The Concept of Parallel Universes

Added on Thursday 21 Apr 2011

Photo: marianne wilson in studio.

I am currently studying Photographic and Electronic Media at Gray?s School of Art in Aberdeen. I work with a variety of new media including photography, film, typography, animation and installation.

Three times a week I work as a volunteer at a contemporary art gallery/ caf? where I have gained great insight into the work involved behind the scenes of running such a place. I've also had the chance to gain experience with some hands on work with curators? projects.

Recently I've also worked with the National Theatre of Scotland providing a video piece for their ?Extreme? project and currently I am putting together a ?Zine? for a local club night called The Dirty Hearts Club at Club Snafu. In a sense I am always looking for ways to contextualise my practise out of the studio and into the real world.

For me the process involved in creating a piece of work is just as important, if not more important, than the final outcome. I often take an image and transform it into something that is unrecognisable as its original form.

My interests lie in the ever changing world that we live in. I am fascinated by places and objects that were once used but are now disregarded. It is a fact that the decomposition rate of the materials that objects are made from cannot keep up with the rapid demand of consumerism. My current work is based around finding a lost, or forgotten object or place, and telling its story through visual language and media.

I am a visual artist working with photography, collage and film. Coming from a graphic design background I often have a strong black and white element to my work as well as short sharp outbursts of intense colour. Music is such a great influence to my work so I try as often as possible to combine the two.

More recently I have been taking inspiration from the concept of parallel universes and I have been translating this visually by the duplication, repetition and mirroring of images. I strongly believe there are universes that exist along side ours be this in space, in our own imagination and also in our dreams. My work exists on the borderline between fantasy and reality making playful and surreal images.


Photo: voyager.


Photo: love.


Photo: mushroom.


Photo: weirder.

voyager ends

Photo: voyager ends.

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