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  2. interestingly there were collectively more votes for pro remain/second referendum parties than for pro brexit parties
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  4. That's very interesting, samsc. This throws some light on the situation too:
  5. Bit of perspective:10,231,098 voted for Corbyn's Labour 201912,878,460 voted for Corbyn's Labour 20179,347,273 voted for Ed Milliband's Labour 20158,609,527 Voted for Gordon Brown's Labour 20109,552,436 voted for Tony Blair's Labour 2005
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  7. One election, three disparate countries emerged. England (including previous mining communities) have gone tory, Scotland has gone emphatically SNP and Northern Ireland has gone nationalist, DUP down to only one seat in Belfast.
  8. During my visit I watched the part of the English parliamentary proceedings/debates/rants in regards to Brexit, quite surprised when Corbyn/Labour voted to accept the "path". Had a think and came up with the notion that he and the party were trying to force another referendum or a General Election whereby Labour would be in a win win situation.....and now I haven't a clue. A friend of mine, born in Dundee, spent his working life in Grangemouth, says that the Conservatives should win in a landslide, he thinks that the reason for that is Corbyn. As for the BBC, just my opinion, it (BBC) found the slippery slope some years ago and loved the downward spiral, I look at the sports and apart from Jolyn Palmer and McNulty good writing has disappeared.
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  10. final piece of the year. Started this back in june, picked up, dropped, repeat until this stage
  11. thank you Pat, one more pic hopefully finished before we stop for Christmas
  12. I see one of the tories standing for election stated it was ok for disabled people to be paid below minimum wage because they were so pleased to have a job. Meanwhile not to be outdone in the sensitivity stakes, a tory hoping to be elected in Stirlingshire suggested foodbanks were okay because there's one just beside his holiday home in Spain. Clearly the pre election lobotomies were successful.
  13. That is absolutely gorgeous, samsc. Very well done. Love the colours. Love the reflections in the water.
  14. Itreally is dire. Bias is beyond blatant. Now Channel 4 License under threat if the Tories get in after ice statues replaced Johnson and Farage absent from Leaders' Election Debate. If Tories get in heading for a dictatorship.
  15. The entire political department of the BBC should be sacked and cleared out, they have single-handedly destroyed the reputation of the BBC
  16. I'd three days of my annual leave left, so took Wed-Fri off, as the forecast looked promising for a short excursion. Decided on Moffat and Dumfries, but when I looked out the window this morning, it was well below zero, and the frost didn't melt later, like it usually does. I'm okay working outdoors in those temperatures, but it dampens the enthusiasm for bus rambling, even if it is a nice sunny day. Saturday is predicted to be only a degree or two higher, so I'll be staying in. I'd thought about doing the winter only ferry from Lochranza in Arran to Tarbert at the northern end of the Mull of Kintyre, then getting another ferry across Loch Fyne to Portavadie on the Cowal penisula, before catching a bus to Dunoon. But winter buses and ferries aren't synchronised like the summer ones, and there are fewer services, so it isn't doable. Pity. I'll just wait until next spring, and do a return trip across the Cowal peninsula to Tarbert. Thought I'd make a list of the bestest favourites journeys this year, so here it is: 1) Train from Mallaig to Fort William. The Mallaig to Glasgow West Highland railway journey has been called the most scenic rail journey in the world, and the Mallaig to Fort William section is probably the best bit. The vistas are breathtaking. I was very lucky to get lots of sunny days that were in the low 70s in my travels, and that was the case when I did the West Highland trip. There are not many days in the year in Scotland when the lochs and sea are Caribbean blue and glistening yellow. 'Almost mystical' describes it well enough. 2) Glencoe. I traveled through it twice on the bus. Once from the north, and once from the south. The mountains are truly majestic, and surprisingly green. Many of the comments on the Tripadvisor page remark on how green the mountains are. That's probably just because they're not as high as the Rockies or the Alps, but the copious rain they get probably helps, too. Apparently, the magical environment is a combination of a volcanic caldera ground and scoured by ice age glaciers. So, now you know. 3) Rannoch moor. Part of the West Highland rail trip, only doable by train, and since it's outside Strathclyde region, you can't get a half price fare. But worth every penny. Rannoch moor is one of the wildest places in Britain, with no roads or villages for many miles. It has the highest railway station in Britain (Corrour). I traveled through it when the sun was beginning to set behind the mountains and the twilight upped the mystical factor big time. Got my first ever sighting of wild red deer, four hinds about 200 yards from the train, just before Rannoch station. 4) Oban to Glasgow bus. The bus from Glasgow to Oban goes up the west side of Loch Lomond, through the Trossachs, then through Crianlarich and Tyndrum, en route to Oban. It's a very scenic trip, but the return journey through Inveraray and Arrochar, taking in lochs Fyne and Long, is even better. 5) The Great Glen Inverness to Fort William, taking in the Caledonian canal, Loch Ness, Urquhart castle, Fort Augustus, Loch Lochy and Ben Nevis. What's not to like? 6) Rothesay to Dunoon. The bus gets on a ferry at the northern tip of Bute, to travel the 440 yards to Colintraive, on the Cowal peninsula. The hills are very rugged, and look like better mountaineering practice than the Highlands, although smaller. It's a very scenic journey, spoiled by the desolation left by the clearfelled plantations. 7) Inveraray to Tarbert. Down the west coast of Loch Fyne, going through the 'hidden gem' villages of Inveraray, Lochgilphead, Ardrishaig and Tarbert.
  17. Torchlight Parade 6.15 p.m. from Botanics to University of Glasgow 30 November, 2019 https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/st-andrews-torch-light-parade-glasgow-west-end/
  18. So many different options to suit all pockets when dining out for Christmas. The Chippy Doon The Lane at Christmas https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/chippy-doon-the-lane-christmas-2019/
  19. Apparently Jo Swinson is having a negative effect. The Tories really are an unprincipled, underhand bunch. I skipped the debate but saw on Twitter the outcry about the Conservative Press switching their account during the debate to a site endorsing Johnson FactcheckUK . Today Brandon Lewis claiming that this was 'very clear' and Dominic Raab dismissing it - no-one bothers about anything on social media. The dirty tricks re unprecedented and support from the press in promoting lies, smears and propaganda is a major issue. Laura Kuennsberg dismissed the outrage on Twitter as 'a daft row'. Peter Osborne highlights issues in this article. It’s not just Boris Johnson’s lying. It’s that the media let him get away with it https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/nov/18/boris-johnson-lying-media?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  20. finally starting to see the end of my latest splodgefest. Lost heart with it several times but finally getting something
  21. she is the only person in the UK with a british accent - she has a touch or everywhere from cornwall to orkney - and that's in each sentence. And, we know if its a hung parliament she would side with the tories
  22. See Tories pulling out from standing in East Dunbartonshire, samsc. Don't think anyone there has ever actually met Jo Swinson, who lives in England and talks with a very weird, affected accent – like she's trying hard not to appear Scottish.
  23. Definitely hope not. Can't bear to think about it.
  24. Jo Swinson will be lucky to hold on to her East Dunbartonshire seat
  25. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZqN1glz4JY&feature=emb_logo
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