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  2. It's scary. I listened to a report and the concern seems to be whether the virus mutates into something stronger, although, it could also become weaker. Keep washing those hands and avoid crowds.
  3. Celtic Connections in full flow. Saw the wonderful Iris Dement supported by Pieta Brown – fabulous gig. There are some CC reviews on the website that you might enjoy. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/category/whatson/celtic-connections-2020/ (Photos by Pauline Keightley)
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  5. First cases announced in Europe, today, two in France (Paris and Bordeaux). Both had been to Wuhan. French health minister says to expect more. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/jan/24/coronavirus-chinese-hospitals-in-chaos-as-lockdown-spreads-to-affect-25m-people
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  7. The Guardian article says four are being treated in hospital, three in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow, after showing symptoms after arriving from Wuhan. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/jan/23/increased-likelihood-coronavirus-uk-health-secretary-matt-hancock I've been following developments on the Flutrackers site for a while, and it's clearly not just going to go away, like SARS. How bad it gets is anyone's guess, but a Chinese expert 'conservatively' guessed that it would be ten times worse than SARS. Most 'suspected' cases turn out to be something else, but the fact that there's a cluster of four is a bit worrying. You wouldn't expect a cluster of four people all to develop flu at the same time, would you? The official figures coming out of China are just the tip of the iceberg. The testing procedures are lengthy, and the numbers involved are overwhelming. One expert has said that the current 2.5% fatality rate is the same as Spanish flu, which is believed to have killed between 40-50 million (Wikipedia). However, that fatality rate for Wuhan coronavirus is among hospitalised patients who received intensive care. It would be far higher in a situation where the hospitals were no longer admitting patients due to being full, which is already happening. Against that, we don't know how many mild to moderate cases there are that are never seen by hospitals. Most Chinese can't afford the medical bill that would be incurred, so they just suffer at home. Also, unlike most flus, Spanish flu killed mostly healthy young adults, while the Wuhan virus is killing mainly older people, and those with underlying health problems. The reason healthy young adults succumbed to Spanish flu is because their stronger immune systems caused a 'cytokine storm', similar to an extreme allergic reaction. Anyway, as it's a winter virus, it'll probably go away in the summer. SARS disappeared in July. Spanish flu had three winter waves, each milder than the previous, and only infected a few during the summer.
  8. That's great. How old is she? Is she able to stay still? Hope we get to see it.
  9. It's great when you find a series you can get into. Been enjoying The Kominsky Method. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are great together.
  10. Couldn't take to the characters, samsc.
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  12. I've bitten the bullet and started a portrait of my niece. It may never see the light of day - I like my niece :-)
  13. Netflix series, brilliantly done. A CIA officer investigating whether a middle eastern man bringing to the world a message of peace and repentance is a charlatan or a messiah. Huge parallels with how the emergence of Christ today would be treated. Very well acted, loses its way a wee bit mid series but finishes with a bang 8/10
  14. Get those brushes cleaned. Enjoy.
  15. Both films by female directors. Proxima by Alice Wincour starring Eva Green and Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl starring Beanie Feldstein and directed by Coky Giedroyc. Festival kicks off 26 February. - 8 March, 2020 https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/opening-and-closing-galas-announced-for-glasgow-film-festival-2020/
  16. Glad you pointed this out, samsc. I saw it advertised on Netflix. Will plan to watch.
  17. Onwards and upwards. Are the days drawing out yet?
  18. Ha ha. Remind me never to challenge you in a pub quiz, Yonza.
  19. A film about the artist Lowry and his mother. Timothy Spalding plays the artist and Vanessa Redgrave is the mother. Superb performances from two great actors. The story is intriguing, on the surface we have an over bearing, manipulative mother figure, yet as the film develops you see different layers of the relationship. Fascinating film, 7/10
  20. 2020 already? That means that 'The Magnificent Seven' is now 60 years old! Depressing thought for the day
  21. So sad that we have lost Alasdair Gray. What an amazing artist and writer. And what a wonderfully charismatic, generous and entertaining man. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/alasdair-gray-writer-and-artist/
  22. The West End is still pretty dead and dreich. What dark days. At least the daffodils are starting to shoot and cafes now open.
  23. Not the best. That's for sure.
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