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  1. I also visited the new Titan, Hungry Horse where the Boulevard hotel, Clydebank was. The food & service & price was ok but I don't know that I would hurry back.
  2. I have had lunch twice recently at The Inn at bearsden train station, good food but service slow which is a bother when ye have to get back to work. Would go again
  3. Belated Birthday wishes, hope you had a great day x
  4. I'm not sure what any one means re "gentrification of Partick" but I look forward to the upgrading of the Partick Tavern. My family have enjoyed a few nightsb there
  5. I tried to access info on local to G15 food banks, where they are & how do you apply to them. I found it fairly difficult. A couple of investigations using a very slow computer at work, several phone calls. It took most of a morning. So if I found it hard; how easy is it for those that need help to access them ? BTW, The people I eventually spoke to were very helpful & gave me contact numbers, days they were available etc.
  6. Ye, seems hopeful if they don't need immediate hospital admit but how traumatic that must be for those involved, even if they are not actually physically injured.
  7. Looking at the photos it must be scary for the firefighters crawling over that roof !!!
  8. Just read on a BBC Scotland news report that there has been a helicopter crash near the Clutha Vaults in Glasgow city centre. I am hoping n praying that there are not many casualties.
  9. Good on ye Pat. However we can't ignore the problems around religion & same sex marriage. Seems likely the churches or individual ministers will just give a blessing & couples will have a civil ceremony to confirm their marriage I do know of a same sex couple in my area recently having a wedding at a Church of Scotland.
  10. Nae luck, Lynnski, Most common tummy bug in UK. Usually only last 2 mibbe 3 days. Keep hydrated, if ye have a temp- take paracetemol, avoid contact wi others as it contagious, see GP if symptoms linger . Hope ye recover soon
  11. What about the money spent on that Tower, revolving thingie near the SECC, that has hardly ever worked ? I heard that it is to be back up working again soon. Honestly, would you trust it ?
  12. Sadly, I am unable to be in Glasgow city centre tomorrow. Where do I sign the petition ?
  13. That made me laugh Pat. Can you imagine what punishments I would have received in the 60's for even saying words like that in front of a nun, never mind putting them in writing ! I don't think we were allowed to use them at home even. I am so glad times have changed x BTW, you are one clever Granny using tactics like those to encourage writing skills. x
  14. Younger folk I work with admire my hand writing ! They say it is clear and easy to read. The nuns at school despised it!! The dreaded weekly " Ink Exercise " usually brought some sort of punishment
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