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  1. Hello Tam, sad times indeed and as Harper said a helluva shock
  2. Thanks for the HG link Harper. Lovely tributes on there.
  3. I feel the same Harper. Hadn't spoken for a couple of years. Only noticed today on his Facebook page, messages of condolences. Thought I would share it for those friends on here, who were not aware.
  4. Have just heard of the sad passing of HollowHorn. A lovely man taken far to soon x
  5. I'm working Sat morning so Sat night would be ok for me ?
  6. I didn't realise the train had a time ban for using my concession, good to know. I was annoyed with First Bus the other day, had a Dr appointment and looked on line for the bus times, only to find out when I got to the bus stop that the tmetable there was different and the correct one, considered complaining to them but thought what's the point, it's a vendetta against us auldies
  7. Happy Birthday SamC I wish you many of the above on your special day
  8. I agree Pat my daughter and grandson had a great time bouncing around, I declined, someone had to take the piccys
  9. Kitty maybe getting in touch with these might render more information. http://www.glasgowhellenic.co.uk/ http://www.gla.ac.uk/clubs/hellenic/index.html Scottish Hellenic Society Glasgow | Facebook
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNSKY Sorry I can't join in celebrations as I'm working hope you have a good one x
  11. Willie I wish you well in your new home. My daughter lived in Doonfoot for a few years and I thoroughly enjoyed my wee days oot visiting her. The beach is so much quieter along that way and many a walk I had on it. I miss my wee jaunts, it's not quite the same visiting her in Clarkston. (That's no a hint for an invite )
  12. Hope you had a lovely Brithday
  13. Sorry foks forgot the link http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-17601286 Thomas at first when I started reading your post I thought it was tongue in cheek 'Could it also be pressures of the job? The lonliness of his calling? It can be the hardest and most thankless role within modern secular society.' I'm sure he must have been very aware of what the job entailed ! I think greed had more to do with this than anything else, if he wanted to help marginalised people then why did he pocket all the money and not put it into the coffers of the church ?
  14. 'In the past he has spoken of his 'regret' and has said he has no idea what made him break the law, and for such a long period of time.' I don't suppose the 30 grand he made swayed him
  15. Sorry folks I don't have time to get a photo so someone else please go ahead
  16. I have worked in Finnieston for 9 years and only went down the Hidden Lane last week for the first time, I had lunch in the tearoom, but didn't have time to see what else is there, I noticed they are not very well signed.
  17. Didn't think I would like this so gave it a miss. I watched another programme last week that was on for four nights , it was called "One Night" I loved the theme music at the beginning but cannot find any info on it, anyone see/hear it know what it was.
  18. Sorry Lynski I pass it every day going to work. Gies another
  19. Good pics, Jim what does the name say at the top it doesn't look like Nardinis
  20. In Partick Library you book your computer time, so no queueing
  21. I am looking forward to Mothers Day as my daughter has booked us into http://www.vivabrazilrestaurants.com/, which looks quite novel, hopefully the food will be good, anybody been to it.
  22. thank you girls, I did indeed have a lovely day, out for a meal with my family and excess of champagne and other spirits suffering for it today, need to get into town for my bus pass lol
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