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  1. Def. get rid of golden goodbyes to M.P.s etc. If anyone else takes a job, knowing full well that it might be temporary, they don't expect a big load of dosh when the job comes to an end. Go and update C.V. and go to the Jobcentre like, you know, real people. The people who DON'T get to claim expenses for wallpaper or duckhouses or cleaning ladies or dodgy "flipping" of their extra houses.
  2. Indeed, the daft "protect and Survive" booklet was from 1980. Movie, I don't remember, but if you mean the film of the Raymond Briggs "When The Wind Blows" book, oh yeah, that was good. For anyone who wants a laugh at the stupid stupid evilly doubleplusstupid "Protest and Survive" booklet, here it is in all its glory. Or gory. http://www.atomica.co.uk/main.htm The very good "Protest and Survive" by E.P. Thompson is also online somewhere, but right now I don't even know where it is on bookshelf, never mind where it is in the interweb tubes. As for "defence" spending, well, ki
  3. Well, be fair, it was a memorable day in its own way. Embarrassing, I suppose. I imagine something like: HH - "Excuse me, can you spare some change for a couple of cans of Irn Bru?" Passerby - "Nonsense, I'm not falling for that. Heid does not zip up the back. Did not come up Clyde on bike. I know you will spend it on Buckfast, you beggar!" HH - "naw, I mean, you swap the money FOR the Irn Bru. No, really. Honest." Why didn't you sell the eldest wean and keep the Irn Bru?
  4. I hope you do better than I do with your bike. I bought a second-hand bike a while back. Um, ok nigh on two years ago now, and have not dared to go out with it yet. Summery weather leaves me no excuse, so mibbe sometime ........... Or perhaps it can just remain as a sort of trip-you-up-as-you-walk-by ornament in the hallway.
  5. No. I don't do "FAST". On an energetic day, I might sometimes do "stroll" or "amble". Any more might suggest ambition. And energy and stuff.
  6. RUN? Run, you say? I am lazy. What is this "run" of which you speak? I know it not!
  7. Yes, and the song/tune was by David Silver, I think. I was a bit too young to be following things on telly then*, but it sounds as though it might be fun to look at some time if it still exists somewhere. I seem to recall that there were some people who thought this a trad song, but it was actually made for the telly thing. * well, I might have been in the same house as a telly, but my musical appreciation in that year would have been along the lines off "goo goo, ga ga". Not that I'm much more sophisticated these days, come tae think on it.
  8. I think I see your point, but sometimes "pretty" can be just a wee bit too "chocolate box-y", if you see what I mean. Not always, of course, but sometimes you do want a bit of austere, cold and imposing. And even grey. (All together now, "sing if you're glad to be grey, sing if you're happy that way ...") Haha, that reminds me of the time when a Scottish scene was used in a brochure for Thailand. Aye, not the Caribbean, but it amused me just the same. From: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/highla...nds/8413627.stm Made me laugh anyway.
  9. That sounds ever so slightly as though sister is coming second there, although I'm sure that can't really be the case. Isn't there something sister likes to do that would leave brother taking his turn to "wait" at sporting activities? Admittedly, I don't know the ages, or the interests, of the children involved. Of course, if the "waiting" just involves sitting happily with a book, then, speaking as an Olympic class couch potato lazy creature, I could see why that might be fun too.
  10. Haha, notanimby, I surmise that you also have/had a job that involves/involved filling your head full of boring details of big companies, of dodgy takeovers etc., of capitalism red in tooth and claw. I resent remembering stuff like that when I don't seem able to remember a simple shopping list. I want to reformat my head!
  11. And ponies and elephants! Yes, I can see good reasons for not wanting animals in circuses, but when young I liked being able to go and say hello to the poor oppressed beasties*. Waltzers, though, are the work of the devil. I went on the blasted things only once. All sad and dizzy and felt sick. I R wimp. *Oh, not to be friendly, no, but to find out if the heffalumps were scared of hamsters as well as of mice.
  12. Be careful. I think HSBC is, well, HSBC, where the letters stood for Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation once upon a time. I don't think it is the HBoS (Halifax Bank of Scotland) thing. SO, I'm wondering if this is simply a scam/phishing e-mail. Look at the details of the sender, because it might be something extremely dodgy, and it would be best not to click on any links in that email. Yes, people do frequently get emails claiming to relate to a real bank account, and I suppose they can look convincing at first glance. (I *suppose* the idea is that if the scammers send o
  13. Gaudere's law, or Muphry's law if the Australian posters prefer it, strikes again. I agree that "slickly progressive" sounds quite nasty.
  14. Well yes, it is an indoors court. I don't really care very much, but it was just one of those wee wondering moments that come along to attack the brain. I found myself thinking "well, if we are abandoning the idea of green even for utterly fake grass, why not bright red with green and yellow stripes? Or polka dots of all colours all over the place? Or black and white like a chess board? You have a good point, though - given that Australia does indeed market itself on the whole idea of "sunshine and loveliness", how odd. So much for all those tourist "come to Oz" adverts then, if the
  15. Oh, if he wins, he'll be British all right. Might be Scottish if he loses. Good luck to him anyway. (I saw a bit of the thing on television news: it all seems to happen on a BLUE coloured tennis court. Is blue considered psychologically better in some way? Or better for television? Or just the colour some manufacturer of fake grass for tennis purposes happened to have a lot of in stock?)
  16. I see what mean mean about at least you can see the end now: I *suppose* it's a tiny bit better actually to *know*, rather than the stress of permanently living on tenterhooks, but it's still pretty horrible. Sad for Lynnski. I hope some white knight can take it over as another bookshop.
  17. Isn't it a fun surprise that the Turner judges didn't pick the bloke with the steel frame full of cows' brains?
  18. Shouldn't you be all properly Aussie about it and chuck them on a barbeque? A biggish sort of BBQ.
  19. Yep. I forgot I was being a hamster. Brain not working, so it's obviously time for dinner!
  20. Very naughty of them. May the fleas of a thousand camels .......................... ach, you know the rest. Admittedly, I will buy books occasionally from Ebay (for cheaposity) and *very* occasionally from Amazon (mainly if I have some dosh in Amazon gift certificates*), but I'm very sure I'd have no excuse deliberately to exploit a real bookshop in that way. Devils advocate time: I rather think that the behaviour described above might work both ways though. I mean, I think there will be people who check things out on the net but deliberately prefer to use a real world hi
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