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  1. Am here because i want tae post somethin but tryin no tae confuse too many folk, mahsel included, The previous post had a mention of me have a double chocolate muffin and I did the same thing this morning, in Windsor whaur I spent the night, Was Wednesday and Thursday night in Ridgetown...two days of bridge playing and a Friday aa meeting. Decided, last night tae visit London (ontario)and picked up my income tax paper work which needs tae be completed and sent in; government has stopped a guid portion of my income until they get the paper work. I am missing my English lady and that is aw ahm sayin oan that....thon is probably a lie. At my bloody age. Twid be easy tae say, "he should know better" but how...ye meet someone and how dae ye ken whaur yur emotions are gonnae lead. A sensible thing tae dae wid have been tae tak a look, realize thit this woman lives too far awa frae mahsel, is far too young, is attractive enough tae tak her pick...och, ah still widnae change what has gone on afore. This mornin, efter the muffin, went tae the library and spent a bit of time on line. Phoned the DinL then drove tae Grande Point (40 miles) and noo am lookin for shorts soas tae go for a wee swim in the lake....no sure but it might be Lake Sainte Clair. The drive tae here is gorgeous, fields and fields of crops. The wheat (mibee winter or mibee hay) has been harvested and many fields of stuble. Then there is the soya beans and corn....corn growth has changed over the last few years, ye cannae walk through a field of corn anymair because the planting has the stalks too close the gither...ustae get 25 bushels an acre and noo the yield is supposed tae be 250 bushes an acre....probably wrong because a non farmer is the fella whit told me...fact is though that the corn stalks are only two or three inches apart....and right noo it is six tae seven feet high.....and, saw one small field of what looks like tobacco and i didnanae think it was grown here anymair. Here the noo there are eight of my grandchildren, though some wull say one isnae a dow born, but he is noo one of mine. Lily is loving the water guns because it is roasting and the kids are spraying cold water on Lily and the three ither dugs. Ah wish hingmie was still here, she wid have liked the day....AND FOR THAIS THIT havnae met Hingmie she is a young woman whas colouring is a delight...the caps lock was oan and i hadnae noticed. Issis me wandering again ?????? ah think so so i had better shut it. The wee lassie......am no oan any side because I havnae really got past the fact that this is a wee last thit has vanished....someone awready said that they cuidnae imagine anything worse for a parent and i agree. And...Pat....saw yur double in a Tim Horton (the one in ridgetown)...oanly thing different was the colouring but the blond lady waas your double, same face, smile, dark framed glasses and even had twinkly een. Must go and look for shorts or go tae Chatham and buy some. tam Harper: i dinnae have time for a PM so am jist gonnae tell ye the once....you are an extremely guid poster. and am probably gonnae win the lottery the night.
  2. tam


    canny lass: right enough, it has been sweltering but yesterday we had rain, in Windsor, thunder lightning pourin buckets and a cooler breeze....wonderful. Today am in tje wee burg of Ridgetown and the weather isnae too bad, mind Ridgetown always seems tae have a breeze and a smile oan it's face. The ithur day it was the "lakers", my furst sighting of them since last year: some are laden and lay very low in the water, ithurs are here tae pick up and they ride quite high. Another thing was the fire flies, aboot five or six nights ago; nae idea why there are so many oan my front lawn. Bridge this afternoon and one of the really guid players (a braw jam maker annaw) is thinking of being my partner for duplicate.....the man frae Grangemouth is going hame for a wee bit so am needing a replacement. Am jist here a few minutes but should be back the morra tae send some e-mail. tam
  3. tam


    One thing for sure is that I like this place...like the ithur glasgowwestend annaw but need the auld mac for that. Thur isnae much that i wid change aboot my last few months but I seemed tae have been marking time, in some areas....didnae write very much and started tae question mahsel before opening my mooth: I dae hauld my haun up tae writing and talking rubbish but every once in a while mibee i need tae and people have been awfy kind, no so much kind as tolerant, i suppose. The other side of that is the amount of tremendous posts thit I have read, posts thit make ye think a wee bit. Oanyway....am thinking of Christmas and mibee another trip tae the UK. the "saga" meet at Sutton Coldfields was great and am tryin tae make sure thit I have enough for another visit....mibee a twixmas meet in Scotland. Youse lot tak care of yursels and am gonnae spend the next two days in ridgetown, playing bridge today and tomorrow.... tam Responses frae Pat and Sam....nae need tae win the lottery.
