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  1. I doubt I could think of a favourite. I like the Unseen University lot, and the witches, and all those mad gods ....... I admit I will tend to ignore or skim over any long descriptive scenes of epic battles, because the amount of lovely sarky witty social comment in his writing is much more fun. It's absolutely horrible about the Alzheimer's disease.
  2. I don't believe you did, no. Hmmm. Nightmares for me tonight then.
  3. I'm really envious of all these gorgeous animals.
  4. Ah haw, glory hallelujah .... the omega 3 and the vitamin C .... but trilliwags ? Whit?
  5. Ack, I got that one wrong. It's "hair like rats' tails" or "hair like straw hinging oot a midden". I must have had them both said to me often enough to conflate the two.
  6. And the same person who could do that would probably be one who "would get a scone at any door". (Jammy sod)
  7. Hair like rats' tails hinging oot a midden.
  8. Ah, sorry about that. Apologies, I would hate tae fall oot wi somebody who will soon be mega-rich from telly programmes.
  9. Well forget any tardis: the whole title of "tog an' his dog" is just crying out to be a cute wee weans' programme. Copyright it right now, TOG! And was the wee wean in the pic really a genuine young TOG? Aww, the nice. (TOG not looking nearly as wonderful nice as the great shaggy dog though, sorry,)
  10. Shocking difference in those two photies up there. Nice big shaggy dogs = good. World taken over by cars = not really so good.
  11. Hahaha! Sick, but funny!
  12. OK, I went away and came back and did some different clicking and saw it. The optician and the updating the sad computer are both good ideas, though.
  13. Eek, Heidcase, I did follow the instructions and did "click to view full image" but no good did it do me. So what do all the blurry wee words say, please?
  14. Mibbe it's a biblical thing and it means InJudasnesses? Naw? Oh, all right, then, I think the correct terms in injudiciousiosities. Or injudiciousiositiessesss, my precioussss. No need to thank me: always glad to help.
  15. Five Boys. Aye, unhealthy to eat chocolate, but at least you get to learn big long words at the same time. I would rebrand it as nasty-looking wee yobs.
  16. A sweetie nostalgia thread on an internet message board and nobody has mentioned Fry's "Five Boys" yet? For shame! :cry: Oh, aye, and Penny Caramels, and Fruit Salads, and Blackjacks. Ah, all beloved of dentists throughout Glasgow and parts beyond.
  17. All's well, then. I had some notion that you couldn't have wee sharp plastic bits in sweets anymore, but there ye go. I'm a meringue. That linked site - retrosweets - says it sells "Texan Bars". But, but, but, if I remember those being new (and not very good, IIRC), they can't go about calling them "retro". No, not fair.
  18. I think Lucky Tatties might have been banned. That's if they were the things covered in brown powder (cinnamon?) and with a wee plastic thing in the middle. Dangerous Weapons of Mouth Destruction, or something. So the world is now completely safe without Lucky Tatties. That sounds like a great wee shop, though, so I'm going to be very careful not to go there.
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