Finding a photographer for your wedding day in Glasgow

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Your wedding day is such a magical and special day, of course you will want this captured on film to show the children and the grandchildren years down the line. Having a memento of your wedding day other than your memories is very important to everyone involved. Finding a photographer in Glasgow that suits your style and your needs can be arduous and frustrating task. There are so many out there, some better than others, so how do you go about choosing?

Find a backdrop for you wedding photso

Not only do you have to choose your photographer, you will also have to choose where to have the photographs done. This may be an easy choice especially if the venue where you’re getting married has a beautiful garden or such like that you can have your photos taken in. It may be winter so you may have to have to have your photographs taken inside the venue; so if this is likely to be an option then check the interiors and see if there are suitable places for the photographs.

If you want to have your wedding photographs taken in a local garden or park in Glasgow; you will have to have permission from the council first. Some of the popular places to have wedding photographs done are Pollock Country Park, Springburn Park, Botanic Gardens, Queen’s Park and many others beside. There is usually a charge when you have your wedding photographs taken in these locations in Glasgow; so always check with your local council office beforehand!

Search the Web for Wedding Photographers

A good starting place to find a photographer in Glasgow is to search on the internet. A good search engine should bring up listings for individual photographers websites and also directories and listings to see numerous profiles of local photographers. You could also see if any of the shops you have already been to, for example, the dress shop or the cake shop; and see if they have any affiliates to a photographer. You may end up getting a discount or recommendations for fantastic local photographers.

Phone books and directories are also a great way to find local photographers in Glasgow. Look through the listings and pick out the ones you like the sound of. You may have to book early, especially if your wedding is in the popular wedding months such as May, June or July. It is always advised to book as early as you can; that way you have the peace of mind knowing you already have your photographer booked and ready to go.

Be prepared when choosing your photographer

When you ring the photographers in Glasgow, make sure you have your list of questions ready. Ask for their prices, any special services they offer, what time they are going to arrive and leave the wedding and other such questions.

A good wedding photographer should always come and meet you first before the wedding and bring you samples of their current work for you to look at. Also a good wedding photographer should ask if there are any specific photographs you want included in the package such as bride and father, bride and mother, groom and in-laws and any other such photographs. Don’t be afraid to state your opinion and ask for photographs that are not on the photographer’s list of ones to do.

The photographer should also be completely prepared for eventualities that can’t be arranged for, such as bad weather, equipment failure and things like that.

Ask for recommendations

Word of mouth is also a great way to find a good photographer in Glasgow; ask people who know have got married recently and see who they used and if they were satisfied with the results!

Add your comments below if you have wedding planning advice to share or if you would like to respond to this article.

Finding a photographer for your wedding day in Glasgow.


great shop, gowns, and very friendly staff customer service second to none best shop in glasgow strongly recommend a visit

carol | Wed Apr 01 2009

Hi, We are getting married next month, but we've already had a great experience with Ken Thomson at We live in the States, but he's been very accomodating in working with us despite the distance & time zone challenges! We met him in October when we came to Glasgow for a site visit, and he took loads of photos of us at the venue & mailed us a CD, all at no extra charge. He does amazing work & is very personable & laid back. Although we don't have the final product yet, if it is anything like the photo albums he showed us, we will be thrilled. Definitely worth talking to.

Julie C | Tue Apr 22 2008

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