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Tapsalteerie, Mitchell Library, 30 September, 2017


In Scotland there was a folklore tradition, prior to the reformation to hold a Festival of Unreason, presided over by a character known, variously, as the Lord of Misrule or more usually, in Scotland, the Abbot of Unreason. This was a topsy-turvy event, where the normal order of things changed for the duration. This is what Tapsalteerie is.

Spoken Word, using both Burns text and readers, plus Scots language poetry and stories, told by writers from all over Scotland. In a central location, showcasing just what can be done with the language and verve. It will be held during Doors Open which will help people find the world turned upside down.
In a Burns context the overlords would become underlings and the common people would rule, the worth of everyman and woman, would be judged in respect of their intrinsic worth and not their 'guinea stamp'. This is what Tapsalteerie intends.

The language we are gifted in Scotland as our birthright, and so often underplayed, and which Burns extolled, will be the word spoken and acted out in this festival. This is the language Tapsalteerie will use.

Call for Contributors

Marc Sherland is coordinating this event, he wants anyone who recites Burns or writes or performs in Scots to email him

The Mitchell Library, Granville Street, Glasgow G3 7DN

Pride Glasgow 2017 Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, August, 2017
Kingsborough Gardens Gala,Saturday 19 August, 2017

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