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  1. maggs

    What a scare!

    You'll be needing a wee shot after that fright Pat, glad everyone ok
  2. Lets hope it does better than the last couple of ventures
  3. Yes I like the market, unfortunately I work most of the Saturdays it is there. There is a little deli stall that does olives and stuffed peppers mmmm
  4. My son and I had lunch in there today, liked the feel of the place (the ambience, for you sticklers). Food was nice, the only drawback was the waiting time it took 40 minutes from ordering a simple meal to recieve it. I mentioned it to the waitress when paying the bill, she agreed it was very long and she didn't understand why.
  5. How do you get this copied with the artist printed ?
  6. Just watched the tasty Trevor Eve in Waking The Dead, think this is the last series they are making
  7. Thanks Harper, I will go online and try what you said, if I can't find somewehere in Glasgow. It's my daughters 40th birthday in May and I am in charge of decorating the venue.
  8. I am looking for somewhere in Glasgow that can make a cardboard life size cut out from a photo of my daughter, anybody advise me
  9. Good to read your post Tam, brought a smile to my face and a wee glow cause you sound so happy, looking forward to hearing all your news
  10. I've been enjoying it to, I keep getting mixed up with who is who the young lads.I believe it is a 5 part so two more to go
  11. Hopefully you mean square slice on a roll otherwise I have visions of rows of square slice laid out on the floor and Harper rolling up and down on them Mind you would keep the customers in the cafe amused
  12. I know what you mean, I have Kristofer all day and overnight tommorow plus the wee dug, come Sunday I'll be knackered, but woth it
  13. Love this Pat going to pinch it for my Facebook page.
  14. maggs

    Meet up

    So is Friday on or not ?
  15. maggs

    Meet up

    As I said I have an engagement pparty in town, so would need to be much later, how long you think you will be there
  16. maggs

    Allan Mawn

    A very fitting tribute
  17. maggs

    Allan Mawn

    Shocked to hear that Pat, he looked so fit and healthy
  18. Two friends are fishing near a bridge, suddenly a hearse and two funeral cars go over it. One of the men stands up takes off his cap puts down his rod and beer and bows his head. His mate says 'Dave, that's the nicest most respectful thing I've ever seen you do.' Dave said 'Well we were married for just over twenty years'.
  19. Did you build them out of a meccano set, as I don't think lego was in vogue then
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