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  2. Three years before another General Election; yes it can occur before the three years but that happening appears to be in the hands of England. Looking ahead and seeing an England parliament which will include a small number of ridings in Scotland represented with limited debate time tapering off to an era of "no voice". Associating with the US of A will produce a bigger military but far diminished manufacturing. New Labour will elect a majority and will be led by someone from Missouri, quite possibly another Truman. Imports from China will exceed 90% of all that is used in the UK, this figure will include food, chopsticks and Halal meat will be commonplace. Aberdeen Angus will still be bred but in secret. The breed will be banned except for that which is produced for the upper crust of society. Those people involved in the illicit trade of the banned breed will be given three days to surrender and if they do not cease and desist the top third of Scotland and the western isles, except the ones owned by Americans, will receive a thorough doing with nerve gas. And I am thinking of a trip hame, Autumn, a Sunday bus frae Perth to the surrounding communities will be a for sure....a grand child or two for a driver and a wee tour, Almondbank (the new(er) shooglie bridge, Scone, Paisley, Bannockburn, Inverness, and, if at all possible, the monastery on Kinnoull Hill, etc, etc, etc.
  3. Farage's black shirts look to be marginally ahead in the polls down south. Almost clean sweep for SNP and Greens in Scotland (according to polls)
  4. need to invest in significant fire awareness training for people working on such significant buildings. Unwatched blow torches, not damping down roof felt and discarded ciggies seems to wreck havoc.
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  6. Was that in Glasgow, Bowie? Sorry just seeing this comment now.
  7. Thanks for all the information, yonza. I really hope it was an accident. Thankfully not totally destroyed.
  8. Awful to watch. We did seem to have more than our fair share of historic building fires in the UK last year, although if you added them together, they wouldn't come close in significance to the Notre Dame fire. There was the five star Mandarin Oriental hotel fire in London on June 6, the Glasgow School of Art fire on June 15 , followed by the August 28 fire in Belfast's iconic Bank buildings, which was Primark's UK flagship store. On September 2, a fire seriously damaged one of Liverpool's most famous landmarks, the Littlewoods Pools building. Both the Belfast and Glasgow buildings were near the end of lengthy refurbishment and reconstruction, while the Mandarin hotel had just finished the most extensive restoration project in its 115 year history a week earlier, costing £185 million.. The Liverpool building had lain empty since 2003, but just three months before the fire, it had been announced that it was to be converted into a major new complex, including film and television studios. I've heard a lot of people express the opinion that the Glasgow School of Art Fire must have been arson. A report on the much less damaging 2014 fire concluded that a projector ignited flammable gases from a foam canister, so there's no suggestion of arson in that incident. But, the report on the second one is likely to be inconclusive, as it appears to have started in the roof area, which then collapsed. A google came up with this - independent fire safety consultant Stephen Mackenzie (speaking about the School of Art fire) "If the fire started in a roof, which then collapsed, then they are never going to find the source". The Belfast, Liverpool and London fires also appear to have started in the roof area. Buildings appear to be particularly vulnerable to fires when they are undergoing lengthy and extensive refurbishment or reconstruction. 'Hot work', such as welding, is an obvious ignition source, but you know when that's the cause, and no such work was underway in any of the buildings at the time, although two online catering websites I read suggested several days later that sparks from welding equipment were believed to be the source of the London fire. I haven't seen confirmation of this from any more authoritative sources, and it sounds like a rumour. Work had finished on the hotel, and this would be quickly established as the cause if welding equipment caused it. Electric cables are another potential source. However, the 'temporal coincidence' of the fires, in addition to the other shared similarities would suggest the possibility that the fires, or at least two or three of them, may have been caused by a serial arsonist. Something the police might call a 'line of inquiry'. A long shot, perhaps, but worth looking into. Three of the four buildings were being refurbished and reconstructed, one just finished and two almost finished. Scaffolding affords an intrepid arsonist with the means to break into buildings. Another possibility is that he was actually employed on the sites. Either