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  1. Tommy Robinson , figurehead for numerous anti refugee, migrant, foreigners, etc groups is now wanting himself given refugee status and political asylum from the USA . No doubt he will take a row boat and refuse any assistance should he get in trouble, after all that's what his supporters wish for others. hypocrite, nothing but a hypocrite
  2. Morals and convictions of sewer rats
  3. Have taken big chunks of artistic license with my vatersey beach scene, removing a horrible metal fence and transplanting a woman onto the beach. hopefully only a week or two from finishing
  4. looks great Pat, we need more of these great wee places
  5. Friend of mine has literally lived at the bandstand this past two weeks
  6. indeed, to hand picked audiences. Any awkward questions such as should we have a pm from a man that is a serial cheat and doesn't know how many children he has shouted down and ignored. Meanwhile Hunt lives up to the rhyming slang for his name
  7. It makes such a difference to the Mela when the sun shines
  8. Its beyond a joke that such a vile human being could be considered; those who vote for him must see something in them reflected in him. Isn't that a thought!! I see Jo Swinson showing herself up to be an absolute snake who will slither anyway for power
  9. Started back at classes and am doing a fabulous beach scene from Vatersey, not sure I will do it justice but it great to be back throwing paint at stuff. Daughter has taken on a really challenging Thai Pagoda-like temple, lots of very straight lines and red roofs.
  10. Went to the Greek Orthodox church open day. Wonderful vista inside the church and superb Greek hospitality in the hall, loads of home made Greek delicacies, delicious greek coffee and fabulous Greek and Cypriot ex pats
  11. Boris calls the french nation turds, the BBC deliberately go out of their way to cover it up. can you imagine if that had been an SNP MSP/MP who had made a similar comment. The BBC would have ran the story every 30 minutes for at least two days.
  12. got to hope that work being done on stem cell research can find ways to solve these long term illnesses
  13. Still got oodles to do, when its near done will get it posted
  14. hmmm that caused a glitch in the matrix I believe Mr Reeves donates millions to support the poor and oppressed
  15. The cinema was the red velour seat variety. Last time i was in there they were showing a series of Hitchcock films, went to see VERTIGO on the big screen. Don't think I could have coped with Rear Window on the big screen, I would have swooned at the first sight of Grace Kelly sweeping across the screen
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