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  1. Good grief! You like it? And there was me thinking "oh ye gods, how bloody tiresome. If I had been in a bookshop and found happy quiet browsing interrupted by some attention-seeking eejits, I would have dumped all books I wanted to buy and left the shop at once." Oh dear, I think I'm just about ready for my official "grumpy humourless old fogey badge". I *suppose*, though, if one worked there, it would have the benefit of breaking a bit of monotony. Nah, on second thoughts, still wouldn't work for me. Edited to add: I suppose it might have been more fun if one (or all)
  2. I really hope things work out well for you, Lynnski. Very sad situation.
  3. Forgot to say that this bit: is fun - one of those things one can definitely see in the mind's eye. It's certainly something that the dog I mentioned above would have done. Heheheh, the cat gets a laugh and the tame bipeds get a laugh.
  4. Haha, apart from the fartiness aspect, that sounds awfully unlike my (well my family's) last dog, and most (all right, several) dogs I have met. Meh, many of us like both dogs and cats. Often dogs are impractical to keep, in fairness to the dog's needs, e.g. to be taken out for walks* etc., and at present I don't even have a cat to sit on the mat in my flat. Heck, maybe I should buy a blooming hamster, eh? Mind, I do know of a wee black kitten, a rescued stray, whose temporary people will keep him till they can sort out a good home (Cat Protection/Rescue/whatever the name is sa
  5. Yep. My dad was talking about that one only recently: I think he was a bit cheesed off at the time that all the older siblings got the school trip to the Exhibition but he was still a year too young for school. Aw, the shame. Here is a wee YouTube thing about it. Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938 (Bellahouston Park)
  6. Oh! VERY interesting. Pilger is a very good guy. I suppose this is not the main point for other people, but, for me, I was extremely interested in the thing about Business International. Aye, yeah, guess whose first "proper" job ( meaning after doing have done a few unemployed and no money for food months aftrer gratuaion and then you do a few temp clercal assistant thingies), was with Business International? Oh heck, even then I knew it was capitalism red in tooth and claw ........... Hell, even my boss was unhappy. When I dared (being a new thing I did not dare to
  7. It is very unkind of you to laugh. Naughty, naughty. The Gray man usually does not exactly ever say anything at all, so we must applaud his wee efforts. Aye, right, I'll no be holding my breath for that then.
  8. Oh yes, some of the "commentary" has been a bit vile. Rather uncouth bits of op-ed in newspapers and so on, and muttering from politicians and others, not all of it very good in terms of respect and dignity for those who were closely affected. Yes, (hangs head a bit), all right, I, and many of us, in the real world and in the internet world, make flippant remarks too, but I am just one more insignificant eejit on a tiny message board - we are allowed some levity, whereas the carefully planned remarks from "opinion-formers" ought, perhaps, to take a more measured tone. Some have done.
  9. As a matter of (probably no) interest, may I say that I didn't really have much time for MacAskill before, but I am impressed with his performance in this matter.* It's not too often you see a politician make, and fully take ownership of, a decision that he absolutely knows is gonnae get him pelters. It *must* be dreadful for the families of the Lockerbie victims, this re-opening of wounds, but just keep hoping (and loudly nagging politicans etc) that one day we *might* get a proper enquiry. I tend to doubt it, but perhaps that's just the cynic in me. I would rather like a time machin
  10. Let's hope there might some time be a proper full and free enquiry into the whole Lockerbie thing. I think it would be very very interesting to find some answers.
  11. Heh, yes, I wonder what I could charge them to license the use of great marketing slogan. Naw, they can have it free, 'cos ah'm dead nice. Note: I trust it goes without saying that I only intend insult to SOME U.S. people there, OK? Not all, not by any means. Still, at least they can gnash their teeth and make threats - it must be trickier for our home-grown people of the same mindset - what are they going to threaten to boycott? "Gonnae geez a fish supper an a bottle of Irn Bru?" "Ah, naw, gonnae make that, um, Coke? Dr. Pepper? Root beer? And I don't want chips - ah want
  12. There was a fun example of an empty vessel on the Beeb "Have Your Say" thing earlier. Basically this chappie (from Pennsylvania, I think) helpfully setting out what America should do to make an effective boycott and show Scotland and the U.K. in general what's what. - Stop selling them Trident missiles ("Yes", thinks me, "am cool with that. Do move ahead on that one as soon as you like." - Stop spending trade and tourist dollars there (All right, at least there's internal logic there, that being what a boycott is anyway) - Throw them out of the U.N. and out of NATO That l
  13. Oh, but I'm really quaking in my boots 'cos some of them threaten to boycott our whiskey. Yes, with an "e". The type that love upper case, as you might guess. Funny how that seems to the internet equivalent of green ink. I've been having an interesting time looking at comments on the New York Times and the Washington Post.
  14. I thought it was "cleek". Not that I'n ancient, mind.
  15. As long as you weren't really number 6, I'm sure you were all right.
  16. Well, I suppose 'twill sound a bit like that.
  17. NOnonono. Not the way it works. In order to keep the whole fabric of the universe thing right, you have to get the extra from tam's trousers and add it to yours. Otherwise, who knows what sort of evil might befall if things get out of balance? Huh, ever think about that, eh? Living in the material world.
  18. The lost posts? Well, I'm sure they were are very significant part of the threads. So, what happens, you see, is that the posts then take all that bit of thread and steal it, and they use all that thread to add the extra inches to the waistband of your troosers. See? Simple really. Sew very simple. All to do with high magic and physics and the mystery of the fabric of the universe. Next question, plizz.
  19. I admit I have no clue what that means but is is very intriguing. Do I really want to know?
  20. No, no, don't be daft, that is NOT how it works. Obviously cat makes sure the dead bubble stuff lands in the human's dinner, or on the new silk shirt, or on the letter you are going to post .....
  21. Oh, I love that dog warning sign one. I wonder if such signs exist in the real world. I'd buy one. Some people I know with a big young collie/lab cross whose enthusiasm, I suspect, tends to exceed her intelligence, could probably use one of those.
  22. Another thing that's fun with cats is those wee old bubble-blowing things - you know, basically a bit of soapy water and a sort of plastic lollipop with no centre - and you get to sit down all peaceful and lazy and watch the cat go mad punching all the bubbles to death. "Naw, the bubbles must not invade my house! ¡No pasarán! Oi, how did that one vanish even before I thumped it? Can't stop to think, got too many other bubbles to deal with. Oh the stress of it all and I can't even trust that lazy biped to help ..... ... oh I punch, yet they keep on coming .... ". Meanwhile you and yo
  23. This sounds like a book you want to swipe. It does include "The Flowers of Scotland".
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