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Well done, David MacLennan - awarded the Critics' Award for Theatre in Scotland (3 June 2012) for outstanding achievement. "David MacLennan and his production A Play, a Pie and a Pint scooped the award after presenting 250 plays in eight years." The Scotsman

A Play, A Pie and A Pint - Spring/Summer Programme 2013

Photo: David.One of the most interesting things to happen in the West End in recent years has been the introduction of Lunchtime Theatre, where you can go along in your lunch break to OranMor, conveniently located at the top of Byres Road, and enjoy A Play, a Pie and a Pint. The person behind this enjoyable, and highly successful venture, is David MacLennan. Inspired by The Pool Lunchtime Theatre which ran in Edinburgh in the 1970s and more recently by a visit to Bewleys Caf Theatre in Dublin, he saw an opportunity for a similar venture in Glasgows West End. It has taken off brilliantly.

Davids name is associated with many innovative and imaginative theatrical projects in the past and he has been involved in the initiation and development of some of Scotlands most interesting theatrical ventures. He worked with both 7:84 Theatre Company and Wildcat Stage Productions, putting politics onto the theatrical agenda and taking plays to far flung communities often bereft of cultural events. David formed a firm alliance with Dave Anderson, using his talents as actor, writer and director. He was a key player in the ambitious Clyde Theatre development in Clydebank, sadly lost when it was knocked down to be replaced by new housing. He was also, together with Feri Lean, responsible for the introduction of Glasgows Mayfest.

Prolific in his writing he is probably best known for The Celtic Story - although he laughingly points out that possibly his greatest claim to fame is that his wife Juliet Cadzow is Edie McCredie in the popular childrens show Balamory.

His long career in showbiz has provided the perfect background and networking opportunities to draw on in his latest role as producer of A Play, A Pie and A Pint. The venture began in Autumn, 2004, with a series of 12 plays , which included plays from many well kent Scottish writers such as William McIvanney, Peter McDougall, Dave Anderson, Chris Dolan and comedian Greg Hemphill. He points out that there is a huge pool of talent to draw on and his links with the BBC and contacts within the world of theatre and television are very useful. David also introduced some new faces introducing some Irish talent with three plays from Bewleys . For some of the writers a new challenge was presented as this was their first attempt at playwrighting . All in all, the Autumn plays were a tremendous success - I managed along to see some of the plays and had a great time. The writing, performances and production were high in quality and played to full and happy houses.

David is now gearing up for the second series, which will start on 21st February, he will be including some of those writers previously involved such as Dave Anderson, William McIvanney and Peter McDougall and Steve Plant, one of the Irish writers. He will also be including ten new writers for the Spring series with contributions from Jackie Kay and Liz Lochhead and also, amongst others, young writers such as Gowan Calder.

Although the organisation of the productions is very demanding, David is having a great time and is full of enthusiasm for the project. He is also finding a little time to do some acting, and I spotted him recently in Taggart and he's also writing some poetry. He is charming, calm and capable and seems to be having the time of his life working with theatrical buddies old and new.

Pat Byrne, February, 2005

A Play, A Pie and A Pint It's a most enjoyable way of 'doing lunch'.


I'd like to get in touch with your sister Liz. I used to babysit her two boys when she and John worked in Edinburgh with 7:84. I was a student then. Can you email me her contact email? Thanks.

Jane Thomson | Sat Mar 01 2014

hi i have got 2 film stories do u want??? plz contact me ........

money bhardwaj | Mon Feb 11 2008

I am trying to recontact Peter. We were close friends until 1975 when I moved to Australia,

Barrie Machin | Fri Aug 31 2007

I'm an old school friend of Pete McDougal and it would be nice to say hello to him. I've recently returned to Scotland after a 45 year absence. Say hello,Pete,I promise I won't be a groupie. PS I still remember the tree stumps we jumped.

Ronnie Taylor | Tue Aug 21 2007

Good afternoon. I sent this message to several members of the group that makes the West End Festival possible. My name is Chris Fernandez, and I live in Boca Raton, Florida. I attend a private school with Scottish roots, Saint Andrews School (also in Boca Raton). I am currently trying to coordinate a trip to Scotland (incidentally, I am a bit of a Scot myself!). I was wondering if there was any way possible our bagpipe band could perform there in WEF 2008. This trip will prove to be a costly one for the school and the community's wallet; that is one of the reasons we will be traveling in early June, to avoid high plane fares. However, in order to accomodate this we would have to display our playing the day or day after WEF 2008 starts. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time for reading my message. And please, message me back. I would appreciate discussing a possible time and place where our band can play. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Much Gratitude and a Scot's fiery pride, Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez | Wed Jun 13 2007

Would like to email Peter Mcdougall if someone had contact details.My father grew up with a Peter Mcdougall and were best pals in Larkfield Greenock.Just found out this is probably the same Peter as mentioned in your article.If anybody knows Peter and could maybe pass on my email address this would be much appreciated.My name is Stuart Taylor son of "Ronnie Taylor" from Burns Road who went to school at the Mount.

Stuart Taylor | Tue Oct 10 2006

As the co-ordinator of the Greater Easterhouse Development company's MediaWorks project, I would like to invite Liz Lochhead to our corporate office, The Westwood Business Centre. Our participants attended the performance of "The Matinee Idle" on Wednesday 8th February and were very vocal (and enthusiastic) about the experience. The project's aim is to give our participants knowledge and experience of the media and creative industries. Te group would be very interested in talking to Liz about her work. I can be contacted at the address above or on 0141 781 4020. Regards, Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark | Tue Feb 14 2006

I am trying to contact a gentleman called Steve Plant, who I think is the one mentioned in this article. I'd be very grateful if you could pass a message to him, or tell me how to contact him. I'd like to know if he is the Steve Plant who went on a work brigade to Cuba in 1985 - if he is, I have some information that may interest him Thank you, Graham Peck

Graham Peck | Tue Oct 11 2005

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