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  2. There are currently more than 3.8 million people with diabetes in the UK. It is estimated that around a further 500,000 adults have Type 2 and don't know it. A blood test can show if you have type 2 diabetes, often curable by change of diet.
  3. Super programme at West End Festival on until 30 June I fancy this: http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/charles-rennie-mackintosh-by-john-cairney-west-end-festival-2019/ www,westendfestival.co.uk
  4. I' m enjoying Tom Shields 111 places you shouldn't miss in Glasgow.
  5. That's fantastic, Yonza Bam. I've had my pass a long, long time but obviously need to be more adventurous. I've gone to Edinburgh a few times and great deal jumping on the bus to Dunoon with trip including the boat. There's a great service to Aberdeen, where you are served tea and then a soft drink and crisps on the journey.
  6. Second outing today, and another one that didn't go to plan. Decided on the Glasgow-Inverness-Fort William-Glasgow run. There's a change at Perth for the Inverness stage, for which the timetable allots 5 minutes, except the connecting bus had 'broken down', and there would be an hour's delay, which was actually an hour and 15 minutes. Cut a long short, I got into Inverness with 5 minutes to spare for the Fort William bus. It took two hours to 'do' the Great Glen, and arrive in Fort William. I noticed that Ben Nevis still had patches of snow near the summit. I had two hours to do the tourist bit, which is probably generous. Fort William is charming, but there's not a lot going on. Basically, just the High Street. I thought it would be a harbour town with lots of fishing boats, but it wasn't. There's a pier, but few boats. I visited the museum, which was better than I expected for a small town. It has about 8 rooms, all of which are packed with exhibits, including the 'birching table' and birch, which was used for miscreants. It has two holes in it for the birchee's (is that the right word?) arms to go through, and they were tied together under the table. I think it said the last birching that took place was in 1948, a teenager who had broken into a shop. It was sunshine and showers all day, but the clouds parted for the sun as the Glasgow bus left Fort William. The run between Fort William and Glencoe was the most stunning scenery I've yet seen, particularly at Glencoe. I'd only ever seen it on television, but it doesn't compare with actually being there. The mountains were truly 'majestic'. That's the only word. I saw a red deer stag road kill at Bridge of Orchy, but although I keep an eagle eye for wildlife, I've seen remarkably little on my two trips, despite doing several hundred miles through what ought to be perfect woodland wildlife habitat. I saw one roe deer today - 10 minutes outside Glasgow, on the motorway verge, and a hare at Quarter village, outside Hamilton. I didn't see a single live mammal in the Highlands, not even a rabbit. I've ticked off Inverness and the Great Glen, and probably won't do them again. But, if I can get a sunny day, I'll do the Fort William run, and stop off at Glencoe to get some photos. It's a magical place. Apparently, someone went up and down Ben Nevis in a model T Ford.
  7. I don't know who yonzabam is, I thoroughly enjoyed the post, so many places I have missed; not at all jealous but a wee bit of "one day". Weird as it might be but Hollow Horn came to mind, very quickly while I was reading. He was great at finding, or having a different view of very ordinary things and he was great company. Another person who came to mind was a man frae Greenock, and a lunch with him and Pat...were we in a museum(?) just cannae mind. Last time I was in Perth I left the nieces and caught the bus for downtown. It was a Sunday, no regular buses and the driver never mentioned my fare; I had put , I think it was two pounds and away we went to a number of small villages, time spent for the round trip was better than 2 hours....had my camera and took many photographs, don't think there was one worth keeping, lots of hedges and such. Saw my COPD doctor. She is moving out of town (Chatham to Woodstock Ontario). She re-newed my inhaler presciptions for a year and I asked if she was being a bit optomistic; she shrugged.