  4. Well, it did cross my mind but i cannae.....the wee beastie wid be hame alone far too often. mind I cuid mibee have a twice weekly bridge session in the house and the beastie wid have loads of company. the thing aboot animals is that I am very much aware that they give far mare than they get and am an awfy sissie when they die. tam
  5. furstly, I have been neglectful but am sure thit naebody wid deny this auld man a period of times thit wur truly memorable, and since the early part of January I have enjoyed jist aboot everything thit man can....i really did "slip the surly bonds". I saw a West End play. Wonderful in itself but the pleasure immensely added to because of the company I was in: the lady loved the play and her laughter was an added bonus. Came back tae Canada and was joined for a very short period by lovely lady, a lady whom I do believe did enjoy her Winterlude....Toronto, Niagara Falls and Ridgetown and none with any of the sophistication of London England but we do have some attractions......think "Welcome to Holland". Returned tae England for a few days of wonderment and mibee a wee prayer that the bubble wasnae aboot tae burst. Then there was my time in the "Sahara", (figurative). There was no lady for many, many, many weeks and the time dragged on until the lady produced a miracle, an early re-unification if I could make a trip to Australia....I did and mair dreams came true. Oanyway am by mahsel and the wonderful librarian has giein me extra time oan the puter. Am probably no finished we this post but if I wur tae die the morra, ye cuid put oan my tombstone, "his last few months wur magnificent and he has died we a full slate of guid memories". tam
  6. Am using the (Windsor Ontario) library computer....nae idea whit am daein as tae living accommodations but thinkin of jist stayin in Windsor, wid much sooner stay in Ridgetown but thinkin of taking anithur uni course.....dinnae ask cos ah've nae idea whit am daein. nearly finished a book by Demnise...she uses "sloped in" at least three times and describe a MAN as "sashaying"...the lassie needs a new editor and someone should tell her that she isnae competing with Rankin (he has a proven track record and brilliantly has sustained a level of excellence with ONE central character) his last Rebus book (Exit Music ???) was as guid as the first. She should mibee leave Val McDermitt tae compete with King and she should get in touch we the lassie thit wrote "Exile" and thon play thit Pat took me tae. A disjointed post...ay...well. tam am a couple of weeks afore getting hooked up with an ISP.
  7. It is a wee bit past one in the efternoon, here. McDonalds earlier; a double chocolate muffin with two butters and a double double coffee.....$1.46, which isnae too bad. Maistly auld folk having late breakfast. A man we a guitar and a repertoire of C&W from some years ago....did a few George Jones, Merle Haggard and Hank Snow....he was well received and there were no objections from management or the other patrons. The hoose here is far too dusty and for me tae dae the dusting isnae worth the coughing fits....I was thinking of running a hose frae the upstairs bathroom and letting the house flood.....dinnae think it wid dae much damage but it seems I nae longer own a garden hose....noo why wid someone go tae the trouble of removing the hose and leaving thon plastic contraption which holds the hose. tam and dinnae youse forget ahm lookin for a hoose share so if yees ken anyone frae Ridgetown, gie us a guid recommendation....remind t6hem that I still have a license and am guid for sendin tae the grocers......nae other talents am afraid.
  8. Well done Harper....high praise from a man thit kens aboot photaes. tam
  9. London Ontario: Hot and humid.....Windsor: Extremely hot and humid...... Ridgetown: Hot and humid but with a constant breeze. now looking for a flat in ridgetown...or a house share with no smokers. tam
  10. Thanks to whomever for the return of Wullie. tam And I shall try and be back tomorrow.
  11. My Missy was a tiny wee stray, nae front claws. The kids brought her intae the hoose and I wasn't supposed to know. I didn't for the first few days but she came calling, lay on my chest when i was sleeping one off. The girls were whispering that she would wake. I was awake and the fact that she didn't bite me was surprising because she was in attack mode for most of her furst year with us....seems she bit everyone of my family and anyone who visited. We had her for 27 years and many nights she would wake my wife so that she would be at the door when I came of the road; nae idea how she knew I was on my way hame. She died two years before Sasha and they are buried a few feet frae each other. I have been truly blest with wonderful animals......I dinnae want anymair because ahm no very mature when they die. tam I wished I was on my imac and I wished I had a wee apartment tae mahsel. Ehm, mibee no aw the time with jist mahsel
  12. Nae idea why Glasgow is no gettin mair visitors. Mind I widnae criticize Edinburgh, a grand place for the wanderer. I almost always talk about Glasgow when I meet folk who are going tae any part of Scotland but folk that have never been tae Glasgow (or just passing through) are no that interested. Oan the ithur haun, I have met a number of people who say things like,"ay, yur right, i had never really thought of Glasgow as a place tae visit until I spent a few nights there....God, I loved the place"....like a woman frae Perth said tae me, "thing aboot Glasgow is that yur never lonely, I jist love the place". But i wull gie yees a fair warning....taks an awfy long time tae walk frae the chip tae the Mitchell library because if ye even jist gie a wee nod hello, someone wull talk tae ye for ages. tam and it's no me that does aw the talkin.
