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  1. Foul-tempered old queen has a tantrum on national telly and it's the end of the world. Oh dear. Someone should graft Douglas Murray onto him and create a beast most of us wouldn't tire of kicking.
  2. Is the pink pound the place you go to rescue your gay dog?
  3. That's Michael Redmond! It's The Stand.
  4. Apologies for not traipsing back through 95 pages of posts.
  5. Jennifer Aniston: 'Here comes the science ...'
  6. How did you know there was a big burly bloke armed with condoms and lube in those bushes? Don't tell Westie.
  7. So, we can expect some half-naked bampot with a loudhailer to appear in the middle of a Doctor Who novel. Moorcock could be fun. I anticipate Richard Four Weddings' story will be a bigger damp squib than the stories Douglas Adams wrote for Doctor Who.
  8. All done tastefully, thoughtfully and in pursuit of a debate of the highest fibre, I'm sure.
  9. Friends of mine having been raving about it. Not sure whether to go along with my techie head or my big wean head on.
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