  8. Got mine six years ago, but hardly used it. Decided to make an effort, and googled some timetables. Had to be doable in a day, as I didn't want to bother with B&Bs. I was surprised at what could actually be done. For example - Strathaven - Hamilton - Glasgow - Inverness - Fort William - Glasgow - Strathaven. A long time sitting on a bus, but as I've never been down the Great Glen or visited Fort William, it had an appeal. Even more ambitious was Strathaven - East Kilbride - Kilmarnock - Ardrossan - Brodick (ferry) - Lochranza - Claonaig (ferry) - Tarbert - Portavadie (ferry) - Dunoon - Gourock (ferry) -Glasgow (train) - Hamilton (train) - Strathaven. I'd have to leave the house at 8.10 am, and I'd get back in at 11 pm. Cost of ferries £14.50, and trains £8.60. Seemed like a good deal. For a starter, I decided on something less arduous. I could get to Oban, take a ferry from Oban to Craignure on Mull, and a bus to Tobermory. I'd have 1 hour 40 minutes in Tobermory, before I'd have to get the bus and ferry back to catch the last bus back to Glasgow. I'd been to Oban a couple of times in my youth, but never been to Tobermory. First problem was that the open air bus station in Oban town centre was closed due to it being their 'charity day'. The town centre was taken up by dozens of tables, a pipe band led a parade etc, so the buses were disrupted. I read the notice on what would normally have been the stop for Glasgow, which told me on which street the temporary bus stop could be found. But, as I was unfamiliar with Oban, it took me some time to find it. But, the next problem was the killer. I went to the ferry terminal ticket office, to get my ticket, only to be told that the ferry was delayed by an hour and a half. The weather was fine, so it must have been a mechanical problem. So, the Tobermory trip was no longer doable. There was no way I could get there and back again to catch the last bus if the ferry was an hour and a half behind schedule. So, I had a few hours to kill in Oban before getting the bus back to Glasgow. I took some pics, had an excellent al fresco fish supper, a pint of Guinness in a bar, and a wander around town before getting on the bus back. The bus from Glasgow to Oban had gone through Glasgow airport, Erskine Bridge, Ardlui, Tyndrum and Crianlarich. I assumed that it would be the same return journey, but the bus back took a different route through Inverary and Arrochar, missing out the airport and the Erskine bridge. It was even more scenic than the first route. Apparently, buses whose 3 digit number ends in 7 go the Tyndrum route, while those ending in 6 go the Inverary route. And, if you google for the timetables, you might not get both buses on the page. It's two different companies, although both have the Stagecoach logo. One company leases. When we got to Glasgow, I looked out the window, and saw Crow Road. It looked exactly like Crow Road at Dumbarton Road, so I got off the bus, intending to get a train from Partick to Hamilton. I could see the railway bridge over the road going to Partick station less than 100 yards away. Except it wasn't. It was the bridge over Great Western Road going to Anniesland station. Crow Road at Anniesland looks uncannily like Crow Road in Partick. So, I found myself on Great Western Road, and just jumped on a number 6 bus to East Kilbride. Don't know where I'm going next. I've never been to St Andrews, which is a 2 hour 36 minute run from Glasgow. It's 35 years since I visited Edinburgh zoo, and I've never been in the castle, so that's on the bucket list. Back to Oban to 'do' Tobermory, or around Arran, Mull of Kintyre, and the Cowal peninsula. I'm starting to get the bug.
  9. Earlier
  10. got to hope that work being done on stem cell research can find ways to solve these long term illnesses
  11. Still got oodles to do, when its near done will get it posted
  12. hmmm that caused a glitch in the matrix I believe Mr Reeves donates millions to support the poor and oppressed
  13. The cinema was the red velour seat variety. Last time i was in there they were showing a series of Hitchcock films, went to see VERTIGO on the big screen. Don't think I could have coped with Rear Window on the big screen, I would have swooned at the first sight of Grace Kelly sweeping across the screen
  14. finally purchased 'Paras Over The Barras' and the sequel as summer time reading
  15. Quick update Plastic shed and wooden picnic table are still standing and operating as normal
  16. she resigned, she wept. Meanwhile the people on the receiving end of her appalling policies weep every day, some even die.
  17. The Milkshake elections. Hopefully people have turned out and sent the right message My worry is the fascists are back
  18. Glad to be back Pat. Hope life is treating you and your well
  19. I remember when it was the bar Bonham's but was never in the old cinema.
  20. There's not usually much fuss about the European Elections. Bit different this time.
  21. I got stuck at amo amas amat. Think my Gaelic is better than my Latin these days. Good to see you posting, samsc.
  22. Fourth time lucky for Theresa May – not looking like it.
  23. Hope you're going to show us the completed piece of work with all the shades, samscafe.
  24. That's impressive. I spent a very nice day at BAad listening to poetry from Shetland and Ireland and then went along to Babbity Bowsters for lunch and caught some traditional music.
  25. The 'posh' Grosvenor cinema. My mate's uncle was the manager in the late 70s/early 80s and we would get the very occasional discount - very occasional I hasten to add.
  26. Sam: I will need to do a bit of reading.
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