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  1. Willie you could choose cremation and then burial of yer ashes.
  2. It would be more sensible and logical to make a donation but grief is neither of these, is it ?
  3. Try not to be harsh, people show their grief in many ways. A young man nearby died fairly recently and the locals showed their sorrow by putting flowers, football strips etc in his garden. I met another local who confessed she never knew him but was sad that a young man had died and that was why she was placing flowers there.
  4. Rolo, I think you are talking about Tom McKendrick who trained in the yard but then went onto become an artist of some renown. Google can give you more info.
  5. It was sold as American cream soda. Maybe they thought that would encourage sales as post 2nd world war there seemed to be a belief in all things American being special, superior and very modern and attractive. Remember most of Britain was still living in extremely adverse circumstances re rations etc until the middle 50`s and the Americans seemed glamorous etc.
  6. O yes,nwe. Brings back memories. Long, hot summers and yer mammy calling you in for a cool drink. MMMmmm, delish. Remember picnics, wi yur pieces wrapped in bread wrapping paper, creamola foam drinks n rhubarb wi sugar in a newspaper cone. Jooblys * and maybe just maybe,cornish ice cream n wafers or a rectangular cone. * I know they were really Jubilees.
  7. You know Dex, for one awful minute I thought you had a video from last weekend and then, when I seen your link I thought mmmm.... is he insinuating I was with the SAGA tour...?
  8. He of the bendy legs (or his doppelganger) is alive and well! Seen last weekend near the Solway Firth, honest 8)
  9. Funnily enough, I was at a ceilidh last weekend and my friend had a wee "finish" at one point just like the big man`s. :oops: A sore hin end on Monday methinks.
  10. My kids say the snooker ball one was wi Noel Edmunds on a Satrday evening. Wee boy was asked if he knew any jokes (on video) says aye. well tell us How de ye make snooker balls laff? Dont know Put your hands in the pockets and tickle them embarassed laughter wee boy - my dad told me that (smugly) mother - no he didnt!!!! father - convulsed on the couch
  11. Wis it the one about the snooker balls ?
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