Kilmardinny Players perform Barefoot in the Park

Neil Simon's "Barefoot in the Park"

Thursday, 23 - Saturday 25 November 2006 7.30

Kilmardinny House, Bearsden.

Tickets at the door £8 (£6)

For her second production at Kilmardinny House, Barbara Smith has chosen the delightful ?Barefoot in the Park' by Neil Simon. This comedy romance was his second play, and set him well on the way to becoming the world's most successful stage and screen writer. Before that, of course, he had polished his comic writing on the legendary Sid Caesar TV show, generally believed to have had the most talented writers ever gathered together in one room.

With such entertaining dialogue, rehearsals have been more fun than usual, and Barbara is confident her cast will carry it off well. However, off-stage there have been a couple of things to make her raise an eyebrow. The ticket-sellers wanted her to take her shoes off and run through Allander Park ? just for a publicity photograph. Even her Perth upbringing hadn't prepared her for that.

And she is keeping an eye on the stage crew, who have to build her a seventh floor Manhattan apartment with a skylight able to bear a man's weight. This was a lot easier on Broadway than it is in Kilmardinny Avenue, but the carpenter is confident.

The cast are all regulars with the Kilmardinny Players. Kirsty McEachern and Ron Griffiths are the romantic couple at the centre of the play, and Eleanor Gordon as mother and David Mitchell as the neighbour are the two that spice the mix. David Carnegie and Ken Findell are the messengers with the good and bad news. Tickets are available from the cast and at the door £ (£6)


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