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The Carrbridge Rose – Brian Whittingham

Redoute - Rosa gallica purpuro-violacea magna

A poem about love:


The Packhorse Bridge arches its back
like a grey stone rainbow
over the hard flowing river
hurtling past banks of snowy ice.

We explore chatting
holding hands ever so slight
as if young love though we are not.

Our pasts ensure we tread warily.

Not knowing where these steps may lead
we are in no rush to be fools … again.

                  I notice a winter rosebush
                  draped in a shroud of sparkling frost.
                  In amongst its withered blooms
                  a single red rose.

                  You notice its perfect petals closed
                  as if frozen alive
                  as if sleeping
                  as if waiting
                  as if a heart is still beating.

                                      Brian Whittingham

Purposeless Movements (Birds of Paradise Theatre Company), Tramway, 25 – 27 February, 2016
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