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  1. I don't think I like this bit: http://www.bbc.co.uk...cation-11672679 If she is considered a valid example, that's fine, but expecting students on that course to be fans seems to detract from the aspect. It seems as though any students who might be interested in undertaking an objective examination of the sociological phenomenon of fame and celebrity might be out of luck. If the students are required to be fans of people who are subjects of their study, that could be problematical for quite a few subjects. History, for example, might just involve studying one or two no
  2. Ah, I wondered but didn't like to ask. Intentional or not, I think it's a terrific effect. It makes this nice normal sensible tenement look quite intriguing, as though it contains secret worlds, and is perhaps feeling a bit bursting at the seams with them all. I think if the building decided to hide itself and its secret world completely, the friendly trees there would quickly join forces and obscure it altogether. There would be disappointed photographers and confused neighbours.
  3. Doesn't "twig" (tuig) in the sense of "understand" come from Gaelic? And "smithereens", "slogan", and "bog", and wouldn't Bill Shakespeare's epithet "The Bard of Avon" be completely borrowed from, if not Scottish Gaelic in particular, any amount of Celtic languages? Not English anyway. Tee hee hee. We should demand it back, or perhaps charge them rent for it. I'm sure there are more but there is hunger at me.
  4. Nothing to do with pubs, but I always find it fun that the English word "smashing" comes from the Gaelic "'s math sinn".
  5. If he's a sparks, he'll know all about resistance. <quickly runs away singing "Keep the Ohm fires burning">
  6. No, not blinkered, but it indicates a most amazing optimism. I would expect to win the lottery long before such a thing comes to pass. And I don't play the lottery.
  7. Heh, I feel stupid. That *must* have been around for a while, surely, but I have never heard it before. Chortle, chortle.
  8. Thomas Cook, you say? Ah, Thomas Cook wouldn't want you to go to Glasgow at all, tam, 'cos it's full of bad food and rain, apparently. http://news.scotsman...void.6538337.jp
  9. Perhaps the fond parents should put a collar on the kids, with an identification tag. Like dogs. I notice that in Ozneil's example, there is mention of the police asking for information, but no mention of the parents 'phoning the police to say they had mislaid their child. I suppose they will learn to lock their doors some time.
  10. Haha, all you need is courage and courgettes. Or a cat: here's a cat chasing off a bear. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=57VbE0J9niw
  11. A grant? Pah! Fie upon this "grant"! I don't want a grant - I want a grant for me (very big one - um, make that something like "commensurate with my undoubted abilities and utterly necessary in order to secure my much sought-after services" AND grants for my assistants and underlings (who are necessary just to make me important). And my uncle, a Mr. Thomas Cobleigh, wants one too.
  12. "Girls will be boys and boys will be girls It's a mixed up muddled up, shook up world..."
  13. I expect the poor dears might need peace and quiet for all their expensive creative work: send them to St. Kilda till they know what they're on about and whether they are worth it. Or Gruinard ('cos I bet the anthrax isn't really ALL gone). Sorted! Now I want lots of public money for my hard work and analysis there.
  14. Artistic director should be thrown out on his bum without a chair.
  15. You are Mr. Pringle, my primary school teacher and I claim my £5.
  16. Ah. I was a bit slow there. Good thinking.
  17. Careful. You wouldn't want to boil off most of the alcohol.
  18. Oh yes. I think you're right. And no doubt with the new baby whatsitsname in tow, (nanny having been told to keep out of sight until the photographers (who just so happen to be there at precisely the right moment) have got plenty of shots and gone away. Yes, I think your crystal ball is probably working well. Except possibly Tesco, not Asda, Tesco being more British doncha know. And some people will fall for it and believe "we're all in this together", no doubt. Edit - I *knew* there was something at the back of my mind about Tesco - the delightful and not-corrupt-at-all,
  19. Declare a holiday! Let there be dancing in the streets! Party time! Heck, at this rate, world peace will be sorted out by next week. http://www.weebls-stuff.com/wab/pie/
  20. That's nice of him. Can one buy much food in the shops using "listening and empathising" as currency?
  21. Ah, that might explain something. In one place I lived as a young student Hamster, what served as my writing table was actually a sewing machine table without sewing machine, but still with the treadle thing that you work with your foot. Stupid thing, I thought at first, but then it became amusing to do this thing and the wee wheel would go around, albeit with nothing for the wheel to drive. A sad wheel, deprived of its reason for being. But I figured I might be the only person to write my essays by the "rhythm method". So it wasn't my landlady being mean, but was a sort of fashion?
  22. I liked that bit. I laffed. But why did anyone ever go to places that were so scary?
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