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  2. COVID-19 in Africa: Milder Than Expected Pandemic Has Experts Puzzled https://www.dw.com/en/covid-19-in-africa-milder-than-expected-pandemic-has-experts-puzzled/a-54918467 'Milder than expected' is an understatement. It's like it's a totally different disease in Africa, but genetic studies of the virus show that it's exactly the same as the virus that has brought the west to its knees. One explanation for this is that Africa has a much younger population, and that's definitely a factor. I'm a science nerd, but on the subject of disease causation, I'm supernerd. I started to revi
  3. Hurricane Sally has just made landfall (10 am) on the Alabama - Florida border, as a category 2 storm, with 105 mph sustained winds. It's moving inland at a very slow 3 mph, which means it'll hang around longer than most landfalling hurricanes, and cause more damage than would normally be expected for a 105 mph storm. The National Hurricane Center has warned of 'historic and catastrophic' flooding, due to the huge amount of rainfall. Pensacola, Florida, is getting the worst of it.
  4. We've been warned for many years that global warming would result in more, and stronger tropical cyclones. Yesterday, there were five named storms in the Atlantic, equalling the record for simultaneous named storms. One of them has since dissipated, but there's another system emerging from Africa to replace it. Sally will be making landfall near Mobile, Alabama tonight, as a category 1 hurricane. Tropical storm Vicky is the latest addition to the family - only the second time that 'V' has been used. Since we're only 5 days past the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, it's almost certain tha
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  6. Tropical storm Sally has just formed over Florida, and is currently just about to enter the Gulf of Mexico. It has sustained winds of 40 mph, and is predicted by the National Hurricane Center to make landfall near New Orleans on Tuesday as a low end 80 mph category 1 hurricane. That would cause power outages and some structural damage, but nothing to write home about. However, the NHC admits that there is 'some uncertainty' about the intensity, and many observers on the tropical weather forum I visit are suggesting that it could rapidly intensify up to a major hurricane category 3. There
  7. 7 – 19 October, 2020 The 64th BFI London Film Festival in partnership with American Express takes place across the UK, inviting you to experience the world’s best new films wherever you are. Enjoy 12 days of UK premieres online via BFI Player or in cinemas throughout the UK – and join the festival for a range of free-to-access digital events, XR and Immersive Art, and more. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/bfi-london-film-festival-2020-at-gft/
  8. Can't remember there ever being so much rain but at least we are not suffering from the forest fires. Terrifying.
  9. Sad to see the numbers going up. Very bad idea for BBC to cut daily briefings by First Minister. Don't see how information can be consistent for all parts of UK, when some areas require specific measures to be put in place. And how will BBC employee encourage engagement and compliance with guidelines. Seems like a political move and not going to help in tackling the virus. Also going to mean that many elderly and those less likely to access digital information will be less informed than previously. And certainly not holding politicians and expert advisors to account. I think it's
  10. La Nina has officially been declared. This is the cool counterpart of El Nino, which is a warming of the eastern tropical Pacific. La Ninas usually have a small global cooling effect, and the magnitude of this is dependent on whether the La Nina is classed as weak, moderate or strong. La Ninas usually last for a minimum of 5 months. The regional climatic effects around the globe include reduced rainfall in east Africa. During the strong 2010-11 event, between 50,000 and 100,000 people in Somalia and neighbouring countries died of famine. It would have been far worse in the past, without inte
  11. Not really into opera, but I enjoy trawling Youtube for 'flash mob' videos, and found this one the other day. It's an opera singer who just 'popped up' in a Leeds shopping centre, and gave a jaw dropping rendition of Nessum Dorma. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9I3W26Bzvk&list=RDT9I3W26Bzvk&start_radio=1
  12. A New Theory Asks: Could a Mask be a Crude 'Vaccine'? Very interesting theory from the New York Times. NYT is usually paywalled, but allows coronavirus articles without subscription. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/08/health/covid-masks-immunity.html From the article: 'The unproven idea, described in a commentary published Tuesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, is inspired by the age-old concept of variolation, the deliberate exposure to a pathogen to generate a protective immune response. First tried against smallpox, the risky practice eventually fell out of favo
  13. Scottish Opera Now on Tour - various dates and locations 4 - 28 September https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/scottish-opera-pop-up-opera/
  14. Doors Open Day – register for free online events. You can register from 1 September. Festival runs 14 - 20 September, 2020 https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/doors-open-day-glasgow-2020/
  15. Programme Announced for the reopening of GFT on 31 August. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/glasgow-film-theatre-re-opening-programme/
  16. I didn't watch it, samsc. But I saw a clip of the beginning with journalists in a restaurant pointing out the window at Alex Salmond leaving court. I thought it was shocking - salacious gossips. I don't understand how it can be deemed appropriate by BBC to have such a programme when someone has been found innocent. Very disrespectful of Scottish Justice System.
  17. Festival continues until 31 August. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/govanhill-international-festival-2020/
  18. Hope you enjoyed that too, samsc. We need all the bright times we can get.
  19. Looks like we need to put our jumpers on and throw open the windows and spritz moisture round the house. Probably be more people meeting indoors as well, which is not so good. I'm happy to stay home. Any sign of a vaccine?
  20. went and purchased a couple of classic DVDs after reading this, Rear Window - which has been watched and is as magnificent as remembered, and Citizen Kane - never seen and a treat planned for tonight
  21. Winter resurgence of virus likely. Cut & paste There is growing evidence that seasonal factors could influence the evolution of the current Covid‐19 pandemic, with experts predicting human-to-human transmission of the virus will become more widespread in winter. The science comes from climatic, behavioural, medical and historic sources and, unfortunately, most point to the same conclusion: we face a long hard winter ahead. The latest study, published on Tuesday in Transboundary and Emerging Diseases journal, found an association between low relative humidity and an incr
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