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  2. Universal Credit

    I find that confusing, Samsc. Has this actually been agreed with EU? See Grimsby who voted to leave are now also looking for special conditions. Wonder how many more exemptions will be rquested?
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  4. Halloween in Glasgow

    If you take aim through the letter box you can normally get at least one of the little sods :-)
  5. Universal Credit

    still post brexit a special deal has been arranged for the city types who will still enjoy freedom of movement
  6. Time to GO

    I was alerted to a particularly nasty piece that poisoned sleekit wee man Gove published in the Times in March 2017 where he effectively stated that Theresa May was too much of a catholic to deliver brexit.
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  8. Crying earth

    Quite an interesting topic of discussion I must say. I would say that in order to stop the havoc that we are causing to mother earth maybe, she would respond someday with an event that would be disastrous to a vast population of people living in certain areas. She might think that its time to teach these creatures some lesson and boom...fury unleashed.
  9. Time to GO

    In an area not even recognised by UK. She's gone now but I doubt we've heard the last of her and her ambition. What a mess Johnson has made of the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe case. It's a pity her husband Richard Ratcliffe can't just swop places with Johnson – he could teach him a lot about dignity and communication.
  10. Universal Credit

    It'll be a poor Christmas for those in transition on to Universal Credit. Many will be forced into debt so that their kids don't miss out. Sad country.
  11. Pretentious or not?

    it used to drive me nuts that Dumbarton castle was closed on a Saturday
  12. Universal Credit

    now that interest rates are on their way up the general discontentment within the populace will get ever worse
  13. Time to GO

    Her biggest crime was wanting to use international aid money to support the murderous Israeli Army
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  15. Time to GO

    Priti Patel and Boris Johnson should trot off hand in hand. Not fit for purpose as MPs. She meets with Israeli PM and manages to fit in several meetings with officials during her holiday. Did she just pop in on the off chance? Johnson puts at risk an British citizen by giving incorrect information to Iranian authorities, which could significantly add to length of possible jail sentence. Are there no boundaries set for Cabinet Members?
  16. Universal Credit

    What an utter mess. Trussell Trust expecting food banks to be in crisis over this fiasco.
  17. Canada

    I don't know any of them. This was my favourite story on Canadian news during my trip.
  18. The hyndland hipster

    Loving that banjo. :-)
  19. Canada

    the only Canadians I know that dislike him are emigrants from here that were shire tories
  20. The hyndland hipster

    A well balanced piece with a (ubiquitous) chip on each shoulder :-)
  21. PC gone mad?

    Utterly amoral, samsc. Using deplorable behaviour to feed into corruption and a further aspect of abuse of power. Prefer to blackmail rather than deal with complaints. http://home.bt.com/news/uk-news/may-to-meet-party-leaders-to-agree-plans-to-tackle-westminster-harassment-11364225427574
  22. PC gone mad?

    I think one of the most appalling practices to emerge from this was when someone complained about an MP, the whips used that complaint to keep the MP in line with regard to supporting the party
  23. Universal Credit

    the most recently promoted tory favours abandonment of paid holidays, maternity leave and sick leave. He believes post brexit that's the way ahead
  24. Canada

    Everyone I met really liked him. One thing I have always found in Canada is how migration is viewed as so positive. I mostly mix with migrants when I sm there, Scots, Irish, Engalnd, American and Italian.
  25. PC gone mad?

    I think it all depends on the context and the people involved. A lot of the discussion seems to me to be about the abuse of power and that's not acceptable. I also don't like the idea that people with a genuine, and possibly very upsetting complaint, cannot complain through approporiate channels. If you are a young person employed by a politician and they abuse their power, whether through actions they may feel are amusing if not entirely innocent, or something much more serious – you can't really complain to the boss. I think there will be false claims and jumping on the bandwagon but if had to veer towards a choice, paarticularly in places such as parliament then I'd veer for zero tolerance. I also don't think you can have it both ways. Re; the Julia Hartley Brewer knee touching incident by Michael Fallon, which he has admitted to, and for which he apologised - on the one hand she says it was amusing but adds had he done it again she would have punched him. Either she thinks it's right or wrong. I have the feeling that most mothers would be very angry if their daughter was being subjected to knee touching by an older man in a position of power. I don't think it's entirely outwith the realms of reason to believe that Theresa May has been complicit in covering up various scandals because what is important to her is not behaving in a morally correct way but holding onto her power. Power is the main culprit in all fo this.
  26. What a brilliant and very enjoyable idea. http://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/glasgow-film-theatre-successfully-launch-dementia-friendly-screenings-autumn-2017/
  27. PC gone mad?

    I'm thinking of changing my name to Meldrew. So many things are annoying me these days. I am in no way denigrating those women (or men) who have been the subject of harrassment in any respect but there is a continuum surely. A crossing of a line which seems to be very moveable. Just one example, my knee was touched and veiled sexual advances were made to me by a driving instructor - 40 years ago. I could give a long list of similar 'sexual advances' - what some people are now claimimg as sexual harrassment. I dealt with it as I thought appropriate... Should I now claim that the driving instructor should be named and shamed. Well, he certainly isn't famous and probably isn't rich so I don't think I'll bother. In any case I'd forgotten it till the recent cases. Perhaps I'd repressed it! That is rhetorical...
  28. PC gone mad?

    The main objection was the use of the 'n' word. Remove that and you lose the thrust of a great part of the book. Most sane people look at books of that era as being written in the context of the time.
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