  13. Noo am lost:- SSSOOOOO: i ustae have a we drawing of "Oor Wullie" as my avatar, or whatever it is called, and noo it is gone. I am wondering if it is due to copyright laws or is the auld imac jist being mair selective when it comes tae photaes or reproductions of drawings. tam
  14. Had a look at the garden (Windsor Ontario) yesterday:- Am gonnae need a few days tae sort it oot. Wull need tae use a grass whip because the grass is much too thick and some of the thistles are six feet tall. Difficult tae see the berry bushed but two of us did manage tae grab handfuls of the wee red currants, black currants (jist a few have ripened) and loads of small gooseberries, which are turning red and are very sweet. Plum trees look guid but nae plums....squrrels have been busy. And speaking of squirrels: three holes through the fascia board and the squirrels have moved intae the attic.......I might be sharing for a wee while, jist hoping that the squirrels move oot oan their ain accord because am reluctant tae call an exterminator. The daughter and her husband are awa tae lake huron, for the weekend. Am here we two oh the dugs and the German Short-Haired Pointer (aboot twelve year auld) keeps comin tae me and expects the ears tae be rubbed, bloody cheek sohehas. Mind he is awfy guid company. Am thinkin of going back tae Windsor, the day, but the temp is supposed tae rise tae the middle thirties and that is too damn hot. tam I almost stayed on topic
  15. Harper Lee: am no positive and am no googling but am thinkin thit Harper Lee was an author from the south (Southern States) (tae kill a mockingburd) ?????) I do like the name "Harper" and nae idea why......mind thon glasgowwestend "Harper" is well thought of by the vast majority of the folk oan this site AND the young lady is my friend. tam PS oan a different site, a footie site, my avatar hasnae been removed.
  16. 11.15 PM and I am at daughter's hoose in London, Ontario.....travels over for a wee while. I am looking forward to a day in Ridgetown, that thriving metropolis with almost thirty-five hundred residents. Probably going to live in the hoose in Windsor, an hours drive from Ridgetown. Harper and Sam.......if i've the ability tae leave the pair of yees confused am gonnae be askin a uni for an honorary phd. AND when I catch my breath am gonnae send a few thank-you electronic messages.....some very guid and patient bridge partners and ithurs. Ahm falling asleep so must shuffle off tae bed.....perchance tae dream tam PS just starting tae realize how much I have missed the wee toun and thais that frequent this site.....night all.
  17. Still in England...flight tomorrow. Heartbroken that oor wullie has bit the dust.....I suppose he isnae part of the public domain. Am returnin tae Canada and nae idea whaur ahm gonnae lay my heid, hoose in Windsor isnae ready and the hoose in ridgetown still disnae have a shower. tak guid care of yursels. tam
  18. Och, ah hear the moans and groans awready and am no bothert: I was sent tae 'coventry' and did my time so ahm back for a wee blether. England has been an enjoyable time and during the past two months a week in Scotland; Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth visited and a beautiful chauffeur. Ahm here because one oh thais wee pleasantries happened a bit earlier. Yees ken that i dinnae have a difficult time in striking up a conversation we strangers and daein this in Scotland seems quite natural; England is a wee bit different. The ladies are fine, quite happy tae have a chat but the men are maistly reluctant, mibee a national shyness. However I have persisted. The ithur day, in reply tae three hellos tae three different men I received silence (a glance upward was thrown in), a nod and a grunt: BUT, today was different. Am awa for a walk tae buy a couple of scratch tickets and I saw a man daein a lovely job wee the pruning shears....an absolutely beautiful rose bush. Am a couple