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  1. In the U.K. usage of the English language, as she iz spoke, "practise" is the verb and "practice" is the noun. It really is that simple, honestly. I see that this involves my disagreeing with Rolo, but what the hell, I am a brave wee Hamster, and surely Rolo will not come along and thump me. Well, not much. (Painful SQUEAK eeeeeeeek) U.S.A. usage is "practice" for both verb and noun, and I must say I am not sure which convention Canada follows. An easy way to get children to remember is is to ask them to remember that "advise" is a verb, and "advice" is a noun. Well, that s
  2. Um, I confess I very nearly did. In fact I *would*have , had not the wee note at the end alerted me to give it some thought. Caution, slow brain here. Coffee input required.
  3. She thought it was quite an (out)standing order. Helpful obedient wifey
  4. Ah, just thought. Maybe somebody has been eating the starlings. They tried to do the "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie" thing, but turned it into 42 starlings. Failing that, the starling have gone to follow the bees.
  5. Oh all right, SOMEBODY is gonnae say that the answer is 42. Just get it over with.
  6. So do the horses obediently close the gates? Polite ponies you have there.
  7. However, you can clean the cache on Firefox, just in case you want to know for future reference. Tools >>>>> Options >>>>>>> Clear Private Data In fact, I just looked at it again, and it also works as Tools >>>>>>>> Clear Private Data (or just by Ctrl Shift Del) Ooh, I have learned stuff today. I get a feeling that I'll stick the the first option, though, just out of habit.
  8. No no, not at all, perish the thought. Doesn't sound as though you are familiar with the bakery shop at all, oh dearie me no. The chocolate hedgehog slices sound good.
  9. "Witchety Frappes"? Hmm, I've only heard of a witchetty grub, so I just hope these ones are nicer and don't involve insects. (Edited to fix the mess I made of the quote thingy.)
  10. Haha, just when I am thinking "huh, same blooming age as Barack Obama and he gets to run a scarily big country and I achieve nothing ... sob sob", and now I HAVE made my mark upon the world. Well, upon ONE biscuit. In ONE house. In ONE city. Still, it's a start, eh? Today it might be only one biscuit. Morgen, die ganze Welt! As for the nostalgia, what about the lemon sticky biscuits, the name of which escapes me? They *might* have been called "Lemon Puffs". Custard slices, whatever their real name was, were fun as a wean too. Not an everyday thing, but grand potential
  11. Ta for the excuse. When my keyboard starting typing that, I thought that the return to childhood and cakes had turned me into a lolcat, but I HAD been eating Jammie Dodgers, so blame the sugar. See about "Empire biscuits", the ones that have been German biscuits and Belgian biscuits whenever wars and politics require a name change, shouldn't they be Commonwealth biccies by now? Or "Let's admit it, the game's a bogey" biscuits?
  12. That was MY way! U haZ stoLeN it! U wil here fRom mai LawYerZ! (Sorry, don't know what come over me there, really)
  13. I'm guessing because of Israel, although I suppose the exact provenance of the oranges used might be something we might want to know. Ozneil, the Australian "lolly" thing always confuses me. Would those ones be what we would call "gobstoppers", lovely delicate turn of phrase that it is?
  14. I'm hungry now. Want rhubarb tarts now! Or apple turnovers. Or some of the caramel and chocolate shortbread stuff. It's lucky that it's too late and dark and cold to go out in search of some, really. Gingerbread. Lemon sponge. Strawberry tarts. Why did I click on the damned thread?
  15. Yep, I suppose "C & A" was considered easier to deal with than whatsisname and August Brenninkmeijer.
  16. with thon song "Vienetta"?
  17. Oh. Oops. I promise I 'll do no fun and more miserable the nearer it gets to Consumer Day.
  18. Haha, I had thought of that, but figured I wouldnae get away with that AND the cute scooter thing.
  19. I've decided this "lametta" is a silly word. Any word I have only started hearing/seeing in the last few years is suspect. It needs a new name. I will now call it "vermicelli tinsel". But wait, wouldn't "Vermicelli Tinsel" be a (sort of) good pop group name? Mibbe for one of those 1980s New Romantic types.
  20. What if you're cooking dinner at the time and you get all mixed up and you chuck the spaghetti at the tree and you chuck the tinselly stuff* at the wall? And was it Woolworth that used to sell bags of chocolate mis-shapes? That was good. * Sorry but "lametta" should really be a mod's scooter or something.
  21. Three cheers for Lynnski! Support bookshops, or else it will be a case of "I can HaZ Illiteracy and Eejitism, plizz". Rly. Srsly.
  22. But bargain book places and supermarkets don't always tend to sell very good books, do they? I bet if you made a list of a few really "present-worthy" books, the ones that you will care about more than just a disposable read, you'll have to use real bookshops. So you won't get bargains, but you might get books worth keeping and feel that you used your friends' presents sort of "properly", if that makes any sense.
  23. Oh yes, I saw a reference to that in the news lately, but didn't read more. I don't know, though. I might be scared to read it in case it was a disappointment. Mind you, I'm sort of scared to re-read the Douglas Adams books in case they don't stand up to time. A "very good children's writer", eh? How the hell does he find good children? Unheard-of species!
  24. Heresy! Perhaps you could compromise and try "Good Omens", a joint effort by Pterry and Neil Gaiman?
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