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  1. Happy New Year to you all. I was working yesterday and am working today so not celebrated it yet, but no hangover either.
  2. Belated birthday wishes Pat, I'll have one in your honour tonight
  3. I think a Jeremy in any of the pubs I drink in would have the piss ripped right oot him
  4. Lone Groover did you make it to the gig last night. It was fab as expected, I had a smashing seat right on the front row. They recorded the gig for a new CD available on his website. Taken from my phone at the front, so near
  5. It's also a pity some countries don't practice birth control more.
  6. You saying they wore crampons last year to walk ther streets
  7. I also quite like the rain but a wee peek at the sun would have been nice
  8. October 1st and I'm like a drowned rat, pissing rain here Harper
  9. Don't think it will affect me in any way, I don't drive so not worried about extra parking. Not sure we need more student flats, as there is allready new student flats just been built two minutes away. Might have been better to have social housing for families, and young people from the area who cannot get anywhere with the local Housing Associations. ''associated communal amenity'' Not sure what that means, mabye it's like a HMO where they all have their own rooms but share kitchens and bathrooms
  10. Recieved a letter roday informing me about a planned redevelopment of Comet in Partick. The new plans will be in Partick library on October 6th. A company called Alumno is planning to build 175 student accommodation bedrooms with associated communal amenity, and management space with retail/commercial development on the ground floor.
  11. I would agree with you about people needing places to live, if it was that straightforward. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/8752704/Travellers-facing-eviction-from-Dale-Farm-gipsy-camp-have-their-own-homes-in-Ireland.html The reason that it has taken this long to get to a point of moving them on, is because the legal proceedure in this country can be as slow as an ass. I don't see it as toffs and greenbelt land, I actually see it as people building without planning permission. There was an alloted amount of space and permission granted but then more families moved on and bui
  12. Great wee reminisce, love them Willie
  13. Looks like it Pat, time to move on to trolleys new
  14. It's been a long time since someone fluttered by tummy. Will you meet again is there hope for more tummy fluttering
  15. I would be very dissapointed if you didn't continue to post your lovely memories, they bring back memories of my own childhood.
  16. Had a look on your FBook account, but didn't see any photo's
  17. Was nice to meet you EoP, I'm glad your stay was fun. The Rock I allways found empty, but maybe it has changed, Vodka Wodka my son drinks ther and the crowd are to young for me, The Arragon and The Liosmore are two of my regulars. Let us know when you comiong up again and we can explore some more West End/ Partick haunts.
  18. Ok I'll come clean, he's locked in my spare room
  19. Ditto, nice to catch up, also nice to meet you EoP, a shame a couple of others didn't turn up. Pat had a look at Facebook and Tam last posted on 10th August.
  20. Sorry Rory, I just took it for granted you would be there Tis an open invitation. However I have made a bit of a bloomer I'm afraid... I had an arrangement made which I thought was for the following Tuesday, only found out today at work it's for tomorrow night, so will come allong but probably leave to meet my friend about 9ish.Sorry. Is 8pm the definite time
  21. So are Nota, SamC and Thomas going to make an effort to give up an hour of their eveing on Tuesday to join us ? Pat, Cannylass, Lymski, LG and I and of course anybody else (where are you HH)
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