of steps frae the man and I 'good dayed' and he cocked his heid tae one side, smiled and said,'good afternoon'. I was surprised and very pleased. Continued tae the shop and got the tickets (nae cost because we had a three pound winner). Walking back I took the same route. The man was cutting a wee stretch of lawn situated next tae the kerb and am no really payin much attention. Ahm jist a few steps frae him and he turns, gies me a big smile and over the sound of the lawn mower says, 'lovely day'......ahm no positive of the exact words but the response was most welcome. And last Tuesday had a partner (Bridge) wha's first name is Angus. He is third generation English and the weerdest co-incidence, his surname is Paten, as is my regular partner back in Ridgetown. Ahm awa oan Wednesday so shuid be postin oan the weekend..........boo aw yees want, i cannae hear a thing, deif ye ken. tam
  19. Pat: that is definitely a bugger, was really hoping that my visit would not be when you were away. Also, guid luck tae Jimbo, am sure he will be well received on this side of the pond. TraveLodge is advertising super low rates for a two night stay.....am telt that we will need to book first thing in the morning. tam
  20. I know it has been awhile.....a great deal of forgiveness and patience is asked for. Some really brilliant posts and very happy to see that glasgowwestend is alive and well....Glasgow is targeted for the nights of the eighteenth and nineteenth of this month....Goad wull ye please let some of them be aroond. Wur flying tae furryboots, next Tuesday. Two nights there, two nights in Perth and then it is Glasgow. Haven't booked glasgow yet and this is a bridge night so wull dae it later. Am awa tae eat but wull be returnin afore long. tam
  21. I have very fond memories of the "Oran Mor". I went there tae see a play by Denise Mina, a guid looking younger woman was we me and the entire experience was grand. Am no sure aboot the shabbiness, i just didnae notice, mind it did have the feel of "used" and am no complainin aboot that. Loved the museums and such and the place whaur I had lunch we Pat and Nota. On the ithur haun, whit a visitor needs is a walk aroond we a "hidden Glasgow" member. Ay, ye wull see buildings, complete, old, used and refurbished, also, parts of buildings, the wee nooks and crannies thit have history, history whether known or unknown. And Glasgow has Buchanan Street. In the Perth Library, some time past, and am talking tae a woman aboot Glasgow, she says tae me, "the thing aboot glasgow is that you are never lonely there". tam
  22. 3.19 PM and am back at the whatsit. Bought the Uggs and discovered thit some of the retailers are tryin tae sell the quarter inch sole for the same price as the half inch.....and two pair for $302.?? with a 10% rebate from the Oz government...nae idea whit tae dae we it because am thinking it will be a cheque in Oz dollars; was going to open a bank account but the banks (the ones I saw) wur closed. This neighbourhood would be a grand place tae spend a wee bit of time. I ken an English lady thit wid have been great company, wonderin, window shopping and enough places (parks and coffee houses)for a wee sit doon and a cuppa. The lassie thit works reception here has jist telt me that they dinnae dae wake-up calls....am either gonnae be begging someone tae call me or staying up all night....and nae off colour remarks. A beautiful day here, a nice breeze which is needed because the sun has really warmed up. I have this computer for an hour, even though the hotel rules say "once per day" unless ye book for twelve hours. I wull mibee be back later. tam PS I was advised tae go tae the "EMU" store, for the "Uggs".......woman telt me it was a great sale...quarter inch soles would have cost $28.00 per pair, more. PPS and am still trying tae gie awa the lottery ticket.....thurs some that gie ye the impression that you are definitely tryin a con.
