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  1. There's a petition on the go to save Voltaire and Rousseau.
  2. They've got a long way to go before they can match the magnificence of this Tolouse RFC shirt from a while back. The local football team have a penchant for, er, interesting shirts too.
  3. nwe


    Pah. This is Van Morrison.
  4. Sounds like you've had quite sufficient Lsd already, Neil. The only skiffs you'll find these days are down by Glasgow Green, btw.
  5. It's 'Rise' by Andy Scott. Allegedly based on the Greek goddess of the horse, and also a tribute to 'Kentigern', which the oldsters amongst you might remember from Buchanan Street. You'll probably recognise more of Scott's work than you might think.
  6. I found his last couple of novels a bit Groundhog Day-ish: I kept feeling I had read them before. A man who saw what others do not.
  7. nwe


    I don't care if it is trendy, you're not getting me to read Ulysses again.
  8. Three pages in, and no mention of George Mackay Brown.
  9. If the lecture series they've been running for the last few weeks is anything to go by, they'll be pretty good.
  10. Linksgesteuert does seem like a particularly coincidental name.
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