Aye Write Festival 2007

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Mitchell Library Beltane St Entrance16th - 25th February

The second year of the Aye Write! Bank of Scotland Book Festival will celebrate some of Glasgow's most impressive writers. It will also provide a platform for some of Scotland's most talented authors and international writers will participate in this popular event. With sponsorship from the Bank of Scotland it looks set to become an annual event.

Since the emphatic success of the first Aye Write Festival in 2005 I have been inundated with queries regarding the return of this event so I am delighted to provide information about a programme that looks certain to satisfy. The magnificient Mitchell Library will be the main locus for the Festival, however, there will be particpating venues throughout the city with a terrific programme of events and a host of talent.

Participating Authors

Alasdair GrayMore than 100 writers will take part in the Aye Write Festival for 2007 including:

  • Alasdair Gray - a unique and highly talented writer and artist, featured on the local characters section of the website.
  • Andrea Levy - whose award-winning novel Small Island has been chosen for the first Glasgow citywide reading project - watch out for free copies, which will be distributed through The Herald, newspaper and libraries.
  • Steve Bell
  • Anthony Beevor
  • William Boyd
  • Bernard MacLaverty - another Westender who continues to produce great stories.
  • Will Hutton
  • Sandi Toksvig
  • A.L. Kennedy
  • Denise Mina - one of the most popular writers taking part in the 2005 festival.
  • Don Paterson
  • George Monbiot
  • Iain Banks
  • Andrew Motion
  • Lynne Truss
  • John Burnside
  • Linda Grant
  • Sophie Kinsella
  • John Banville
  • Howard Jacobson

Full programme will soon be available on the Aye Write Website

Free Events for Schools

The Schools' Programme will include events for children of all ages and in addition there will be experiential play sessions for nurseries. Author sessions will include: Philip Ardagh, Julie Bertagna, Melvin Burgess, Emily Gravett and Tony Ross, and a series of film screenings in association with the Glasgow Film Festival.

Glasgow City Council will provide free travel to events for schools.

Schools ' Programme PDF.
This also contains information regarding Glasgow Schools Film Festival programme 2007
For further information and regular updates on the schools programme, sign up for the Education ENewsletter at edmailing.gft.org.uk

Book Groups

Love reading and discussing books. Why not join one of the Book Groups in Glasgow Libraries


I'm sorry we are just promoting this event as something exciting happening in Glasgow. For any queries about the event you will need to get in touch with Glasgow City Council

Pat Byrne | Sun Jan 28 2007

Hello. On Tuesday night I booked myself into a workshop on Sat 17th Feb @ 11 30hrs confirmation code YXA3KAY2.I was told that Iwould receive an e-mail ticket directly. I still haven't received it. I live in France and will have to book my flight soon. Can I have confirmation of ticket please. Thank you.

Leontia Key | Fri Jan 26 2007

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