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  1. Hello losers. I won't say i told you so but I did. No gloating of course. Here's something to cheer you up. http://news.stv.tv/scotland-decides/analysis/292772-indyref-daily-stephen-daisley-on-independence-referendum-campaign/
  2. Put your money where your mouth is, suckers. http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/scottish-independence/referendum-outcome
  3. As usual Sam hopes nobody reads the article he links too as his his fellow NatBams never actually read below his headline. Rather than similarly patronise the readership of this forum here's the relevant paragraph. Mark Carney said : "I will reiterate that we will implement whatever we're asked to implement and I'll add further, if I may, that we also have responsibilities, as you know, for financial stability in the United Kingdom and we will continue to discharge those responsibilities until they change. "We will continue to discharge those responsibilities regardless of the outcome
  4. The OCH AYE brigade scaremongering oh the shame.
  5. "Recent months have seen the launch of Assagini at the very bottom of Byres Road, effectively rescuing a site which nobody had managed to turn into a success - the smart money says it is in safe hands with its new owner, the Tony Macaroni chain - - See more at: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/eating/eatingdrinking.php#sthash.w00USH3K.dpuf" Anyone lose their shirt on the above tip? it's no now UshRs or something. Is it a high rent that kills them .
  6. That's the Ettrick gone. http://glasgow.stv.tv/65381/ Say hello to Heisenberg's, a new place for a pint...
  7. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/health/glasgow-worst-area-for-racism-to-health-staff.22973809 Health workers in and around Glasgow are more likely to be subjected to racist abuse than those in any of other UK health board area, new figures have suggested. Wha's like us, Eh.
  8. Still a few improvements required. When does the G20 security contract run out? When a band is on it's normal to switch the bar's music system off. Whilst Felonious apparently was impressed by the band I wonder if putting a power blues band on was sending a message that the regulars were not in Kansas any more.
  9. And the full story is stated in my post. Good to see you standing up for the landlords.
  10. I'd rather read today's Scotsman referring to when the current Scottish Government gave £10m to Amazon. A sum that Hugh Andrew suggests would pay his and every other employee's salary in the Scottish book industry. http://www.scotsman.com/news/hugh-andrew-amazon-jobs-come-at-a-high-price-for-scotland-1-1994067 The results for those who got the low paid jobs with Amazon were seen on tonight's Panorama. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-25091315 When Amazon opened its largest UK fulfilment centre in Fife it was said to have received more in government grants than it actually paid back into
  11. They all turned up for this so I'm surprised you missed it. "SNP and Conservative MSPs rejected a plea for a national "bedroom tax" no evictions policy after hearing that tenant bids for financial help has soared to "astronomical" levels." "Welfare Reform Committee vice convener Jamie Hepburn sided with SNP colleagues Kevin Stewart and Annabel Ewing, and Tory MSP Alex Johnstone, to vote out a petition for statutory protection from eviction for those deemed to have extra bedrooms. They also voted against writing to the Scottish Government to explain its opposition to a statutory ban
  12. Just what is it with today's school children? Blow to Salmond as Nairn Academy votes to save the union http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/2013/11/blow-to-salmond-as-nairn-academy-votes-to-save-the-union/ It does fit in with the study Edinburgh University in June of this year.
  13. Convicted villain when in power and now Grandee because he says Och Aye. They do miss those headlines.
  14. "As the Edinburgh City Leader for Business for Scotland I attend a large number of business presentations and events focussed on independence. Last night as we came to the end of an independence debate hosted by Edinburgh marketing company Nth Degree, the No campaign got a bit of a shock. The audience were asked (post debate) to say how they now intended to vote" They're seriously polite in Edinburgh. They wouldn't want to spoil th e party. Meanwhile in the real world the Nationalist for independence lost to Labour and now don't have a councillor in Govan. Luckily enough they still have Nic
  15. And which officer of the Government made sure that was the maximum sentence. Out in plenty of time to vote in the referendum
  16. They nominated him despite as I said having the evidence which eventually led to his conviction of beating women up. You're defending the lack of action of the SNP?
  17. Bill Walker has now negotiated his early release date. What do you think three, four or a massive six months in the jail for hitting women. BTW Sam, Alec Salmond knew about Bill but didn't want him knocked back as being not good enough for a candidate. The SNP were presented with the evidence that eventually lead to his conviction. Keep up with the diversionary tactics. See you in Dunfermline. I'm sure the SNP will select a woman, for the wrong reasons of course. Maybe Bill will apologise to the men.
  18. Oh You're scaring us now. Wait a minute that's the unionists' job according to Och Aye The Noo bams. How's the polls. I see there's the usual rogue one just to lift your blue and white saltired herts.
  19. Nice side step there from the OCh Aye the noo brigade ignoring that Bill Walker's position as an MSP meant his prosecution was sent up for scrutiny and for some reason he was prosecuted at summary level meaning no by election in Dunfermline. On of the SNP's two faces was saved.
  20. REFURBISHMENT work on the historic bandstand in Kelvingrove Park is now under way. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/mobile/news/work-begins-on-revamp-of-city-bandstand-134907n.21998115
  21. Well the SNP opposed devolution having abandoned it in the 40's and Labour could not persuade 40% of the electorate to vote for it. Round about the figure currently in favour of separation.
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