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  1. Have you since recieved help for your secret vice
  2. Cream soda allways reminds me of my nana, iot was her drink of choice, and on special occasions she would have ACS and a wee Advocat.
  3. HH where were those Pandas, I feel as if I know them
  4. The penny ha'penny sweetie tray, used to spend my peny hapeny bus fare from school, if I managed to skip it. I jumped and climbed dykes and broke my arm, I remember my unlce taking me to Oakbank hospital whou wouldn't treat me for some reason and having to go to another hospital for my stookie. Playing beds on the pavement, statues, tig, and a shop with empty cans filled with dirt and broken glass for money She then said:"Oh Liz, I am not doubting you, I can tell you are very angry but it's impossible, xxxxxx died on Tuesday night, how could you have seen her on Friday?" Maybe
  5. I have been trying to get into the North on this site, with no luck, any help appreciated.
  6. 'Other bars and restaurants were opened: the Cul-de-Sac creperie in the former Barr and Stroud factory and Bar Brel in the old coachhouse that had been used latterly as a landscape gardener's yard but was, in 1910, the chauffeur’s house and garage for Dr Marion Gilchrist’s 'prim dark green Wolseley laundaulette'. Dr Gilchrist (1864-1952) was, in 1894, the first woman to graduate in medicine in Scotland.' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashton_Lane
  7. Thanks Rizla just read the article, wee Lee Dickson whou would have guessed, were you around Lucifers at that time
  8. I used to have a right fancy for the DJ of my time Lee Dickson, I wonder what happened to him, mabe it was him who went on to Eric Clapton
  9. Spooky and sad, I mentioned on here last ight about the boucer at the Muscular arms going on to work in Eastenders, and today on the BBC website I see his name was Ross Davidson and he has just died at the age of 57 from a brain tumour. http://www.allheadlinenews.com/articles/7005205916
  10. Am I dead ancient or does anbondy else remember Lucifers nightclub, under a chipy near Queen Street Station, used to go there after the Muscular Arms, in fact my ex hubby was a manager very briefly in the Arms at the same time I think when one of the bouncers went on to get a part in Eastenders.
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