had to say
  8. samscafeamericain

    The Cry

    Interesting, yet to watch it, but trailers looked good
  9. samscafeamericain

    SNP Civil War

    Jackie Bailley fired That'll give her more time to campaign to keep the largest nuclear arsenal in western Europe on her constituents doorstep.
  10. samscafeamericain

    AUOB Edinburgh Massive turnout

    An outstanding event carried off in great humour despite Historic Scotland near disastrous behaviour
  11. samscafeamericain

    SNP Civil War

    Amazingly no mention of civil wars in the labour or tory parties......you'd think the media had an agenda
  12. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/2018/09/23/labour-rips-up-the-claim-of-right/ What a labour party conference. Sectarian comments from Andy Kerr and stupid comments from Richard Leonard.
  13. samscafeamericain

    EU Withdrawal Bill

    Anyone who watched Theresa May's near hysterical nonsense following her meeting in Strasbourg and still thinks brexit is right needs their heads examined or are stinking rich, have millions hidden in offshore accounts and is salivating at the prospect of the sell off of the NHS to privateers. £50 to see your GP, £1,000 capped maximum for a hospital stay. It will be back to charity hospitals for the poor and anyone with a chronic condition. Get cancer and you will bankrupt yourself. Still, a blue passport.
  14. samscafeamericain

    Boris Johnson's estranged wife

    Usually in divorces there are two sides to each story and people should not take sides, however, in this case ............
  15. samscafeamericain

    Boris Johnson's estranged wife

    has won slimmer of the year after ridding herself of an 18 stone ass in 24 hours feel the burn :-)