way, any incendiary device planted would have a timer to ignite the inflammable material, such as petrol, hours or days after it was planted, giving him an alibi. He could even arrange to be on holiday in a foreign country, when it ignited. The fact that all four fires appear to have started in the roof area is very strange. It's not the ideal place to start a fire if you're an arsonist, since fire spreads upwards much more readily. But it might be the best place to secrete a time delayed incendiary device to minimise the chance of it being discovered, firefighters on the ground might have a harder time dousing a roof fire, and it would be much more likely to result in a collapsed roof which, as the fire safety consultant above stated, would mean that investigators would not be able to pin down the source of the fire. However, in the case of the Liverpool building, police stated that it appeared to be a 'case of deliberate ignition'. In other words, arson. Notre Dame cathedral was also undergoing extensive reconstruction, and was surrounded by scaffolding. The fire started in the roof area. I admit it seems very far fetched that a serial arsonist responsible for some, or all, of the UK fires, might also be responsible for this one. The French authorities are investigating it as accidental. But, it's not out of the question. On the 19 January 2016, the Ritz hotel in Paris caught fire and was extensively damaged at the end of a £200 million three and a half year restoration and refurbishment project. It had been due to open in just two weeks time. Too much coincidence is not coincidence. At the very least, the police should get the details of everyone who worked on these restoration projects. If the same name comes up twice, he's probably the arsonist. Three times and it's definite.
  9. https://twitter.com/TwitterMoments/status/1117840323697414145
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  11. Look what's coming to the CCA - Scotland's first Keanu Reeves Film Festival, 27 and 28 April, CCA Glasgow http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/keanucon-2019-cca/
  12. Sure is. Looks like we're still in EU until 31 October. Will be interesting to see how European Elections pan out. Was never much interest in the event before.
  13. I've only ever tried water colours. Kind of do their own thing. Put up some more of your work soon. :-)
  14. Thanks Pat, nothing special just challenge pieces, didn't appreciate how difficult it is to 'see' ...your blooming brain wants to fill in what it thinks you should see
  15. I remember getting a chest x rays from a mobile van while at school, twice when I was in primary school in the 60's and once when I attended secondary school in 1970's, Never knew what or why they did that.
  16. Brilliant. Very vivid. Love the figures, I can hear that flamenco guitar and love the sun shining through the trees in Erin's painting.
  17. Hi JD, Welcome to the forum. Hope someone can help you with your search.
  18. According to Oil and Gas News the Oil Industry is booming including subsidiary projects. ' A total of £5 million has been pledged for a project to boost the capacity of a Scottish harbour to receive cruise ships and vessels working in the offshore oil and gas industry.' https://www.energylivenews.com/2019/04/04/scottish-5m-harbour-upgrade-to-boost-capacity-for-oil-and-gas-vessels/ It's a good idea to check out Oil and Gas News as we don't get positive news about the oil industry on MSM or Telly News that often.
  19. 1940`s I think to 1970`s. His brother Hugh lived in Otago St, Hugh died due to a heart attack at shipyard. Thanks for the welcome.
  20. Smith is such a common surname, i personally work with two men called David Smith. Can you give more detail? Age, era, are they still here, did you know where they worked, etc
  21. just for the record, during the 2014 referendum campaign we were assured our oil and gas would be running out in less than 100 days from now well wasn't that a whopper
  22. The absolute bullying and thuggery of the far right probrexit brigade is appalling.
  23. Our latest pieces. Finally decided to tackle figures and went with Flamenco scene. Erin did a painting of a sunny Loch Lomond
  24. Welcome JD, which era are we talking about
  25. Hello all. Nice to be here, hope to learn more about Glasgow and make new friends here. I have been searching for family of David Edward Medley Smith of White Street. Brother of my Dad for a few years now and am hoping someone here can help.
  26. Hope someone can help you, David.
  27. Question: Is Ken Macintosh, MSP a member of the Labour Party ? Could find no party affiliation n the link but a search engine says he is a member of labour cooperaativ And Foulkes seems to be advocating another national vote.
  28. Last day of Aye Write - still time to catch some brilliant events at Glasgow's Book Festival http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/category/whatson/aye-write-book-festival-2019/
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