  23. As an aside, I am starting tae hate "google", bloody ads are now interfering we my yahoo mail.....cannae scroll so oanything we mair than two paragraphs cannae be read ..mind I can when using the mac. The search is on for the "Uggs". I ken fine am gonnae pay $200.00 a pair but one never knows. Weather in Sydney is almost perfect, a bit warm for walking up and doon the hilly streets but we wull manage....am thinking of taking a tour bus or following a suggesting by Oz.....the maritime museum wid be worth getting lost for,though am not the sort of person thit gets lost. Another thing learnt is that the phone has the time...fortunately I have the expertise tae find oot the time anytime i so wish....it is a function I might no use too often; I used it this morning and the time was tennish, a time I didnae believe. The damn thing was correct so do I need something else tae tell me am wrong...i dinnae think so. I bought a scratch ticket in Adelaide...cost was $5 and it won $7...noo am gonnae havtae find someone frae South Australia and gie them the ticket because I cannae cash it in New South Wales, which I believe I am at today. the shop thit has the computers disnae sell coffee so I crossed the road and bought a coffee to go. The counter man was an Aussi and I telt him, "I would like a regular coffee, black, with added milk and sugar". The man asked, "how many sugars", polite as can be and I knew I had a winner...."two please". Brought my coffee tae the computer place, checked my e-mail (as much as I could thanks to bloody google) and logged ontae glasgowwestend. The coffee, quite aromatic, hot and.....a frothy conncoction in a cardboard cup thit had a hole in it....jist a wee hole and the hole was near the top, thank guidness. I am very pleased to have a key to the elevator, so much so that I am thinking of walking back tae the econo and travellin up and down a few times......but, "BOOTS" Ugg boots is the target. And.....am almost sure thit am within twenty minutes of the park whaur I met the wee dug. Harper: I hear you, loud and clear, wrinkled auld knees are yuk...so, with at least two or three expert photographers on this site, an appeal on behalf of my very dear friend Harper....photographs of auld men showing all the wrinkly bits. tam
  24. Harper: thon wee dug wull be the centre of someones affection and the beauty of that is that it wull be a reciprocated;guid luck and i dae hope for you that it comes true........and, by the way, I hadtae dae anithur log oan tae the glasgowwestend. My day we Oz was a guid yain, a very guid yain.He met me at the Manly Ferry, paid my return trip and bought a ticket which paid for my return train ride...N.B. "ride", in this case refers tae being a passenger...ehm, ahm thinkin tae leave that alone. A sight seeing drive and a stop for tea and something tae eat; declined the eats but the tea was maist appreciated, ken sometimes it is the ideal drink. Sydney has magnificent beaches right alongside rock faces thit are quite daunting.....and the mixture of auld and modern homes is a real treat tae see. At my age am no sure aboot a return but i dae hope thit some of the grandchildren wull see whit i have seen. The return ferry has a beautiful view of the "Opera House". Am no awfy anxious tae return tae the room so am probably gonnae dae a wee stroll...the battery in the camera is void of power, my ain fault and I didnae bring the charger. tam PS a new skill learnt from Oz.....managed tae charge the phone (Judy gave it tae me). Intended tae gie the fully charged phone a test drive. Judy has installed a couple of numbers and it is dead easy tae phone the two folks involved. However I failed the test, cuidnae get the phone tae dae a bloody thing, sure as hell, (am sayin tae mahsel)I must have bought the wrong adaptor. Oz had a looksee.....are youse lot aware that the phone hastae be switched on ? EH, bet yees have done the same thing a hundred times.
  25. Back for a wee post: I am at the "econo-lodge" in Sydney.....it sucks but there have been far too many guid things and the econo wullnae make me forget the wonders of Sydney...and the folk have been a delight tae meet. San Fran wid certainly be cheaper than Sydney, as far a meals go, rooms am no sure aboot. Am back from taking a phone call...the Oz man and I are meeting at Manley Ferry, in two hours...so am pressed for time but will be hame Sunday night late. Oayway...cannae forget the staff at this place...they have been extremely nice...and...am oot this morning, looking for a Woolies. i dae have the belief that the econo is miles frae where Judy and I stayed. Am walkin and askin directions and it occurred tae me that these Aussies are so nice thit they wid be terribly sad if they cuidnae gie an auld man directions, so they all did........funny how three folk, livin in the same part of a toun, ken three different Woolies...one oh the three did lead me tae a woolies and for thais that guessed the firtst or second instructions, sorry, nae cigar...and...the furst two included mair up-hills than this auld man wanted...but, found woolies and a place that did a bacon and egg sandwich for $4.00...no a bargain by canadian standards but a veritable steal here. And I met a man in a park (i hadtae have a wee sit doon) and he had a smaller version of my Sasha, black as midnight and fur as soft as fleece...and she licked my haun and face. Och, am running oot of time so...am gonnae gather my wash and wull wait until later for the dryer, shower and shave (auspicious occassions call for shaved faces) and get ready tae meet Oz...wull be hame by Monday and hoping tae play bridge in Ridgetown on Monday afternoon. tam Trying tae find a guid price for two pair of Uggs...one oh my lassies and a guid friend of hers....Uggs seem tae start at (lowest price) $150.00...one shop did advertize 50% of but they started we double the regular price. And if oany body does visit Sydney, see the "opera house". Am gonnae write tae them and suggest a one woman play by a Glasgow writer...a young woman...guid we the words...guid luikin annaw...Pat kens wha she is.
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