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  1. Had a look at my rota and the only time thatI can make it to coincide with EoP is Tuesday 30th, I have a wedding the weekend after and then back to work on Monday. However if this doesn't suit that's ok, if EoP is moving back to Glasgow then hopefully there will be other opportunities. Lynski the reason I didn't fancy the Rock is because any time I have been in it it has been dead, but then I havn't been in for a few months, maybe it has picked up.
  2. I personally would not recommend the Rock, Curlesr is a better option. Unfortunately I cannot make either of the dates mentioned
  3. You do it Edgar, simply because I work shifts and don't want to organise something I might not be able to attend. It would be nice to see the posters SamC and Nota as they both seem to be busy at swally times, so maybe we could co-ordinate it to suit us all.
  4. I aggree with everything you say above, allways have done. The reason I asked the question has nothing to do with imagination and everything to do with being aware of how things would escalate. I was concerned from the first riot and had in an inclination it would get worse, how you could not baffles me. This says it all as far as I am concerned http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023898/London-riots-Red-sky-night-Tottenhams-alight.html
  5. Excuse me for harping on Harper, but I need to ask, is the picture big enough for you to be concerned yet ?
  6. Not sure what you meanby this, are you saying this is the authorities fault ?
  7. This is my idea oftruly underprivileged communities
  8. It's not just the shops that are closed, many Doctors and Dentists in these areas have closed, some moved elsewhere, inundated with calls to day from residents from Lewisham etc wanting to know where they could go to see a doctor, A&E departments are overcrowded and some people cannot get treatment.
  9. From my memories of being a single parent, the welfare system was never over generous, and working to get an extra £5 a week was more satisfying than not workin. I can't actually remember violence and looting. There are many support networks for single families today that were not their when I was a single parent. As for the riots, when the police are seeing 11 year olds and telling their parents to get them home, then there is obviously not a lot of parenting going on in their lives, maybe that would be a good place to start. Harper the heading of your post was Are you not referring
  10. Maybe that is because we are seeing in different ways, I think the bigger picture is important, but right now would rather deal with the smaller picture. Greed, lawlesness, mindlessness. These people who are feeling hopeless are not starving, they have clothes on their back, they have a welfare system to fall back on. I have been in the jobless, single mother zone, as have others on here, I certainly did not result to violence. As for their community, as one local said, they were starting to build their community and now these ###### have destroyed what they had. There have been yo
  11. Wether it was the next sentence or the last sentence, as far as I am concerned an opening snetence like that speaks volumes about a persons attitude, and I find it appalling.
  12. Unbelievable that someone would condone this kind of action to get people attention
  13. What's behind it is obvious, lawlesness, violence, greed and people who will use any excuse to pillage, and then be stupid enought to boast about it http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2023667/London-riots-Looter-posts-photo-booty-Facebook.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Yea he looks upset doesn't he. Many people are suffering because of the cuts it doesn't mena they take the law into their own hands.
  14. As Harper says it's circumstancial and a by product. ? What the feck kind of answer is that to the mayhem that is going on
  15. I didn't say they were, what I asked was what has rioting looting and pilaging got to do with protest. And yet when needed you think I would hope we are all concerned about the bigger issues, but equally as concerned about the. what you see ,the smaller issues. I would see these incidents as big issues and frightening ones if they were on my doorstep, in fact I find them appalling even thought they are not on my doorstep. Do you live in any of these areas, does it affect you, if so then I find your attitude very strange. There are people who live nad work in these areas, build
  16. I can understand thee being a feeling of rage, but what is accomplished by burning buildings, other peoples business and livliehoods.Sems to me a good reason for people to jump on the bandwagon and see what they can get by looting. The family of the man who was killed are decrying the violence. There are many things in life that cause us to rage, but it does not mean we should start looting and pillaging.
  17. Posh boy or not, this is a tragedy for his family
  18. I totally agree. Should it turn out it was a police issue bullet then of course questions must be asked, and answers given. However I don't see that rioting and looting is achieving anything, and if the police kept a lower profile then thngs would surely be worse, should we just leave them to burn and loot and do as they like ?.
  19. I was under the impression that the poloice responded after Duggan pulled a gun and shot a policeman, maybe I am wrong ?? So the police presence should be reduced, and the rioters and looters should just be left to get on with it. When did looting become part of protest.
  20. 'Boris should get himself up to Tottenham pronto and bring plenty of salve along and the police should cool it. ' What do you mean the police should cool it ?
  21. Lynski did you check with your doctor about taking Ibuprofen, I'm asthmatic and my doc advised me not to take Ibuprofen becuase of the asthma
  22. Hi Lonegrover Peter Frampton ticket out now for the FCA tour at Glasgow Royal Concer Hall in November
  23. Tam have you checke your phone, they nearly all have alarms on them ?
  24. A few in my work are going to Sloans as they are having a wedding BBQ, 11am is to early for me to go to the pub but I will definately be watching the proceedings on tv. I aggree with Borderlass
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