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  1. Thanks Harper! The family are really well - the girls are 9 & 10 now and nearly as tall as me...I'm teaching full time now so not as much head space to add to discussions but I like to pop in every now and then and see what you are all talking about I suppose you are all bracing for the winter now? We've had a wet spring and not that warm but today is expected to be over 30 degrees in Melbourne so summer has officially arrived on cue.
  2. I read the fifth child fairly recently and it was very good though quite disturbing. It's about a happily married couple who seem to be living a charmed life until the birth of their fifth child who is portrayed as some kind of demon-child. He tears the family apart and it's very interesting to see how the mother desperately tries to love him and keep everything together. It left me feeling very uneasy.
  3. I know it's been out for a while but did anyone see Gravity? I absolutely loved it but my colleague thought it was terrible. The tension lasts the entire time. When the film finished and I went to stand up my arms were sore - I didn't realise I'd been clenching the armrests the whole time!
  4. So sorry to hear of the tragic news from Glasgow. Xx
  5. Do you mean for private or small group instrumental tuition or for general class music lessons? Here music is part of the curriculum and incurs no extra fees but students can opt to pay for private instrumental tuition during school hours. These private lessons are certainly very expensive but cheaper than if the child were to have lessons outside school hours (and more convenient too). At our children's school there is a strong strings program and if the child is having lessons in violin or cello then they must also participate in the ensemble group practice (an extra $100 per term). Add that
  6. Can't get any Gabriel Garcia on the kobo unfortunately - will check out the library. The girls are really well thanks Harper - getting bigger by the minute. I've started teaching full time this term so am busier than usual but will try to get hold of the book soon. I'm usually a pretty fast reader once I get going.
  7. I took my girls to see Brave in the last school holidays and we all really enjoyed it though they found it scary I thought it was beautiful and I particularly liked the storyline as a mother of girls. It's refreshing to have a central girl character and no love interest at all. I had to smile as it was a rainy day when we saw it and my hair very much resembled the leading ladies' as I walked out of the cinema - maximum frizz!
  8. Hellooooooo! Haven't talked to you all for a while but I can never resist a book club so I hope you don't mind if I join in? I'll get 100 years on my kobo and join in when I catch up to the rest of you. Hope you have all been well and that the summer has been pleasant - getting to the end of a long, wet and slushy winter here and looking forward to the onset of spring - only a few more weeks to go. Saw the first jonquils in the garden this week...
  9. I like sheep. We had one wander into our backyard once and kept hime for 2 weeks till his owner showed up and claimed him. He was enormous and loved carrots. I didn't realise how loudly sheep baaa though - he used to clatter along our varandah and bleat outside our bedroom window early in the morning. The dogs were terrified of him The girls imaginatively named him "Sheepie" but we learned his real name was Gerald
  10. Congrats on the impending Grandfatherhood Gladtobeglas. There's been a spate of pregnancy announcements in my world lately - not my own though thank goodness Don't you hate it when you decide to put a heap of energy into doing something only to realise it probably wasn't actually worth it/possibly made the job more difficult...decided to shovel left over pile of washed sand into the trailer to move somewhere to keep for future use (leftover from a bit of paving job out the front of the house). So, I dragged the trailer up from the backyard which involved pulling it up a slope, shovelled ha
  11. Sleep in, coffee, sunday papers strewn about, sunny weather so kids outside and amusing themselves. Nice walk with family and dogs and a barbie with the neighbours for tea with a couple of wines. And chocolates obviously.
  12. Thanks Pat! I had a lovely girly pampering day with my mum and sisters and got some beautiful pressies too so am feeling spoilt. Even managed to get 2 birthday cakes
  13. I got a kobo recently. I really like it - especially if I'm hanging around at sports/swimming lessons/any other kid related activity which involves waiting as it is so light I just throw it in my handbag and I've always got something on hand to read. There are lots of free books available, mostly classics. I like that it's not backlit so the glare doesn't give me a headache and it looks like a real page. The only downside is if I haven't charged it and I go to get it out and I can't continue reading my book till I recharge it bit of a first world problem there...Doesn't replace real books for
  14. Well as usual this time of year is pretty dramatic weather wise in this part of the world. We had 4 days a week ago of 35 degrees followed by the dumpimg of a quarter of our average yearly rainfall over the next week so many towns in Victoria are flooded now. The sun made an appearance today so all is better with me now! I am wimpy Aussie and can't cope with more than a few days of incessant rain. The mud! The dampness! I'm over it
  15. I hope you are pleasantly surprised by the olympics. I loved living in Sydney during the 2000 games the atmosphere was fantastic and everyone really got into the spirit of it. The trains ran ON TIME during the whole 2 weeks which was usually unheard of
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