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  1. Fabulous drama then documentary that has been on ITV over the past 4 nights.Monday to Wednesday was a TV drama based on the case to bring the psychopath to rights, tonight its a documentary about the actual investigation which they cross refer to the TV drama.This is the case where the murderer was actually a contestant on Bullseye three weeks before he committed a double murder A shallow point, but I was impressed with the visual matching of actor to actual person involved
  2. There are some in the woods surrounding the Bishopbriggs' Council tip
  3. Faery pools on skye, was still wet when photo was taken
  4. Also have the latest 'shetland' book, looking forward to that
  5. its great to be back. We are in a class with fewer people (obviously) but have a couple of people completely new to painting and its lovely just hearing them start on their journey. Its week 3 and they are moving into the 'hard graft-hate this bloody painting' stage. Next week just one or two spots of paint will suddenly pull it all together and they will fall back in love with what they are doing.
  6. Covid compliant corporate hospitality at Firhill
  7. the current restrictions appear to be having an effect, the rolling average days to a doubling of infected numbers has gone from 8 days three weeks ago to 35 days yesterday. R number must be getting close to 1.
  8. As a wee counter to the media's doom laden headlines.Trends are confirming that the second peak will be around 80%-90% less than first peak in terms of lethality.Five year all cause mortality is in the normal range of the 5 year average for last 5 months.Econonomy is at 92% and climbing.Schools and universities are back at least to some form of decent standard.Vaccine roll out is continuing with a good expectation of being a real game changer.Antibody therapy is showing good signs of reducing the lethality / long term damage of Covid further.No one is wanting to be all good news, we are stil
  9. Finally bit the bullet and purchased 'A year in Provence'; I know its hardly the latest thing but its new to me. Love the way the Provencal life is painted but find I am so hungry after each chapter
  10. Just been notified, the classes start back next saturday, Hurrah!!!
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