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Pat's Guide to Glasgow West End


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  1. Venue sounds good, I'm trying to get an earlier shift, so hopefully will be there
  2. I have heard of this, a friend of mine was going to do work for them.
  3. Hingmie what's a triple P practitioner. ?
  4. has it been decided where we are going
  5. Can we bring you a goody bag
  6. A curry would be good, however I'm working till 7pm that night so would have to be a while after that, give me time to go home and beautify myself for Tam
  7. Tam it would be a shame not to catch up with you, do you have any idea how long you will be in Scotland for,gies a clue, maybe we could all meet up for a curry.
  8. I can't do a swally when I'm working the next day, I'm to greedy with the drink, else I would have joined you
  9. I am not a fan of the Gaelic, and if it comes on tv I switch over
  10. Oh well if he disnae know what he is doing, then we can't arrange anything. Don't think I'll make Thursdya night, working till 7 then need to get things ready for my noght out on Friday night.
  11. Tam how long do you think you will be in Glasgow for, it would be a shame to miss you.
  12. maggs


    That's good news, maybe she can use some of it to give her staff a Christmas party after all
  13. Paddys walkin dwn the street strugglin wiv a wardrobe a pal says "Paddy why dont you get murphy to help you?" paddy replies,"Oh hes inside carrying the clothes
  14. Knowing Tam I think he'd rather keep them in suspemders
  15. He's probably got his undies stuck in the mangle
  16. Try not to arrange a get together on the 29th I'm at a birthday party that night
  17. OK Pat sorted it , you need to sort yours or you look as if you are being naughty
  18. Naughty boy Sorry folks for going off subject, it won't happen again
  19. Oh you are all naughty, just clicked
  20. Thanks for that Mr H have just set the timer for it
  21. What did Larry say out of order and what is BDSM
  22. Now taht would be a great swally if we could time the two of you together, just don't make it the 29th October I have a prior engagement I cannae get oot of.
  23. I went to the pub to watch it, the atmosphere in th epub was good, even given the score I think they played well, only becaue I thought they would have been hammered
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